40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World

vacation-travel-2 If you’re a visual learner like myself, then you know maps, charts and info graphics can really help bring data and information to life. Maps can make a point resonate with readers and this collection aims to do just that.

Hopefully some of these maps will surprise you and you’ll learn something new. A few are important to know, some interpret and display data in a beautiful or creative way, and a few may even make you chuckle or shake your head.

If you enjoy this collection of maps, the Sifter highly recommends the r/MapPorn sub reddit. You should also check out ChartsBin.com. There were also fantastic posts on Business Insider and Bored Panda earlier this year that are worth checking out. Enjoy!

1. Where Google Street View is Available


Map by Google

2. Countries That Do Not Use the Metric System


Map via Wikimedia Commons

3. The Only 22 Countries in the World Britain Has Not Invaded (not shown: Sao Tome and Principe)

the-only-countries-britain-has-not-invadedMap by Stuart Laycock (via The Telegraph)

4. Map of ‘Pangea’ with Current International Borders

map-of-pangea-with-current-internatoinal-bordersMap by eatrio.net via Reddit

Pangea was a supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras, forming about 300 million years ago. It began to break apart around 200 million years ago. The single global ocean which surrounded Pangaea is accordingly named Panthalassa.

5. McDonald’s Across the World

map-of-countries-with-mcdonaldsMap by Business Management EU

6. Paid Maternal Leave Around the World

paid-maternal-leave-by-countryMap by The New York Times

7. The Most Common Surnames in Europe by Country

map-of-most-common-surnames-in-europeMap by Teepr on Reddit

8. Worldwide Driving Orientation by Country

Worldwide_Driving_Orientation_by_Country-(1)Map by ChartsBin.com

9. Map of Time Zones in Antarctica

Map-of-time-zones-in-AnarcticaMap by Phoenix B 1of3

10. Global Internet Usage Based on Time of Day

internet-usage-of-the-world-based-on-time-of-day_2Map by Carna Botnet via Reddit

11. The World’s Busiest Air Routes in 2012

top-10-busiest-air-travel-routes-of-2012Map by Vizual Statistix

12. Visualizing Global Population Density

there-are-more-people-living-inside-this-circle-than-outside-of-itMap by valeriepieris on Reddit

13. Flag Map of the World

Flag-Map-denmark-puertoMap by andrewfahmy on Reddit

14. Map of Alcohol Consumption Around the World

map-of-alocohol-consumption-around-the-worldMap by World Health Organization

15. Map of Alcoholic Drink Popularity by Country

drink-popularity-by-countryMap by World Health Organization

16. Map of Rivers in the Contiguous United States

map-of-united-states-riversMap by Nelson Minar

17. US Map of the Highest Paid Public Employees by State

highest-paid-US-public-employees-by-stateMap by Deadspin.com

18. World Map of Earthquakes Since 1898

earthquakes-by-magnitude-since-1898Map by John M Nelson

19. Map of Where 29,000 Rubber Duckies Made Landfall After Falling off a Cargo Ship in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean

where-rubber-ducks-made-landfall-after-being-dumped-in-pacific-oceanMap via prometheus08 on Reddit

20. Map of Countries with the Most Violations of Bribery

bribery-nigeria-is-the-worstMap by James Mintz Group

21. World Map of Vegetation on Earth

map-of-vegetation-on-earthMap by NASA/NOAA

22. Average Age of First Sexual Intercourse by Country

Average_Age_at_first_sex_by_Country-(1)Map by ChartsBin.com

23. If the World’s Population Lived in One City

the-worlds-population-concentratedMaps by Tim De Chant @ persquaremile.com

24. The Number of Researchers per Million Inhabitants
Around the World

Number_of_Researchers_per_million_inhabitants_by_CountryMap by ChartsBin.com

25. Worldwide Map of Oil Import And Export Flows

worldwide-oil-import-and-export-flowsMap by BP via Business Insider

26. The 7000 Rivers that Feed into the Mississippi River

map-of-rivers-that-feed-into-the-mississippi-riverMap via Gradeskee on Reddit

27. World Map of the Different Writing Systems

map-of-the-writing-systems-of-the-worldMap by Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) on Wikimedia Commons

28. Worldwide Annual Coffee Consumption Per Capita

Coffee_Consumption-(3)Map by ChartsBin.com

29. The Economic Center of Gravity Since 1 AD

evolution-of-the-earth's-economic-center-of-gravityMap by McKinsey&Company

30. The World Divided Into 7 Regions,
Each with a Population of 1 Billion

population-of-the-world-split-into-equal-sections-of-one-billionMap by delugetheory on Reddit

31. Earth’s Population by Latitude and Longitude

the-worlds-population-by-latitue-and-longitudePhotograph by mrgeng on Reddit

32. Map of Contiguous United States
Overlaid on the Moon

map-of-united-states-overlaid-on-the-moonMap by boredboarder8 on Reddit

33. Frequency of Lightning Strikes Throughout the World

frequency-of-lightning-strikes-in-the-worldMap by Citynoise on Wikimedia Commons

34. Overall Water Risk Around the World

drought-risk-its-not-just-isolated-around-the-equatorMap by World Resources Institute

35. The Most Dangerous Areas in the World
To Ship Due to Pirates

riskiest-areas-to-ship-where-the-pirates-rule-the-seasMap by Control Risks

36. Area Codes in Which Ludacris Claims to Have H*es
(song reference)

area-codes-in-which-ludracris-claims-to-have-hoesMap via asonjones on Reddit

37. Where 2% of Australia’s Population Lives

where-2-percent-of-australia-livesMap by e8odie on Reddit

38. The Longest Straight Line You Can Sail on Earth
(Pakistan to Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia – 20000 miles)

the-longest-straight-line-you-can-sail-in-the-worldMap by kepleronlyknows on Reddit

39. Map of Europe Showing Literal
Chinese Translations for Country Names

literal-map-of-europe-by-chinese-nameMap by haohaoreport.com

40. Reversed Map with Southern Hemisphere at Top of Map (because position of North is arbitrary)

map-of-world-upside-down-south-pole-on-topMap via nnm.me

World Map Tattoo with Countries Visited Coloured

tattoo-of-world-with-countries-visited-colored-inMap via OutrageousAnimals on Reddit

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  • Really neat website.

    • Marion Brown

      I was using google street view researching Beijing, China. Your map does not indicate that it has street view there. You missed the mark here.

      • Andre

        That’s because streetview is always changing. The latest map of streetview is here: http://www.google.com/maps/about/behind-the-scenes/streetview/

      • Craig

        Germany often does not have street view – or it has recently been added. Didn’t the German government have a privacy beef with street view?

        • Sean

          Yes. I have a friend in Germany that explained that to me. You will find no residential views on street view in Germany.

      • Brian

        There’s a blue circle around Beijing on the map above… is there not?

    • judy

      who’s Ludekris? and who care if they have hoes?

      • rick cave

        Ludacris is a Hip-Hop artist (Chris “Ludacris” Bridges) who playes the character Tez on the Fast and Furious movies. He has a song call “I got hoes (in different area codes).

      • jay

        that one was put in there more as a joke lol
        plus they missed all the area codes out side of the USA 😛
        funny song but thats about it 🙂

        • di

          I was genuinely interested until I had to read one more misogamist reference, (Ludacris), and then the usual knee jerk explanation that it was meant as a joke.

          • dafox


          • dafox

            reading inside the internet is about to filter what’s interesting for you and what’s not, a l l t h e t i m e ! but, yeah, go on and declare all information as rubbish, because there is a map about a topic your damn too sensitive for. accept the fact, people are all different and your perfect life is a complete exeption from all the sinners around you 😀

      • James

        You really can’t spell his name right, when it is in the title? But you care about a joke map making fun of a song? Have you ever heard of google? It might help you find out who people are, and why people care if they have hoes (You see, throughout evolution, males are wired to spread their seed as much as possible in order to increase the likelihood of the species survival. Therefore, the more hoes in different area codes, the better job they did).

      • Sam


      • gm0n3y

        I couldn’t figure out what “H*es” was supposed to be. Hoe isn’t exactly a commonly used word in my vocabulary.

        • Tortoise

          I find that hard to believe… gm0n3y.

  • Awesomely informative and super-interesting.

  • Werner Kahle

    Some corrections for Germany:
    Germany was never invaded by Britain, it was invaded by the US forces, combined with French and British troops.
    Streetview is not available all over Germany, only in some Big city’s.
    The most common surname in Germany is Schmidt.
    The alcohol consumption is 9.85 ltr.
    Bribery is on the same level in Germany, Belgium, France, UK, Netherlands and USA.

    • JohnDoe

      Several sources list Muller as the common surname, and by a considerable margin. The WHO puts alcohol consumption at 12.8 liters. Street view is available in the 20 largest cities — the 21st has fewer than 200,000 people.

      • WellYeah

        Schmidt can have different spellings. If you count them as the same name, it is more common than Müller.

        I live in a German city with 240 000 people and there is no street view here. There are 39 cities in Germany with more than 200 000 people.

        • carlo

          aber den Mund halten, pedantisch.

        • Perry

          Excellent point. I checked to see if you were telling the truth. You were (even if you don’t include Schmitz).
          Schmidt 518300
          Schmitt 108400
          Schmitz 106900
          Schmid 99200
          Total 832800

          • Paul

            There is also “Schmied”.

    • TeriTremper

      You should not take such a a short view of history – here are the results of someone who spend two years researching the issue of Britain’s incursions into the rest of the world http://www.telegraph.co.uk/history/9653497/British-have-invaded-nine-out-of-ten-countries-so-look-out-Luxembourg.html

    • Kreuzschnabel

      Sorry Werner, but Müller is indeed (by far) the most common surname in Germany – even though most Germans think it’s Schmidt. http://www.onomastik.com/haeufige_familiennamen1.php gives some nice background infos on surnames.

