Senate Passes the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2014 via Fast Tracking, President To Sign

by: Andrew V Pontbriand

Updated with roll call…

Late Thursday night, the Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2014, in a sweeping bill now being sent to the president which reports suggest he will sign.


The bill, is infamous for its language on indefinite detention, and “disappearing” of American citizens. Once again, the bill was past via Fast-Tracking while most of the country was sidelined on the Phil Robertson issue with Duck Dynasty.
The bill, now being sent to President Obama, also leaves out an amendment by Sen. Gillibrand on sexual assault prosecution, which in and of itself is curious.
The bill passed the Senate in an 85-14 count, with the roll-call unavailable at this time.
‘It’s a failure of leadership on the part of the majority leader,” Arizona Sen. John McCain told reporters, echoing Republican colleagues who said the accelerated process was designed to prevent tough votes on Iran sanctions and other controversial issues.
Also, the bill would authorize a release of $527 billion in base defense spending for the current fiscal year, plus funds for the war in Afghanistan and nuclear weapons programs overseen by the Energy Department, among numerous other controversial measures
With the recent push by PANDA (People Against NDAA), having success on local levels blocking the Indefinite Detention provisions, it is no surprise the defense bill passed quickly, and while so many were distracted.

From A Sheep No More: Call and email your Senator. Let these traitors who voted ‘YEA’ (list below) know how you feel about their treasonous actions. Senator main number is 202 224 3121 and their email can be found here. 

Andrew Pontbriand is an activist, researcher, radio show host, Contributor at Activist Post, and Founder of The Resistance Journals.

SOURCE: Activist Post


  • Witheld

    So have you actually perused this years NDAA? Or are you just beating on the hype drum out of ignorance. This NDAA clearly states that any US citizen detained cannot be denied right of Habeous Corpus. That should the military detain any US citizen, inside or out of the US they must report to congress the reason for the detention, and the DOD must prove sufficient guilt to continue detention. i.e. legal proceedings, giving us our day in court. On and Sec 1021 was the key section two or three years ago, in this one you want to look at Sec 1040b. and Sec 1080.

    Simply put, the NDAA must and will be passed every year. The mere act of passing an NDAA does not mean rights are being trampled on. And in fact this one puts in place protections to correct some of the problems from previous years (like the infamous Sec 1021). Before you automatically assume passage of such a bill is bad, you should really peruse it.

    • admin

      I seriously think you need to wake up. Why don’t you go to PANDA (people against the NDAA). Do a google search for their website to which there are attorneys who assist in stopping this treasonous bill. I hope you will do yourself and others a favor and get more informed. Thanks.

    • admin

      Wake up sheeple. Per the above comment go to PANDA’s website or FB page. You probably don’t have to worry, you’ll just hide in a whole whilst people like me are picked up off the street and indefinitely detained. Gee I wonder why Chris Hedges is fighting this in the supreme (injustice) court? Would it help if someone from the MSM news is ALSO concerned about this treasonous act? Nope, because you won’t watch this short video. Good luck ….go hide and rat on your neighbors:

  • willow tree

    I won’t vote for Alexander this next election, even though Corker did the right thing this time, he usually doesn’t, so not voting for him because of his 65 cent cigarette tax. Yeah, happy to see the list, it’s necessary being elections are coming up, hoping it will the years for mine. Every other 2 years some have theirs then 2 years the others do, confusing. Know who not to vote for at least for this.