Sheep Media: The Truth About Disinformation

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How Our Reality Is Built

Mark Passio explains How Our Reality Is Built: 1) Knowledge (or lack thereof) Available Information: This constitutes potential Knowledge that may be gathered, processed, understood and acted upon by individuals. 2) Understanding (or lack thereof)...

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Worth Watching: Zen Gardner LIVE on Liberty Brothers Radio (Video)

After reading many of Zen Gardner‘s timely, thought provoking and insightful writings, The Liberty Brothers reached out and invited him to be a guest on their Liberty Brothers Radio Show. Zen graciously accepted their invitation,...

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The Destruction of the U.S. is PLAYING Itself Out RIGHT NOW …& You’re Playing the GAME!!!!

The United States is a nation in its death throes, on the path to total collapse, and the below video will explain why!!!  There are 3 pillars of POWER that ALL governments depend on: 1: The...