    • Neil Brocklehurst

      Britain did invade Germany a few times in the 12-1400s

      • Fletcher

        Germany did not exist in the 12-1400s.

        • Perry

          Was there a big hole there for 200 years?

          • Matt

            Germany did not exist until 1871. While Germanic lands existed for centuries, they mostly existed within Prussia, Austria, Bavaria, Russia, etc, etc. Unification was attempted in1848 and failed, then formed after the Franco-Prussian war of 1871. Most of Europe didn’t have “nations” that matched “languages/culture” the late 19th century and after WWI, for sure, when 4 empires finally collapsed into actual nation-states that matched languages and cultures.

    • DaGaffer

      Of course the British invaded Germany. The fact that the Americans, Soviets and French did as well is irrelevant to the logic of the map.

      Besides the British had been on German territory before, War of The Spanish Succession (1704) to name just one example.

      • Alx

        Germany wasnt a unified nation state until the 1800s

        • Matt

          1871, to be exact.

    • Craig

      Many maps need more explanation, and you can zoom in !

    • Jason

      So England DIDN’T invade Germany in 1945 during the final push to end WWII? I guess all those British troops were in the US Army?
      What about when England invaded Germany hundreds of years ago?….. only back then, Germany was a loosely networked coalition of kingdoms which became known as Prussia.

      • gary

        Prussia was only one of the kingdoms – albeit the largest – of the “old germany”. Bismark (Prussia) led the consolidation of the last 33 german states in 1870-ish. He didn’t want Austria as part of the “greater Germany” because of the Magyar speaking slavs (Hungarians). That’s why Austria never became a part of Germany until 1940. Of course, that was reversed in 1945.

        • Non-magyar speaking Slav

          Slavs are not Magyar-speaking. Slavs are not Hungarians and Hungarians are not Slavs. The languages are so far apart that it’s hilarious that you’d put them together in that way. You’ve obviously no idea what you’re talking about there.

          And the leaving out of Austria didn’t have to do just with Austria’s non-German possessions, but also with the fact that Prussia and Austria were rivals in the run for German unification, and that Prussia could not unseat the Hapsburgs from their Austrian throne.

          • christine


    • Ryan

      I’m pretty sure it doesn’t specify if they were with other countries in their invasion of Germany. Besides it’s not labeled Germany on the map. It’s only the territories. So all previous invasions before Germany was Germany do count regardless of what it’s called at the time.

  • Remco Bosch

    Of course the British army invaded you, thank God they did!
    Canadians, US, Polish, ANZAC (ozzie &NZ), Indians, Russians…

    Great collection of maps, shame you ran out of ideas (maps) towards the end (no 36 is not that funny)..

    • Patrick Vincent

      That was funny to me

    • Bull

      BRITAIN NEVER INVADED BRITAIN, so I guess that’s wrong too.

      • gm0n3y

        Well technically the British have invaded Britain from France before.

  • Kahler Werne

    I correct, nr. 36 is the funniest of all the maps

  • Miika

    Just a little correction: British never unvaded Finland. Only Germans and Russian were fighting on Finnish soil.

    • Suzanne

      I don’t think Finland was invaded by Britain either. Maybe where the original sourse mentioned not invading Sweden, Finland was part of Sweden then? Finland has had a very confusing history.

    • Ralph

      Crimean War (October 1853 – February 1856)

      • Lasse

        The British did attack naval fortifications in Finland, but they never invaded anything.

        • Lalla

          The map of the so called “British invasions” is misleading because it is based on a book that captured data to make Britain more “successful” in their sea ventures. It doesn’t refer to the building of the empire in itself, the author refers to any expedition that had the approval of the Crown, and he is putting on some make up to it to make it sound more majestic. Ex. If a pirate (approved by the crown) took “control” of 200 sq feet of Finland (or Mexico, or Germany or a lot of other countries in the book) for let say 2 days, the author would put Finland with its entire 130, 666 sq MILES under “British control”… or if Sweden was attacked by British military forces at a time when Finland’s south western part was part of the Swedish crown, then the same game applies: all Finland is considered to be invaded by the Brits…

          • HeavyHearted

            Sigh. Nations that Britain invaded is neither majestic nor celebratory. I read the map as how sad that Britain thought it was appropriate to try and force their views on 90 percent of the globe. The map doesn’t say controlled or successful, it says invaded. Places where the

          • gm0n3y

            It would probably be better if it was labeled “countries Britain has attacked”.

    • DogMa

      Because WW II is the only war that ever happened.

      • Robyn Ryan

        Lol. That and the American civil war.

        The chart of McDonald’s map shows Iceland as McD free, then shows it as one of the most expensive. Can’t have both.

        The up side-down map is my fave.

        • McSerb

          It also shows (I think) e.g. Serbia without McDonald’s, whereas Serbia has had several McDonald’s restaurants since at least the 1980s (and now they are all over the place). These maps sure are fun, but I wouldn’t believe all of their data…

    • gary

      Some Norwegians fought alongside the Nazis in an attempt to keep communism from spreading to Finland. They were not treated well after the war.

  • Sheridan Rae Shoemaker

    Thanks, Terry! I love learning new “stuff”. Really enjoy your facebook page. I’m not good at it so am glad you do such a good job of it. Sheridan R. Shoemaker, Federal Highway Administration, SD Division.

    • NancyP

      Hi Sheri!

  • Joe

    Map 5 shows Iceland as blue, meaning a country that does not have McDonald’s, But it also lists Iceland as having one of the most expensive burgers at McDonald’s.

    • Daryl

      Maybe that’s because in Iceland they sell REAL hamburgers and not the “God only knows what” stuff Mickey D’s tries to pass off as hamburgers here in the US?

      • Eunice

        Norway uses real meat too, not US mystery meat. That probably also explains why Norwegian McDonald’s hamburgers are the most expensive listed.

        • Mooze

          No, we just like to pay more.

          • MJ Coxx

            Map 5 also only colours parts of Indonesia – Javav & Sumatra – red. Kalimantan and Suluwesi are major islands of Indonesia too, but they are left blue.

      • Darwin

        We know what’s in U.S. McD hamburgers….It’s 60% petroleum! That is why we import so much oil! J/K

      • Craig

        Paraguay has McDonalds too.

  • kathy

    Iceland used to have a McDonald’s but it closed. So the map and price are likely both accurate but the price is historic, nor present.

    • Anna

      So glad Iceland got rif of McDonalds. Hope it never comes back.

  • Walter Fox

    Being a “map guy”, this is SO cool!

  • captainmarvel

    that british invasion map is total bullshit. Britain never invaded Japan, nor most of the countries in Europe.
    the other maps are really interesting tho

    • ryan

      If I hadnt gotten married in Kagoshima I might have tried to think about in WWII but I actually got married at the Shimadzu clan estate which was an integral part of the battle with the brits.


    • Kagoshima wasn’t an invasion though.

      • J Pea

        Kagoshima was definitely a British military victory engaged on Japanese soil, which I would consider an invasion. Are you sure you’re not thinking of occupation, instead?

        • Fletcher

          So we are to believe absolutely that a military victory engaged on Japanese soil is considered an ‘invasion’, because you consider it to be so.

    • DaGaffer

      To be honest, the criteria for British “invasions” is pretty broad; it includes every raid, every attack on a town by privateers, and battles where the British were part of other alliances. Britain still covers more countries than anyone else, but if you did the same exercise for Spain or the US you’d a surprisingly large list for each as well.

    • Doffen

      There are several other examples as well of countries Great Britain did not invade.

      Obviously it’s supposed to be which countries the British have been at war with.

    • Laurie Malone

      Then what was i doing as a member of the British Landing force which occupied Yokosuka Naval Dockyard in 1945?

  • chris

    Great maps overall, but I do believe USA has a form of paid maternity leave available.

    • Diana

      To this day, there’s still no paid maternal leaves, only grant absent 6 to 12 weeks according to FMLA.

      • william

        that is PAID maternity leave…USA does not have PAID sick leave or PAID vacation time either…they are mandated by gov’t law…but totally between master and servant

        • william

          they are NOT mandated…sorry

          • Employers and employees. We don’t have any masters and servants in the US.

          • Sallykate

            You are correct. Just went through this last week with my daughter who got fired right before her baby is to be born. Looked up the laws and there are none that require an employer provide paid maternity leave or vacation. However, you can sue for discrimination if you can prove you were fired due to being pregnant.

        • gm0n3y

          There isn’t even mandatory paid vacation time? Wow, that is awful.

    • Robin

      The US has the Family Medical Leave Act which provides for 12 weeks of UNPAID leave (if your company is big enough and if you’ve been there a year). Only if you are lucky enough to have a company that gives you sick leave and/or vacation, or provides a short term disability plan, would you get paid.

      • Brian

        This is a problem with the data – it apparently only counts mandatory paid leave, which implies government-sponsored or mandated. Many companies in the U.S. voluntarily pay maternity leave. What I don’t know is what percentage of the people have this available. The map is somewhat misleading in that by having a completely different color it implies that there is zero paid maternity leave in the U.S.

        • Jeanette

          Right – the map is likely government mandated paid maternity, and we don’t have that here in ‘merica. I work for a city government institution and we just got 8 weeks paid leave 2 years ago, and we’re the ONLY one in the city to have paid leave. My friend had to use all her sick time and vacation time to get barely a month off.

          • Amy

            The state of California pays for 6 weeks of maternity leave. I just had my 3rd kid !

      • susie

        Considering the US has the highest overall pay in the world, perhaps people can use some of that to take a leave. Many companies pay maternity leave in the US and some states require it. Some states also offer unemployment benefits for maternity leave.

