1967 Speech Tells ALL About Illuminati, Zionism, Masonry, Skull and Bones and The CFR

Myron Fagan spent most of his life making movies in Hollywood.  In 1945, through his Hollywood connections, he was shown secret documents from the Conference at Yalta after World War II that would change his life.  In essence, he saw that much of WWII was staged as was the outcome, including the part in which Communism would be set up as the “false enemy” for the American people, like terrorism is today. 

He discovered a satanic plot for world domination inside his own circles.  He spent the rest of his life studying the Illuminati and their satanic plans to enslave humanity.

In 1967 and 1968 he released three vinyl records, each a description of the satanic plot and our true history as a country. The work is astounding and every fact is verified, which is incredible as he did not have access to the Internet.

Of course, like all men that speak the truth, they tried silence him by discrediting him.  But his words live on and ring truer today than ever. He’s yet another man that gave up a successful career to speak the truth. 

Once he started working on this project, he never made another movie again. He was labeled a communist, even though he was trying to expose truth. He was labeled a racist even though he believed that he’d found the enemies of humanity.


Hopefully, a speech like this one, or Bill Cooper‘s or JFK’s or John Todd’s or Aaron Russo‘s or Fritz Springmeier’s will get something to click for the masses. Who are they? I’ll give you a hint. They were killed or imprisoned for trying to get a specific message out. These men risked their lives or freedoms trying to get a message out to humanity regarding their future Luciferian, Tyrannical, One World Governance called, the New World Order (NWO). Their words exist, for the time being, online. Our real enemy believes that their word’s are so dangerous, that they had to be silenced.

If you haven’t heard Myron Fagan’s speech, please do yourself a favor and set aside the two and a half hours to listen; you’ll be better able to connect the dots. If you have some time now, fast forward to 31minutes on the video and watch for the next 12 minutes. After listening to that one segment, you’ll want to hear the entire video. 

Remember. this recording was made in 1967. Mr. Fagan gives documentary evidence on how the Illuminati became the instrument of the House of Rothschild in their endevour to achieve a “One World Government”. He uncovers many plots of historical events. It’s time to spread the word and wake up those asleep at the wheel before it’s too late!

You will be shocked when you listen to what Myron Fagan had to say back in 60’s and how it mirrors what’s going on today.

Looks like their plan is being carried out today as we witness the division and infighting of the masses; literal chaos everywhere. The criminal elite reign through the divide and conquer agenda. It’s the how they maintain control over their larger slave population; a divided majority will never unite and rise up against this satanic tyranny.