        • kate

          I can’t imagine that unemployment could be legally used for maternity leave since you cannot use it if you voluntarily left employment (sometimes there is an exemption if you were forced to leave due to illegal activity), are unable to work or are unavailable to work. Maternity leave would seem to violate some or all of those. That being said, my mil had a sympathetic employer lay her off halfway through her pregnancy. That was in the mid-1960’s and to keep her benefits she had to go to interviews with her pregnant belly every week. Strangely enough, no one ever hired her, lol. Not really legal though.

          The real shame is that the lowest paid employees-those least likely to have paid vacation or sick leave, or for that matter savings to fall back on–are also the ones least likely to have maternity leave. I know many women who scrimp to manage even 3 or 4 weeks off.

        • John D

          I agree. The maternity leave thing is extremely misleading. It makes the U.S. look like monsters, but in reality it’s simply not government-mandated. Doesn’t mean it isn’t a common practice. I’m taking every map in this list with a grain of salt.

          • Kate

            It’s the fact that it isn’t government mandated in US that’s important. The fact that some companies do it anyway is just luck. A country that is willing to leave people behind isn’t the same as one that mandates coverage for its citizens.

    • The article is referring to national legislation, not state- or company-level policies. There are certainly some companies in the U.S. that have paid maternity leave, but in 2012 only 11% of private sector employees and 17% of public employees had access to paid maternity leave through their employer. For lower wage workers (in the bottom quarter of national wages), those numbers drop to just 5% and 14%, respectively. The Family and Medical Leave Act, which is the “closest” (not really close at all) thing the U.S. has to maternity leave allows for 12 weeks of UNPAID leave and, as Robin said in her comment, does not apply to all workers. You have to be a full-time employee at a company with more than 50 workers, and you have to have at least one year of full-time work at that company before you qualify for FMLA. Currently, only 3 states plus the District of Columbia have anything that could be considered universal coverage for maternity leave; in these states, childbirth is designated as a temporary disability which guarantees mothers paid leave through temporary disability insurance provisions (temporary disability insurance exists nationwide, but childbirth does not qualify as a disability and thus maternity leave is not covered unless you live in one of the states with a law stating that childbirth/maternity leave must be covered). California, New Jersey, and Washington have legislation that requires private-sector employers to pay partial replacement rates for maternity leave, but not full wages. Other than that, unless your employer has a really good paid maternity leave policy, you are on your own. It’s really embarrassing that we have not improved this yet, as there are major economic, social, and health benefits associated with paid maternity leave. According to UNICEF, our lack of maternity leave provisions, along with other inferior policies and systemic factors, contributes to our ranking of 26th out of 29 “peer” nations on measures of child well-being. IMO, it’s unacceptable that we have not addressed this yet.

      • Callie

        Very well said, Caroline! I totally agree… It is such a shame (and, quite frankly, an embarrassment) that this has not been improved. I would love to jump on my soapbox of topics loosely related to this – but you said pretty much all I would’ve said (and, thank the lord, you said it in a way that implies you have some common sense about you and – icing on the cake – you use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, so we know you can be relied on)! Thank you! Now if only we could get someone with the power to change this to listen!

      • susie

        Overall the US pays higher wages than other countries and leaves the responsibility for maturity leave in the hands of the people earning the wages.

        • maryam

          where do you get that from? is that compared to living costs? is that higher wages than the “third world” cuntries or higher that “peer” cuntries?

        • Do you really believe, what you say!?

      • Sarah

        I just finished my thesis on this subject and I would LOVE to know where you got these numbers. You are seriously under-reporting percentages of private and public sector maternity assistance offered, and throwing around big words only fooled some of us. The reality is much higher, as much as 70% of private sector, for starters. But hey, what do I know, I only spent the past year researching it. Read and learn – http://www.cepr.net/documents/publications/parental_2011_08.pdf

    • Cheryl

      The US has notoriously NOT had a program for paid maternity leave. This is actually a huge detriment to our society as many mothers place their children in high cost day care centers far too early out of necessity. Yes, some major companies may offer paid maternity leave if you have been there a while. However, this benefits only those who have jobs at these companies. The vast majority of people in the United States do not have this available to them, sadly.

      • vesey

        i would like to see the map that shows the percentage of abortions per capita per nation. The maternity leave thing made me think of it…………..

        • Todd

          I am willing to bet you’re against abortion rights.

    • Socrates

      It would be interesting to have a map of countries where people are paid NOT to work.

      • maryam

        do you mean like stockholders and people who delibratly crash cumpanies and take a lot of money, or do you mean people who let uthers work harder for less pay?

        • vesey

          childish……..how old are you ??

        • gm0n3y


      • gary

        I believe Norway would be first in line there. I’m an American ex-pat in Norway, working as a teacher, involved in city council work. I am continuously amazed at how many people choose unemployment ahead of employment, or even worse, the amount of young men and women aged 20-23 who choose disability ahead of a life in the workforce. And they get away with it – and the numbers are rising. The evils of social-democracy, my friends.

        • Brian Light

          Your conclusion is something like concluding there is no global warming because of cold snap.

    • jon

      There’s no FEDERAL law, but there are state, county, city laws.

      For example, state employees of California get 6 weeks off

  • Patrick R

    One massive problem has gone unnoticed: most of these maps are Mercator Projection, and most of the others are variations on it. The Mercator is quite possibly the most distorted map still in use, although the National Geographic Society (U.S.) used a map for decades that was almost as bad. It is only the World’s Population by Longitude map that uses the most accurate in terms of actual area of land mass. In this map, Greenland is indeed close to 1/14 the size of Africa, which is its size in reality. (The Mercator Projection was intended as a navigational map for Europeans; therefore, it greatly expands all the areas that Europeans were expected to travel most to give especially the coastlines more detail.) Even the map turned “upside down” to show the arbitrariness of orientation, and therefore meant to “blow our minds” a bit, uses the Mercator, so Greenland still appears to be virtually the same size as Africa!

    Next time, do everyone a favor and start with choosing a far more accurate projection FIRST.

    For more on this, the Wikipedia article on projections is actually a pretty good start: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_map_projections

    • Pete

      Why don’t you calm down, Patrick. Or do everyone a favor and publish your own collection of maps that don’t induce a tantrum.

      • Guy

        amen. well said.

      • Peter Gabriel

        Ahah! I agree with Patrick but love the comment!

        • Craig

          I agree with Patrick. The Mercator exaggerates polar areas – so the issue with Greenland. It also make Russia (former USSR) look much larger than it is (though it is still the largest country in the world. I’m sure the Russians like that kind of global cowing.

          • Fletcher

            Let’s be realistic and fair here and be sure that ANY country would ‘like that kind of global cowing’

    • Chris

      Greenland and Africa are roughly the same size.

      • Si

        No it isn’t…Google it.

        • Si

          I meant “no, they are not.”

          • Craig

            Greenland is about 2x the size of South Africa, but most of it is ice.

    • maryam

      I agree. the maps we (europe, north america, australia) usually use are very ethnocentric and show sweden being almost as big as India, whish it is not.

      • vesey

        a map is a map. Your comment is childish……how old are you ??

      • Svinter

        That is because a map pictures a round globe on a flat surface. A guy called Mercator found a solution many liked, the Mercator projection. You can read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercator_projection

  • Mark Prior

    Greenland has it’s own flag and doesn’t use the Danish one.

    • Doffen

      Well, other areas also belonging to the Nordic countries have their own flags too, but Greenland is still Danish.

    • vesey

      Greenland is part of Denmark. You can’t change facts……unless you are a liberal, of course…

      • gary


        Well said.

  • Mark

    Could someone please tell the gentleman with the back tattoo that Alaska is part of the United States?

    • Eli

      Are you kidding? He’s obviously not counting it because Alaska is not contiguous with the rest of the U.S.

      • Mjflan

        You two must be talking about something other than what I’m thinking because I see Alaska on his back! I’m guessing you’re talking about something else!

        • Kat

          Yes Alaska is there, that’s not the point…Mark’s point was Alaska is part of the US…the rest of the US map is colored in, but he didn’t color in Alaska as if it was a separate country.

          • gary

            He probably chose to color the STATES he visited. I surely would do it that way.

          • gary

            My bad! I just looked at it again. I agree – someone should tell him that Alaska is part of the United States!

  • Callum

    How can Iceland have no McDonalds, yet have some of the highest McDonalds prices…

    • Stoo

      There used to be one in Iceland but it closed.

      • Craig

        Did Paraguay’s McDonald’s close?

  • Justin

    Just wanted you to know that in the USA we drive on the LEFT side. In map 8, USA is covered in red.

    • Really? I’ve lived in 10 states and have always driven on the right. Perhaps you are thinking that the drivers seat is on the left side of the vehicle? If you do drive on the left, please tell me where you live so I will be careful

      • Linda

        Good response!

    • Jean

      You must have been in thousands of accidents! No, the USA drives on the RIGHT hand side of the road.

    • Simon

      More importantly/accurately, the legend on map 8 is wrong. Blue should be ‘Right side’ and red should be ‘Wrong side’.

      • Craig

        The map legend is correct. Imagine a road straight in front of you. Do you drive on the left of it (like Britain) or the right (like the U.S.)?

        • Andrew L

          You’re obviously missing the joke.

    • DogMa

      If you keep driving on the left, USA will indeed be covered in red.

    • gary

      BAHAHAHAAA You should stop drinking and get on the correct side of the road, dude

  • Peter

    Iran doesn’t speak or write in Arabic. It is Persian/Farsi.

    • Chris

      The Persian/Farsi (and for that matter, Dari) alphabet are all based on Arabic script. You’re right that the languages are totally different, but the script is nearly identical (with three extra letters in Farsi).

      • Adam

        The script is similar and Persian has 4 extra letters.

  • Some data, such as incidence of bribery, derive from what is reported. Thus countries such as Austria, rooted in a culture which keeps scrupulous records, have a higher level of criminality than Mongolia, where possibly the bureaucrats who keep the records can themselves be bribed. Simultaneously, in Austria perhaps another group is at work bribing the bureaucrats to leave the raw statistics alone. A realistic view is that all politicians are crooked, national and statistical differences thus arising only from the legitimacy of the records per se.

    • But see, all politicians being crooked doesn’t mean that all systems are equally conducive to bribery or that all cultures are equally tolerant of it.

  • melissa

    a correction about the invasion of Britain, Britain never ever invaded Honduras or any central american country. They were invaded by Spain and some others in south america by Portugal.

    • Neil Brocklehurst

      “Invaded” does not equal “Conquered”

      Britain invaded central american countries repeatedly, they just didn’t win

    • Craig

      English was commonly spoken the the eastern ‘rimland’ of Nicaragua and Costa Rica’s plantation regions…

    • brian

      Is Belize no longer a part of Central America? Last time I was there it was still part of the commonwealth, with the Queen on their coins.

    • GregH

      Wrong. In 1643 England launched an expedition that destroyed Trujillo and they fought the Spanish in that area repeatedly several times after then due to their conquest of and then colonization of what was known as the Mosquito coast and is now known as Belize, which the UK held for centuries.

  • Correct

    The British invasion map does not mean literal invasion.

    “The remainder have been included because the British were found to have achieved some sort of military presence in the territory – however transitory – either through force, the threat of force, negotiation or payment.
    Incursions by British pirates, privateers or armed explorers have also been included, provided they were operating with the approval of their government.
    So, many countries which once formed part of the Spanish empire and seem to have little historical connection with the UK, such as Costa Rica, Ecuador and El Salvador, make the list because of the repeated raids they suffered from state-sanctioned British sailors.”


    • Apparently even a ship firing guns on a city makes the whole country count even if a raid never occurred.

      • Brian Light

        Yes, that counts. Perhaps we can ask someone who’s house was hit and who lost someone they loved?

  • joe blow

    Interesting tattoo. Does he not consider Alaska part of the United States? and what happens when countries change borders?

    • Mjflan

      Hmmm….is it just me or do I see Alaska on his left shoulder?

      • Kat

        Um, is it colored in? Like the rest of the US? No…that’s the point…it should be if he’s visited the US…

        • Craig

          Unless he’s considering it different enough not to shade it. Hey, it’s his map.

  • Libby

    Sorry, but Morocco has McDonalds.

  • Marco Polo

    You need to add maps that help people understand the size of countries/continents…

    Something like this:

    • gary

      As a geography teacher, I must applaud you for linking to this map. A fantastic visualization. Thanks!

    • Chris

      This map is odd. It includes only the continental US, but lists the area as “9,629 * 1,000 km^2) which is too small by nearly 200,000km^2 if you include Alaska (and Hawaii), but too big by 1.746 MILLION square km if you do not include Alaska and Hawaii (Alaska is big). One wonders where the map’s author gets the bizarre number for the US area (which, for the record, is 9,826,675 km^2)

      source: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/us.html

  • Madi

    Ok, I’ve seen #17 several times now and that one is pure BS. The top grossing jobs in the US are in health care (Anesthesiologists, Surgeons, Gynecology) and in Business Chief Executives of F500 companies.

    • JM

      You’ve seen it several times and haven’t noticed the word “public” once?

    • James

      It clearly says public sector in the title…

    • Stoo

      You won’t feature on that map anytime soon with your lack of attention to detail.

  • Cory

    I enjoyed reading many of these inflammatory comments nearly as much as I did your maps. Don’t let them get to you, old boy, you did a great job. I verily enjoyed this.

    • techpixie

      Heartily seconded on both counts!

    • Craig

      Me too, very nice. No map is perfect … by their nature they can’t be, but their study and construction are fascinating and crucial to understanding the world. Here’s my plug for being a college geography major. And geography provides great jobs in both public and private sectors. Especially compared to the revered history degree which is wonderful, but not so employment oriented.

  • Fati

    Interesting maps ! One correction on map 5 they are severals Mac Donald’s in Marroco but NOT in Algeria.
    Algeria asked to the company that all products should be from the country and not imported, wich was refused.

  • metalgarth

    Can we all drop the lie that the US doesn’t use the metric system? Look at any container of any liquid product: METRIC MEASUREMENTS. Look at the nutritional data on any product METRIC MEASUREMENTS. It is true that the US doesn’t use the metric system exclusively but to imply we don’t use it all is BOLD FACED LIE

    • trueptbo

      The US usesFahrenheit. You use miles. You use gallons and quarts. Your argument is actually completely wrong. So they list metric measurements on some things? This doesn’t equate to ADOPTING the metric system.

      • Cringeworthy

        This is a question of semantics. The title of the map is not “Countries that have not adopted the metric system.” It is “Countries That Do Not Use the Metric System.” While it seems fairly clear that the intent was to show countries that have not adopted the metric system as the official system of measurement, the title is a bit misleading.

        • Cringeworthy

          And unless you live/have lived in the US for some time, you have little understanding concerning how widespread the use of the metric system is, regardless of product labeling. In spite of our government’s unrealistic resistance to the change, metric measurements are being used more and more as time goes by.

          • The_Liberal_Narcissist

            Their resistance is not really unrealistic, it is mainly a matter of finances. In order to officially adopt the system we would have to spend an awful lot of money changing signs, literature, media, etc. However it is definitely true that some segments of America are completely dependent on the metric system, and thankfully, most scientific research is included in them. Other than whoever calculated where that satellite was supposed to land on Mars of course…

          • Jeanette

            Science uses metric, but that’s it as far as I know. I love me my inches and miles! I don’t care if metric is easier!

          • Nomanom

            There was a movement to adopt metric in the USA in the late 60’s/early 70’s. I was in elementary school at the time and we were told by our science teacher that now we had to all use metric. Fine with us, we were only kids and didn’t have much of a concept of measuring in any particular units. Same thing the next year too. Apparently it was part of some worldwide agreement or movement at the time. Then a couple of years later we were told forget it, you’re not using metric anymore. I wonder who made that decision. That would have been the time to stick with metric and get the change overwith. Now it’s probably too late.

          • GregH

            The US uses metric in several ways: 1. In many liquids, particularly beverages. While you buy a 12 oz can of soda you buy a 1 or 2 Liter bottle (not quarts). You buy 12 oz individual bottles of beer but craft beers that come in bigger bottles generally come in 750ml bottles. Wine comes in 750ml. Hard Liquor comes in pints and half pints but then in 750ml, 1lL and 1.75L bottles. So liquid measurements are all mixed up, generally with smaller containers being in non-metric measurements and larger containers being metric. 2. Most illicit drug deals in the US are made in grams. 3. Much engineering and other science uses it. 4. Some gym equipment, Cybex/Nautilus type weight training stuff often either gives both metric and standard or just standard but I’ve seen in several gyms in the US some machines that only give kg not lb. 5. legal drugs are done in metric. You buy 500mg advils, not however many grains that would be. 6. I’m sure on some of the measurements we use metric without me even realizing it. 7. In only a handful of applications do we use anything other than metric for measurements of power. Watts predominate over BTUs or Horsepower which are both used quite rarely outside of discussing heaters, stoves, garage door openers or car engines. 8. In electric current we use Amps as our unit, which is the metric unit. And I’m sure I’m missing some.

          • gary

            I’m a born and bred American who has been living in Norway for 27 of the past 31 years. I’ve had to adopt the metric system. Now I am planning on moving home and actually visit a family a couple times of year. This summer I am planning on building a storage shed in the back yard for them. I am NOT looking forward to using inches. Metric is better. I never thought that I would ever admit that back in high school when they tried to forcefeed us with it.

            While most products also list the contents in metric (I just brought two one liter bottles of mouthwash back to Norway with me – saved a boatload of money!), no one goes out for a liter of milk. They either go out for a gallon – or for a carton (usually meaning a gallon).

      • Chris

        Celsius may be the scale used by SI, but it isn’t a metric unit (Kelvin is, making Celsius a derived unit – exactly as arbitrary as Fahrenheit is).

        All other measurements are used essentially interchangeably. We buy fizzy drinks in liters and milk in quarts (and they’re within 10% of each other, so what does it matter?). Because of international markets, nearly all of our products contain both standard and metric measurements (our 12oz cans are clearly marked as also being 355mL), we give children medicine measured in tsp or in mL (1tsp is 5mL btw).

        Effectively the only way we don’t use both is in football and roadsigns (yards and miles, respectively).

        Our military uses metric distance when performing a “battle zero” at 25m/300m, while civilian shooters go to ranges that use yards. (though yards and meters are also within 10% of each other, so they can also be used essentially interchangeably)

    • SamLang

      The next time you drive 3 kilometers to your local McDonalds and order a Royale with Cheese and a liter of Coke, you let me know.

      • Well to be fair I just poured my drink from a 2 liter of Mountain Dew in California =P But no we have not adopted the metric system, and it will take a long time for us to do so as we have a history of rebelling against things the British do since 1776. Fact is though that our system is far less accurate.

        • Stoo

          Guess who invented the Imperial measurements? The Brits. Not doing a good job of rebelling now are we.

        • triggerfin

          Then why do we use MPH on our roads, *just like they do in Britain*?

        • dan

          Imperial is more accurate than metric. Metric is just easier for the dumbing down of the world. I work in very small measurements and imperial is much more accurate. one tenth of a millimeter is .004″ so how can you measure something accurately like that?

          • Kristo

            It’s easier to measure one tenth of a millimeter than measure 0.004″ though.

          • Andrew L

            Just because your tools measure in inches doesn’t mean it’s more accurate. .004″ is 0.1016mm. It’s pretty simple.

            The nice part is that you don’t need to remember all the differences. It’s ridiculous. A foot is 12 inches, a yard is 3 feet, a mile is 1760 yards…a decimeter is 10 centimeters, a meter is 10 decimeters. A kilometer is 100 meters. Then you switch to something other than distance, like the volume of liquids, or weight. You can use ounces to measure weight and liquid, but it’s completely different. There are 8 ounces in a cup but 16 ounces in a pound. What kind of sense does that make?

        • DogMa

          British, Irish and aericans are the only people I have to translate metric into imperial. Good job, rebel.

          • vesey

            have the courtesy to use caps with America too. Being intentionally offensive is a sign of immaturity. How old are you anyway ??

      • Breezy

        Which side are you even taking Sam Lang? Many people in the U.S. can drive 3 kilometers to McDonalds and order a liter of coke, in fact we measure coke in liters here. I have no idea what a Royale is, but I’m guessing they only have it in Britain which has nothing to do with the metric system whatsoever. I think people should change their views on things and instead of looking down on someone who does things different and trying to change them so everyone is the same, we should try and learn about each other and accept everyone as we are all human beings on the planet Earth.

        • Josh

          You mean you’ve never watched Pulp Fiction!

      • GregH

        Yea, we definitely do use liters when we measure soda in many cases. Look at the supermarket its 1 and 2 and rarely but still sometimes 3 Liter bottles of soda guy. We also buy our hard liquor and our wine and our expensive craft beers in 750ml bottles.

    • James Mason

      The metric system has been the official system of the USA since 1866. The military uses it as do scientific concerns. It is common in sports. But in day to day life the older English system dominates. I don’t believe there’s a single non-metric tool in my garage…..

      • Nos hit

        The federal government uses the metric system. The metric conversion act of the 80s. 30% of private industry as well. Map 2 is incorrect. I’m with you.

    • Craig

      For most everyday issues, most people in the US are fairly unfamiliar with the metric system, except where it comes to 2 litre bottles of pop.

  • Washington DC should have been pointed out as being a big hot spot for bribery.

    • gary

      In Washington they call it “lobbying” and “corridor politics”

  • Marcelo

    Brazil was never invaded by Britain. Unless you consider a musical invasion. 🙂

    • John H

      You have to click through to the source to see the criteria:
      ” Only a comparatively small proportion of the total in Mr Laycock’s list of invaded states actually formed an official part of the empire.

      The remainder have been included because the British were found to have achieved some sort of military presence in the territory – however transitory – either through force, the threat of force, negotiation or payment.

      Incursions by British pirates, privateers or armed explorers have also been included, provided they were operating with the approval of their government.

      So, many countries which once formed part of the Spanish empire and seem to have little historical connection with the UK, such as Costa Rica, Ecuador and El Salvador, make the list because of the repeated raids they suffered from state-sanctioned British sailors.”

    • Neil Brocklehurst

      “Invaded” does not equal “conquered”

  • Lynn

    Loved the maps. Some people with corrections or complaints should try a little tact and just state the corrections without the vehemence, it’s just not necessary. Take a breath.

  • Oliver

    Credit where credit is due, #26 was generated with the USGS’s Streamer application: http://nationalatlas.gov/streamer/Streamer/streamer.html

  • Rob

    Informative, except the US does offer paid maternity leave. It merely depends what sort of job you have.

    • It is not supported by law, sure some companies give you paid maternity leave but the law states that they do not have to.

    • John H

      That map is looking at public policy – all the countries listed have paid leave for everyone, by law.

  • Mirek

    Just because we see few metric units on labels and some companies even use some metric units in their calculations, it does not qualify the USA as adopting or using the metric SYSTEM. The difference is enormous.

    • GregH

      We use metric pretty consistently in many different contexts though. So we’ve partially adopted it. Almost all measurements of power are nowadays discussed in terms of watts, for example. And it isn’t just “on labels” (like how a 12oz soda can also says its mls) it’s how sizes are determined for some things. 750ml, 1l, 1.75l, 2l are all measurements most american consumers are intimately familiar with from buying products they use daily. It is such that many americans, myself among them, when asked to think about liquid measures think in terms of oz, cup, pint, L, and gallons with a gallon approximated as “about 4 liters” in my head at least. So effectively, for me at least, the liter has replaced the quart in how I think of things. If I am looking to obtain about that amount of some liquid, I am thinking “I need a liter of X” not “I need a quart of X”. So yes, we do use many metric measurements. Really we are like the UK but just with a different amount of admixture between standard/imperial and metric (yes the UK does a lot more of the visible stuff in metric but they still, in actual usage by people in daily life use non-metric for many measurements. People are often still talked about in terms of “stone” and distances are discussed as fractions/multiples of miles, not km, at least generally.

  • Britain has never invaded Poland! I am Polish I know! They came to help us during WWII is all.

    • John H

      You have to click through to the source to see the criteria:
      ” Only a comparatively small proportion of the total in Mr Laycock’s list of invaded states actually formed an official part of the empire.

      The remainder have been included because the British were found to have achieved some sort of military presence in the territory – however transitory – either through force, the threat of force, negotiation or payment.

      Incursions by British pirates, privateers or armed explorers have also been included, provided they were operating with the approval of their government.

      So, many countries which once formed part of the Spanish empire and seem to have little historical connection with the UK, such as Costa Rica, Ecuador and El Salvador, make the list because of the repeated raids they suffered from state-sanctioned British sailors.”

      • gary

        I would like to see the source that confirms the British invasion of Poland. And quite a few other places as well.

  • keli

    omg LUDA has hoes in the 904

  • John H

    Instead of spamming this at each individual comment, I should just post this generally. For those disputing the British invasion map, you have to click through to the source to see the criteria:

    ” Only a comparatively small proportion of the total in Mr Laycock’s list of invaded states actually formed an official part of the empire.

    The remainder have been included because the British were found to have achieved some sort of military presence in the territory – however transitory – either through force, the threat of force, negotiation or payment.

    Incursions by British pirates, privateers or armed explorers have also been included, provided they were operating with the approval of their government.

    So, many countries which once formed part of the Spanish empire and seem to have little historical connection with the UK, such as Costa Rica, Ecuador and El Salvador, make the list because of the repeated raids they suffered from state-sanctioned British sailors.”

  • suzie

    you need to go to Russia

  • jdiz

    The central areas of New York City are actually denser than Paris. Paris just caps it’s city limits in a shorter radius.

  • Branislav

    Kosovo is not a country,Kosovo is Serbia !!!

    • Mickey

      Hahahaha! Good joke:)))

    • Kat

      Not since 2008…

    • Craig

      The Serbs wish.

    • GregH

      The independent Republic of Kosovo has been recognized as a sovereign state by over 106 different UN member states.

  • Rexman

    The British invasion map obviously refers to whether or not a Beatles record was ever sold there.

    • gary

      Or Led Zeppelin

  • Boom

    Almost right off the bat, #2 is incorrect. Belize is also a country that doesn’t use the metric system, but I don’t see even a teeny tiny little bit of red representing them in Central America.

    • Craig

      AND, Belize was BRITISH Honduras, which relates to another map in this collection.

  • Ur mom

    Hahaha. Zip codes where ludacris has hoes!?! No that’s phunny!!!

    • Nomanom

      I am appalled at the inaccuracies in these maps. I am one of Ludacris’s hoes and I am in area code 504 which is not colored in on the map. Just because he didn’t mention me in the song doesn’t make me take this any less seriously. I am going to write a long rant now about how inaccurate this is, because it’s important to me that every single tiny detail in a big, entertaining post about maps is perfectly accurate. In fact I think I will complain about the british invasion thing too, just because I feel like it, regardless of the fact that it has been explained over and over here.

      • ^^^^^^Best comment so far^^^^^^

      • bmurda

        504 is New Orleans. You really are nothing but a hoe.

      • bronzeflame

        Absolutely loved your comment nomanom! one of the best here.

      • Gator

        Best of many great comments! Kudos to you!!

  • The fact that he put in a world map for a rapper makes me not believe anything this article states. sorry fella.

    • Neil Brocklehurst

      You have some really wierd criteria for what you believe and don’t believe

    • DogMa

      Only someone from the USA calls a map of the United States a “world map”.

      • vesey

        well at least you used caps this time……………..

        • Todd

          What a patriotic boner…

      • gary

        I knew a teacher once who told this story: She had travelled around Europe and when she flew back to the States, she went to a bookstore to buy a world map so she could show her family where she had been. She asked for a world map. The woman at the bookstore provided her with a map of the Lower 48 states of the USA. She said, “No, I asked for a world map.” The bookstore (idiot) then asked her, “Oh! You want a map of Canada and Mexico, too?”

        True story

    • Craig

      Any data expressed spatially can be mapped. So why think only some subjects can be mapped while others are prohibited. Sounds a bit authoritarian to me.

  • iliasse

    Correction from Morocco:

    Map 3 : Morocco was never a part of the british empire. it was invaded by romains, arabs, never british.

    Map 5: there are more than 30 McDo around the country, this map really sucks, or it’s too old, before 1980 old…

    • Jeanette

      *sigh* please read the comments before posting. It’s not whether they were ever part of the Empire, it’s whether, one way or another, Brittan attacked throughout history. And the Brits were feisty ones for a time, so they pretty much went around the world with armies and ships and cannons trying to take over the world.

      • I suppose the British attack on Morocco was an attack on its pirates, or something?

    • DaGaffer

      The English occupied Tangiers from 1662 to 1684. They were also part of the Anglo-American occupying force after the Torch landings in 1942. I think you might want to re-read your history books.

  • Wallflower

    I’m from Thailand and they use the metric system. Second picture is wrong.

    • jeff

      The wiki page lists Myanmar but highlighted Thailand. Not sure how credible someone’s world knowledge is when they don’t even know where the countries are located.

      • openroad

        It’s credible in this case, because that IS Myanmar. Check again. Thailand is the correct color (for metric system usage).

    • Nos hit

      Thank you! And so does the US. Everyone does. It’s the international standard. Some countries use more than one system. I don’t know why so many idiots fail to know this.

    • openroad

      What?? Thailand is the same color as all the other countries that use metric. It’s not wrong.

    • Craig

      Yes, Myanmar (Burma) is shaded, not Thailand. So what does this say about geography education in Thailand?

  • Smiley

    Nice work I thought they were cool of course many that could not make them pick them apart. Thanks for taking the time to create.

  • B S Kumar


    However, Nepal was never invaded or colonized by any foreign power.

    • Neil Brocklehurst

      It was invaded, just not colonised

    • DaGaffer

      Yes it was, Anglo-Nepal War 1814-16. The British took a third of the country! Admittedly it was mostly territory Nepal had taken from other countries, but it was still sovereign territory. Those territories are part of India to this day…

  • Ainura

    There is no McDonalds in Kazakhstan, though in the map it was colored in red…

  • DEE

    Okay and you said that I might need to save these maps…??? First of all who cares !!! I found the comments regarding the maps far more interesting. I just wish that I hadn’t wasted my time looking at this

    • Craig

      Maps show us how we are related to other places in the world. The world is more globally interconnected everyday. And you thought it was a waste of time? What is a better way of basically understanding the world through simple words, or through maps?

  • Tom

    Sense???? REALLY!!!!! This is nonsense Work on something relevant, info that people really need to know.

    • Craig

      Are you saying there is nothing relevant mapped here? Economics, colonial invasions and influence, health care, language and writing patterns, ocean travels, etc. What is it you consider relevant to your existence here on Earth?

  • Casey

    North is absolutely NOT arbitrary; or perhaps the writer of that caption has never heard of the compass and how it revolutionized travel and (dare I say) map-making.

    • Ian

      Compass needles have two ends, sport.

    • hipple

      Your comment about the compass is exactly why it is arbitrary. North and South Poles are a reference to magnetism. What we consider north is in fact the southern magnetic pole. Arbitrary if you did not know means only being relative to specific application. The existance of north as we know it is simply due to the fact that maps were being made before we had a true understanding of magnetic poles and most maps made then put the british empire (note i said empire and not britain itself) in the center of our world resulting in our false concept of north.

      • Craig

        And when we ‘orient’ a map to the north, are we saying we are actually ‘easting’ it? Because east used to be much more important.

  • sirko

    There is no such country as White Russia. It is called Belorus!

    • Sarah

      “Belarus” translates to “White Russia”. I also believe that was on the map that lists what country names literally mean in Chinese, so some country names are going to be different. Note: Huns’ Tooth Profit.

      • Andy Hugh

        Strictly speaking, Belarus translates to White Ruthenia, not Russia.

    • GregH

      So you object to use translating it?

  • EU

    I’m sitting in McDonald’s in one of the countries marked as “do not have a McD”. Check your data.

  • Uno Bubba

    Sorry, but North is completely arbitrary. A compass could be equally said to point South.

    European maps used to be oriented with the East at the top… it’s why we call Asia the Orient.

    • Ian

      Quite. Though the derivation of orient/ation is the other way round. We call Asia the Orient meaning it is the East (oriens in Latin) – and we talk about orienting a map because to do so used to mean putting east at the top.

    • Craig

      On T in O maps of the middle ages, east was at the top. They represented Christ on the cross, so the symbolism was as much religious as geographic. Christ’s legs were the Mediterranean, his arms were the Nile and Don Rivers (perhaps) and his head was Jerusalem – the ‘crown’ of the east.

  • LLG

    I guess they don’t take political or corporate bribery into account? If it was, the US would be a whole new shade of red. Absolutely disgusted that it’s as pale as it is.

    • Andrew L

      You really have no idea what bribery really is, do you?

      • Gator

        I have a fairly good idea of what “bribery really is”, and you apparently DO NOT! The problem is that in the good ole US of A bribery starts at the top w/ the good ‘”leaders” in Congress & trickles down from there. I would say that in MHO our politicians can easily compete w/ any in the world on the “bribery” front!

        • vesey

          ” look at me , i kicked America”..”wow am i seething with pride” signed Gator…………..

          • Todd

            I bet you are an american soldier, aren’t you?

  • vanessa

    nice but a bigger version of the image wouldve been nice

    • Craig

      Agreed. I kept trying to click on several maps, hoping I could zoom to see them better.

  • Merriam

    Sad that you found it necessary to include #36 in what I originally took as a serious critical analysis. How, exactly, will this help anyone ‘make sense’ of the world? It’s inclusion reflects the un-evolved, low intelligence of both the rapper and the author(s) of this piece. Very sad.

    • Daniel

      That graph, however, does neatly outline your moral superiority. Calm down.

    • Craig

      Can’t maps have humorous themes too? Who said they all have to be serious and pious?

    • Gator

      Puuulllleeeeezzzzze!- lighten the phuc up! Look at all the great conversation this map posting started. And ur gonna bitch about a rapper(I hate rap!) being included? Sorry, but I think that means you missed the whole big “thingy”. Sp.: you suck.

  • Carl P

    2. Countries That Do Not Use the Metric System

    Hahaha this look like countries where American Football is played around the world. Just here.
    Rest of the world could care less.

    6. Paid Maternal Leave Around the World

    USA no paid leave. Shame on USA.

    They should include number of paid vacation days by countries.

    I bet USA is the last place too.

    Also, countries where healthcare is affordable around the world.

    Again, last place.


    • Nos hit

      The United States government uses the metric system. 30% of the private sector does as well. The Metric Conversion Act — Educate yourself.

      • Craig

        But most people commonly cannot equate zero centigrade with freezing, or understand what 100 kph is, or grasp how high a 10,000 meter mountain is.

        • GregH

          Actually craig at least two of those we really do know inherently. That 0 is freezing and 100 is boiling we know as well as any other people. Americans also know 100kph really really well since that is also known as “60 miles an hour” or “a mile a minute” a measurement we are very familiar with.

          • Gator

            Zero is freezing? 100 is boiling? I’ve lived here 60 years and never knew that “inherently”. Me thinks GregH has lived abroad. Perhaps in one of the many countries England has conquered/invaded?

        • Chris

          Centigrade isn’t a metric unit.

    • no

      We don’t have paid vacation days in the USA. Why would we? Why would I pay you money for you to not do work?

      Of course, many companies do offer paid vacation. They do this, because the employees they offer it to are of value to them and it is a benefit meant to entice them to work for them.

      • LadyAngua

        You say that like a paid vacation is a bad thing. You aren’t actually paid to not work a small portion of your annual wage is withheld to cover holidays. This is part of your work entitlements. You can see this if you look at casual wages which are higher to compensate for the lack of paid sick days or holidays. This is how it works in Australia anyway.

        • vesey

          paid vacations ARE a good thing, but should’nt be an inherent right. If a company does’nt want to pay for vacations, they can risk losing good employees to company’s that do. If the gov’t pays then in reality the tax payer is. I know far too many lousy workers that i don’t want receiving my hard earned dollars for their vacation……..

          • Todd

            I bet you are a lousy worker. I hope you never get a woman pregnant.

  • ManOfBrick

    Get a grip Merriam, As a fan of this song, it is nice to have a visual reference of Luda’s Hoes.

    it is a shame that the Buckminster Fuller Dymaxion map did not make it on here.
    Personally, I believe my view of the world would have been slightly different if I grew up looking at this map in school.

  • Roshish

    *Need a correction in No. 3- Nepal was also not invaded by Great Britain!

    • Craig

      Someone already said that is was.

  • Jonah

    Great maps. For the language one, Japanese has three writing scripts: katakana, hiragana, and kanji (Chinese characters), but only katakana is shown. Hiragana and kanji are older and used more than katakana, which is primarily used to write loan/foreign words (like “Wikipedia”).

  • Robert

    On map 17 – people may think it is crazy that the highest paid employees in 40 states are coaches. I suggest that those coaches lead programs that bring in more money to their universities on a voluntary basis than any other employee in their respective states. I also suggest that dollar figure is greater than any other state employee generates for their state.

    I also love map 23 – next time someone starts a discussion on the overcrowding of the planet…

  • The geography is a little off with number 5. The country of Iceland is colored blue, which is supposed to mean that it doesn’t have any McDonald’s restaurants, but lo and behold, it is listed as being among the countries that charge the most for a McDonald’s burger!

    • DogMa

      The data is historical in nature. There used to be a McDonald’s but no one cared so it closed.

      • vesey

        it closed because the employees were paid too much forcing prices too high. A lesson The USA could learn. High prices need to match quality. Fast foods are seldom, and Mc Donalds never, quality……….

  • Nos hit

    The United States government DOES use the metric system. Check out the Metric Conversion Act of 1988. The government is compelled to do. The private sector is not. Roughly 30% do however. Map 2 is inaccurate. No?

    • Craig

      But most people commonly cannot equate zero centigrade with freezing, or understand what 100 kph is, or grasp how high a 10,000 meter mountain is. – See more at: http://asheepnomore.net/2013/12/29/40-maps-will-help-make-sense-world/#comment-98793

    • Gator

      Anyone who thinks the general US public uses or understands the metric system, due to the Metric Conversion Act of 1988, is either a moron and/ or a government official who passed said act.

      • Chris

        Tell that to anyone who goes to the store to get a 2L bottle of Coke or a 750mL bottle of wine. Americans understand metric just fine.

        We use Fahrenheit for temperature, because Celsius is equally arbitrary, arguably inferior, and isn’t a metric unit.

  • Ugri Fenno

    Britain never invaded either Finland or Sweden.

    • DaGaffer

      …and the map shows Sweden is “unattacked”. However, the British have attacked Finland. When Finland was part of the Russian Empire, British and French ships raided the Finnish coast during the Crimean War.

      • NotaFinnishperson

        Also I believe Britain bombed Finland during WWII since Finland was Axis for quite a while.

  • Jost

    The bribery map is basically useless. It’s a map showing penalties imposed under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. So, basically, if a single incidence of bribery was especially egregious, and the US authorities actually chose to pay attention to it, then that can make the entire country appear corrupt, according the map. It would be far better to use Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions index (though simply asking people about corruption has its flaws as well).

  • Just so you know, Bolivia has a McDonald’s in the capital of La Paz. I have eaten there. The restrooms are cleaner there than ANY McD’s I have been to in the United States.

    • Craig

      Paraguay has one too (or did).

    • susie

      The bathrooms at the McDonald’s in my area (Southern California) are always clean. Target…not so much.

  • no

    “40 maps that will help you buy into the idea that America is shit”.

    • USA! USA! USA!

      best comment ^

    • Craig

      Though the site is interesting, it does have an anti-American bias. But I suppose that is OK, if it gets more non-metric-thinking, non-soccer-playing, non-public-health care approving Americans to see the broader world more clearly.

      • vesey

        nice way to roll over and die. weakling……………

      • gary

        Again, I have lived in Europe for 27 of the past 31 years. Soccer is boring. I have tried. Really tried. But 90 minutes of watching a 0-0, or even 1-0 or 1-1 result? Puhh-leeez! Give me American football where there are usually as many as 7 or 8 scores, with different scoring amounts (1-2-3-6) which leads to different strategies. Soccer is sleeping medicine.

    • vesey

      kiss my Americam a$$………..

  • JohnD

    I’d like to see a map showing the cost of; 16oz bottle of water, 16oz bottle of Coke, 16oz of gasoline.
    I know Coke is cheaper than water in most of Africa, and in 16oz portions, water is more expensive than gasoline in the US.

  • Chris

    I think they got the driving orientation mixed up. Australia is Right Hand

    • Craig

      Since when? Australians drive on the left hand side ‘OF THE ROAD’. So did Sweden until the 1960s.

  • Mable

    Suddenly want a White Russian

  • nollaig

    I toured the manufacturing facility of a hamburger supplier to McDonald’s. Not as a tourist but as a software vendor. It was a long time ago but at that time the meat was very pure and the process of ensuring quality and safety very stringent. The manufacturer tried to sell some of their unused capacity to other food businesses. Nobody else was willing to pay for the level of quality that McDonald’s required. (The only exception then to pure meat was the McLean being sold back then, which contained non-meat fillers.)

    • Gator

      Was this in the early 1950’s?

      • gary

        The McLean came out in the 1980s if I remember correctly.

        The whole “problem” with McDonalds, is that there isn’t enough real 100% beef for the market. I do not believe ANY fast food restaurant serves 100% beef in their burgers. This is a result of the population explosion (see map 31) since the 1970s.

  • … which came first, twistedsifter.com or this, or someone else’s?

  • Dawn

    I’ve been to a McDonald’s in Morocco. That was 14 years ago.

  • Lisa

    Some employees in the US do offer paid maternity leave. Granted it not nationwide but it is offered.

  • Greg

    Belize don’t use metric system, its flag is wrong on the map flag and there isn’t any McDonalds in BElize either !.wow can’ really trust this map for anything else hahahahahaha already had 3 info wrong

  • jax

    I didn’t get an antiAmerica bias at all from these maps. Not overpopulated, lots of vegetation, adequate water for most, who cares if we use the metric system or not, clearly we have enough money for high internet use, beer, coffee, McDonalds, and for a midgrade rapper to have hoes in several area codes lol America ain’t too bad if thousands of ppl continue to migrate over. It would be interesting to see a pollution/air quality map, natural gas use, nuclear plants ….

  • Kelly

    I’m thinking the person in the last “bonus” map will never visit Canada or Russia.

  • John

    Hard to tell for certain without seeing them side by side but there seems to be a correlation between coffee consumption and age of first sexual experience?

    • LadyAngua

      i noticed that too

  • Helen Lam

    Do they show The Map of Happy or Disappointment of Emloyers or Emloyees in the World, prefer Australia , State of NSW Sydney

  • tom

    Another error….Iceland is on the most expensive McDonalds burger list and ALSO is shown to have no McDonalds at all.

  • Leave Your Mama’s Basement Once In A While

    Why don’t commenters read the comments before commenting?

    • gary

      Because they don’t feel like spending an hour or more reading through them. Simple!

  • Mitchell

    This one made me laugh: 2. Countries That Do Not Use the Metric System… ONLY the US, Liberia and Myanmar! Get with the times! Metric system, not ridiculous units that require ridiculous conversions from one to the next…how many inches in a mile? Who the heck knows… how many cm in a km… oh, now isn’t THAT simple… OK, I will stop ranting. On of my engineering pet peeves…

  • Freedomsbell

    Without economic and political freedom maps you are not really making sense of the world.

  • Jone

    There appears to be one error at least on map 3.

    Finland was declared independent at 1917.

    After that date there has not been any attempt of invasion by the British that would justify this map.

    There was a time during the Crimean war that there were conflicts between The Brits and the Russians. Those hostilities spanned to the modern time Finnish coastline. (That geographical area had been under Swedish regime and Russian regime.) And as far as I’ve understood, the conflict did not result as an “invasion” per se.

    One castle was blown up in the Aland islands, and during the peace negotiation these very same islands were negotiated to be kept demilitarized. The demilitarization of Aland islands still continues as the heritage of those times.

    Bomarsund castle: http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bomarsund

    Aland war http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oolannin_sota

    Crimean war:

    Finnish declaration of independence 1917.

    • Erica

      What about before 1917, which is the point of the map? Another poster has highlighted the criteria for the map numerous times, perhaps the original poster’s use of “invasion” is incorrect, as to me it would seem any conflict with a strong British presence qualified.

  • Ray

    I note the countries with second oldest age for first sexual intercourse, India & China make up for lost time being the countries with the most people

  • PowerPar

    Very nice! Intreresting maps and cool facts.

  • theG

    My question is…. why in the hell would Ludacris have hoes in western Nebraska? The only 2 cities I can think of there are Omaha and Lincoln, which are quite small, even compared to St. Louis or Kansas City. Then there’s Sidney, which barely counts for anything. The rest of that area code would be nothing small towns and farms. So maybe, Ludacris has a thing for small town white women? Hell, if he likes small-town hoes so much, I know of an area code full of them, the 573..

    • Luke


      402 covers roughly the eastern half of Nebraska, including Lincoln and Omaha. 308 covers the rural western half of the state that you described so well!

  • Love these maps! I am a cartographer and know that it is easy and sometimes fun to “lie with maps”! These maps give a broad perspective and for all of you who choose to tear them apart, lighten up! Great job…enjoyed the comments as much as the maps…if anything else took place…there was great social intercourse.

  • nush

    My compliments on your compilations. It’s a great idea and surely informative. But you missed the mark on some things. I’m from Suriname and we Do have paid maternal leave. It’s very peculiar that you’ve indacted us as the only country in South America that doesn’t have this when paid maternity leave has been around since the 60s. Our employment law even requires that of all employers as primary employee rights. You could lose your business licenses if you don’t abide by this so everyone does.

    Also we don’t have trains, trams or any kind of railroad system here. Used to be in the past but not anymore. Not for the last 50 years and not anytime soon.

    I would very much like to know where you get your info from. I would very much appreciate these things corrected as this gives a negative view of my country which is not correct. Thank you.

  • One more note…first sexual experience, most coffee drinkers and most researchers…strange combination, but I think Scandinavia is the place to live!

    • gary

      I teach junior high school English and Social Studies in Norway to 8-9-10th graders. I cringe to think that most of them have lost their virginity by the time I send them on to high school.

  • Alison

    The issue of paid maternity leave is true we do not pay to be home and take care of your baby , but some states provide disability 6-8 weeks that is paid at. A reduced amount of your salary. Paid disability from a private company only exists if you have paid for a short term disability policy. A new baby disability only pays 6-8 weeks of reduced pay. If you take off more time it is either with vacation hours you have accumulated or without pay. A few outlier and progressive companies will sometimes allow more time . Majority of women can not affor to stay out beyond the 12 week time permitted by flma( if they are eligible)

  • Raul Espinola

    would like info on when Great Britian invaded El Salvador?

    • Jay

      “The countries were included in the British Empire by either the temporary presence of military forces in the field, by force or threat of force, negotiation or payment of a tax.
      The raids of English pirates, military or armed explorers were taken into account by Laycock, because they were approved by the British government. Thus, many countries that were once part of the Spanish Empire, such as Costa Rica, Ecuador and El Salvador, entered the list of the territories invaded by the British because they were under assault of the seafarers raids backed by England.”
      There are lots and lots of articles about this book that explain the methodology used.

  • Senator

    I am pretty sure that guy at the “Bonus” one is really afraid to visit Russia….otherwise some of the maps are really good and mind twisting.

  • mick

    Very good maps and diagrams. A quibble is that the McDonalds one says there are no McDonalds in Iceland but contradicts this as it gives the cost of a McDonald in Iceland

  • Evi Kouvelas

    It’s interesting that the USA didn’t adopt the metric system when it was brought in by the French revolutionaries to create an unbiased way to measure that was not based on some king’s foot and thumb. Also driving on the right side of the road was imposed by napoleon

  • Evi Kouvelas

    It’s interesting that the USA didn’t adopt the metric system when it was brought in by the French revolutionaries to create an unbiased way to measure that was not based on some king’s foot and thumb. Also driving on the right side of the road was imposed by Napoleon in order to be different from the British. People used to ride horses on the left to do battle with their swords on the right. The Ludacris map was hilarious. The Pulp Fiction reference was inane. Who can drink a litre of pop in one go anyway? Oh by the way the British adopted the metric system in the 70s.

  • Sorin

    Interesting, but I seriously doubt the accuracy of the information shown. If one map is wrong (the one with McDonald’s – see Eastern Europe), showing information that was probably true some 20 years ago, then why trust any of the other maps?

    • Erica

      I don’t think people should just blindly “trust” the maps, I consider them more discussion pieces anyways. I will say though that these maps are from various sources which can account for the variation in reliability. Not to mention they all have different graphic styles indicating different creators… Maybe its good enough to ask yourself what you believe is true and why?

      • Art

        Exactly right Erica, thank you! Nothing in this could possibly be accurate, it’s simply approximations and best guesses, a statistician’s doodles… a sort of South Park view of reality seen through the eyes of Bart Simpson.

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  • Robin

    Could the close match between coffee consumption (map 28) and age of first sexual intercourse (map 22) be anything to do with the number of researchers in the population of those countries (map 24)?

  • Hey take a look at the Scratch Map, it’s a super cool map of the World that features a top foil layer that yo can use as travel journal of where you have traveled ! Brought to you by https://www.luckies.co.uk/

  • rebeca

    I loved this! just a little remark on map 5 (i don’t know if someone else already noticed, i cannot read all the comments, there are so many, sorry): There’s no McDonalds in Cuba, it should not be shown in red.

  • Robert Taylor

    How about a map with the Equator in the middle of the globe showing true comparative sizes of land masses?

    • The earth is spherical in shape and the surface of a sphere is curved, as everybody knows. If you take the curved surface of a sphere and flatten it out, it will either tear or stretch. That is why no flat map can accurately show the true relationships between different land masses when they are far apart on the earth. There are many different methods, or projections, used in map making. Educated people need to know how different projections create their particular distortions. The Mercator projection is common and I learned in fourth grade how it makes polar regions, both north and south, relatively larger than equatorial regions. That is common knowledge, or used to be. The only accurate world map is the world globe. If you like maps, you should learn how to interpret their distortions.

      What is called north (and south) is arbitrary, just as is what is positive and what is negative electric charge, but everybody needs to decide on a norm and stick to it universally. You wouldn’t want different manufacturers to make dry cells or batteries with different choices for the positive and negative poles, would you? Likewise with north and south. I could rant on about positive and negative energy, but that is wandering too far from the subject at hand.

  • Stefan

    The Only 22 Countries in the World Britain Has Not Invaded
    This is extremely british! This shit empire never invaded the roman empire, on contrary it was the roman empire who invaded that cursed land called uk. The Italians retreated from uk because there was no profit for them so they were just left to die on their island. Also, when the hell was uk invading in Ukraine, Romania, Greece, Austria, Hungary and so on….We are citizens of the world..uk snobbish presented in this map is extreme!
    I wrote on purpose uk and british with small capitals.

    • snapish

      wow, take a deep breath instead of spreading hate indiscriminately. Try reading the above comments in concern with that map, instead of blowing up over your own prejudices. If you utilise your mouse skills and click on the source of the map, you would see the CRITERIA for the map. You really do hate the UK, don’t you? And you have no idea what capitals are, do you?

  • magda

    The paid maternoty leave in greece is not more tja 14 months.is just 4months.thank you

  • Nika

    In Iran language is Farsi not Arabic. Both spoken and written.

  • I think that these maps are very cool and interesting. I like this website because I am a visual learner and being able to have access to this information is very helpful and allows me to have a better understanding of information. These maps also brought attention to different issues throughout the world that I don’t normally think about on a regular basis.

  • D. Zaster

    Map #3 is absurd. Britain never “invaded” Canada, the United States, Australia or New Zealand. It explored, colonized and settled them. To call this “invasion” is ignorant.
    If you hold a negative view of colonization, well and good. Many informed historians share your view. But – to equate voyages of exploration and commercial ventures by chartered British companies with military invasions of sovereign countries is completely wrong-headed.

    • Svinter

      Those who lived there, when the british”explored, colonized and setteled them” might had seen the happening as an invasion. Isn’t that a possible explanation?

  • I’m amazed, I must say. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s both equally educative and entertaining, and without
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  • gary

    Semantics!! The British have never invaded the United States of America!

    • Job

      The British are the United states of America. As are other Europeans, and Africans.

      So yea, I guess you’re right. The ‘United states of America’ is just a big mix of other countries, but with a special new name.

  • llapka

    Loved this. Very interesting!

  • Job

    How about ‘Countries America spy on.’

    Or, Countries America are thinking of invading/Have invaded?

  • Helene Bertelsen

    13. Flag Map of the World, the flag for Greenland is wrong.

  • Sarah

    I thought the Flag Map of the World was fascinating. It would be interesting to learn the stories behind every one of them. I found it funny that on the US Map of the Highest Paid Public Employees by State it is mostly football and basketball coaches.

  • Tyler Lewis

    I thought the bonus tattoo the person had with the countries visited colored in was really neat. As a person who has tattoos I find that very cool! Also, the 40 maps were way cool to check out, They were supper interesting and fascinating to look at and review.

  • Kistaraq

    You should renew the flagmap with this (the same maker) http://i.imgur.com/ZTw1q74.jpg

  • LIndsay Groves

    I have a strong desire to see a map of places the various fossil fuel mining industries (separating oil and gas) where they have had spills, where the spills have been cleaned up, and where the effort to do so has been unsuccessful, and where they are underground and therefore under litigation. I would also like to see everyplace that hasn’t been mined or drilled, where someone is exploring, suing to be able to do it, or waiting for permission (such as NYS). I would also like to see a global map of pipelines. If Google does this, it will be contributing to climate consciousness, it’s true, and may incur some political blowback. Hope it’s not too bad!

  • Vickie Lucas

    Most of the maps were very interesting and educational even though some were hard to read. Of course as evidenced by some of the comments above, some of the maps could be interpreted in different ways or misunderstood altogether.

  • Daxo

    Map 5 Mc Donalds.

    Namibia is missing, and the Malaysian part of Borneo.

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  • G

    I enjoyed the well written introduction to this website. Kept me interested and made me want to explore.

  • SilPfe

    I read through most/ a lot of the comments, but didn’t see anyone commenting about the map that lists: Chinese names for European countries translated literally. Now that is a funny map! Britain is Braveland, Germany Moral land, and then all those Orchid countries (best of those: Portugal). I don’t know any Chinese, so I wouldn’t know if there is any truth in how they translated it.

  • Amy

    I can’t help but be completely infuriated that 40 out of 50 US states pay the most to a freaking football or basketball coach.

    • Amy

      I was surprised by this too! But you always have to look at the other side of the coin… How much revenue are these programs bringing in? The football program at the university I went to nets about 10 million a year. Doesn’t make it “right” but it may justify the exorbitant salaries :/

  • I find it hard to find the time, when Britain invaded Finland. Some attacs there were, but Britain never conquered Finland. We are one of the three countries, whose capital was not invaded by foreign troops in the II WW. The other two are Britain and Russia.

  • Cyrus

    Excellent reference website .

  • Joan

    Nice collection for showing examples of many ways of mapping things, many map projections with their various strengths and weaknesses, maps developed in many different years (hence a lot of the McDonald’s inconsistencies) by many different people.

    If you don’t see a map on a topic you’d like, that’s not a surprise. Just 40 topics just barely covers the surface (figuratively; for literal, see the bonus map). Lots more are out there on the Web. Google [topic] map and see what you get. Beware, though: not everyone who maps a topic you care about will see that topic from the same perspective as yours (e.g., does “drive on the left” mean “on the left side of the road” or “in a car with the steering wheel in the left side of the passenger compartment.”?). Happy hunting!

  • k. mastbaum

    I am impressed at how good ya’ll are at googling historic dates & events and passing it off as retained knowledge. I totally believe everyone knew all this info off the top of their heads. Good job.

    • WA Russell

      Didn’t you know… everyone has a eidetic memory. This is the funniest thing with the internet. I know where you’re coming from, k.

  • britain invaded country list, NEPAL was never invaded by britain…………… dont give wrong information

  • 1. “Where Google Street View is Available” – In Russian Siberia but not in US Alaska?!
    3. “The Only 22 Countries in the World Britain Has Not Invaded ” How about USA didn’t invaded? For example, it did invaded Russia in 1919…
    5. “McDonald’s Across the World” I’m proud of Mongols! yet they have best Mongolian beef! The way they make it – no need for fast food…
    6. “Paid Maternal Leave Around the World” no comments!~
    14. “Map of Alcohol Consumption Around the World” – one comment: Russians do know what to eat when consuming alcohol, there are no chips, no soda… no other sh*t food which Americans use with alcohol.
    15. “Map of Alcoholic Drink Popularity by Country” Can’t believe it! Can someone point me out where can I find @THE BEER in USA?
    29. “The Economic Center of Gravity Since 1 AD” Wow! is it all going is circle!

  • Lulz


    I think you’re a sheep if you think the millions of inforgraphics can be used to make an ‘informed’ point about complex arguments

    lol. but i guess whatever floats your boat

  • Wonderful website. A lot of helpful info here. I am sending it to several buddies ans also sharing in delicious.
    And obviously, thank you in your sweat!

  • Amy

    Number 20 seems to be captioned incorrectly… Not super familiar with the foreign corrupt practices act as I know the US gets involved with litigation of corruption even when neither party is American…. But I believe you have to be affiliated with America in some way (working for or doing business with an American company etc) for your crime to fall under the FCPA. The caption implies the people of these countries are the ones who engaged in corruption independently, when the map is simply depicting the location of “American” corruption – or corruption pertaining to America in some way. Anywho. Cool maps

  • Asking questions are actually fastidious thing if you are not understanding anything totally, except this article provides fastidious
    understanding yet.

  • Kyle

    To the person with the Tattoo….Alaska is part of the United States haha.

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  • JWCamp

    Map #5 indicates there is no McDonald’s in Iceland (which is correct) but below the map it says that a McDonald’s hamburger costs $5.21 in Iceland. Nice try though.

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