36 Signs The Media Is Lying To You About How Radiation From Fukushima Is Affecting The West Coast

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  1. Garrick adamson says:

    I would have way more respect for this blogger and article… but this person doesn’t want to be provoked of thought… I commented on one of their statuses months ago and was blocked because I didn’t agree with them… #hypocritical

    • admin says:

      Fukushima was a false flag and global depopulation event. Those who control YOU love ignorance and denial. Good luck!

      • Iman Azol says:

        And yet population continues to increase.

        I wonder why the global conspiracy doesn’t just delete everyone who blathers about conspiracies and false flags. Possibly because there isn’t one, and you don’t matter?

  2. Hugh Jass says:

    I stopped reading after I hit the 3rd “mainstream media” phase in the first paragraph. People would take you more seriously if you didn’t make yourself sound like an mega-bias nutter right from the start. Or maybe that’s the the mainstream media talking through me.

    • admin says:

      Fukushima was a false flag and global depopulation event. Those who control YOU love ignorance and denial. Good luck!

  3. Vince Ruta says:

    alarmist gobely gook… no real fact that can be verified – i particukarly love the “and if 2 rods touch” bit – but people will follow what they will where they will – if its the end of the world as this suggest then we are all done so what is the point in the first place.

    Chernobyl was an actual melt down without a containment vessel; and people have moved back and are living in the regions they evacuated.

    This all soounds more like chicken little if people actualy pay attentio to the nonsense…..

  4. Walter says:

    There was a brief news story a few weeks ago about a bunch of whales mysteriously washed up on shore in the west coast and they were all dying and wouldn’t go back to sea despite a number of volunteers trying for days to help them . The story was brief and rushed and never covered or mentioned again , and it was only on one news channel . I couldn’t even find a follow up article about it . I believe this is all happening , and I think it’s naive to not even be open to the possibility and research or try to find things out for yourself . I certainly am worried for my environment and will be careful where I’m eating fish from for a while . Time will tell for certain.

  5. fred says:

    People are NOT inhabiting Chernobyl. That’s bullshit.

  6. Dillon says:

    Yes Fred I’m not sure what the hell Vince Ruta is talking about I think that person might have been dropped on there head as a young child… Chernobyl is a ghost town you dumb ass as it will be for years too come. Really informative piece of writing. Too all the nay-sayers do you really think the government is going to admit the severity of the situation, mass hysteria is not something that any government in the world can control. Also how secretive have they been about the entire thing, you hear a news story about it once every 3 months even tho they have gallons on gallons on gallons of radioactive water leaking into the pacific and have no idea how to stop it and quietly said that there is possible meltdown happening in reactor 3 but know one seems to know about that. Don’t worrie everyone its fine tho, the Chinese are dealing with it ….. They won’t cut any corners :/

  7. steve says:

    I don’t know if all this is true, but that comment on people living in chernobyl is BS. There are like 100 elderly people living in the outer zones and it is still quarantined by the Ukraine government. They don’t recommend anyone going in there for any extended period.

    • Ioannes says:

      Mostly elderly, but not entirely. It’s around 200 people, and they have no unusual health problems. Also there are no “outer zones”, it’s all just the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

  8. jacqui says:

    I will cite the use of common sense, jet streams, ocean currents and the fact that a nuclear accident happened at the “upstream” of these in reguard to the west coast. “Drink upstream from where your cattle are crossing ” is the saying I believe. Ocean and air, it seems the Pacific Coast will be experiencing environmental changes that will be far from pristine.

    • Jules says:

      Exactly. I don’t care what is confirmed or not or what yahoo is reporting on it or not. Radioactive water is flooding the west coast. That is not good. I understand that people would rather not become hysterical and they’d rather keep living on the west coast and eating Alaskan salmon and all that, but uh…

      • admin says:

        Thank you . We have a lot of either sheeple or shill (I think more shill) commenting ….thank you for all this information.

      • Iman Azol says:

        You get radiation from TV, coal, cigarettes. The particle type and density are what matter. “five times background” sounds scary, until you realize you get more radiation than that eating a common banana.

  9. Lost Realist says:

    If you want to dig deeper into the Fukushima disaster, there is no better resource than George Washinton’s Blog hosted on ZeroHedge.com. Chernobyl can’t even be used for comparison because the type of fuel at Fukushima is far more deadly: “MOX” fuel derived from nuclear weapons. 1 ten-millionth of a single gram of plutonium at this concentration as an internal emitter will kill within ~10yrs. Thousands of these rods are stored in cooling pools 100ft above ground in a structurally unstable building with a few dozen more 6-7mag. quakes to occur in the coming decades (read USGS info about quake frequency after a 9.0). Yes, if these rods touch, they exchange neutrons and go supercritical. This is why control rods of graphite are in the Chernobyl reactor; they isolate the fuel rods and stop the reaction. When exposed to air, these rods will heat up on their own, eventually cooking their zirconium cladding and catching fire. With a large enough fire, these particles make it to the jet stream, diffuse according to the law of inverse squares, then concentrate many 1,000x over via precipitation. My advice is to learn how to 1) limit exposure 2) use natural supplements to minimize absorption or help cleanse your body (Zeolite, Vitamin A, seaweed, etc) and 3) make a plan to get out of N. America if cooling pool #4 does collapse and burn. The govt is in fact keeping the reality under wraps; the economic impacts and “fallout” from bad-mouthing the second largest foreign holder of US debt is not something to take lightly. I was selling my stash of nuke pills for a 35,000% ROI to a horde of low-information lemmings after Fukishima blew up. In many situations, the ensuing panic can create more death and destruction than the initial event, a dirty bomb set off in a major city being a perfect example.

  10. Jodi Zarazua says:

    The people that understand what is going on and the secret threats that are being kept quiet, will totally held responsible by GOD! He will protect his children like he always has!

    • Ben says:

      Just like he protects all the people around the world dying of starvation, disease and war… “God” is not going too help us with this one

  11. Stefan van der Westhuizen says:

    I try and keep an eye out on info about the disaster, but it is difficult, and nobody is reporting on it.

    Odd that stories like Concordia which got stranded and the Gulf spill got more attention then Fukushima, which leaves me wondering why you don’t hear or read about follow up reports via conventional media houses who reported on the problem originally.

    Regardless, radioactive junk flowing into the ocean is not only Japan or N. America’s problem, it is the problem of the whole region, and ultimately our problem as a species, and we should take our governments to task to force Japan to “fix” the problem… another earthquake at the wrong time, and things will be a lot worse.

    • Iman Azol says:

      You don’t hear about it because it’s alarmist bullshit. Every link offered is from some conspiritard site, not from a science source. So either there’s a global conspiracy of every scientist and nuclear engineer IN TEH WROLD! and the conspiritards somehow know more than the scientists, or, the conspiritards are full of shit.

      Guess which is more likely?

  12. Kyle says:

    LOL!! #28 According to a professor at Tokyo University, 3 gigabecquerels of cesium-137 are flowing into the port at Fukushima Daiichi every single day. That’s 0.0005% of the RADIATION that was given off by the Hiroshima bomb. Also, because becquerels are units for measuring radiation, its like saying that “There was 30-LUMINS of cars coming right at me!”

  13. Maria F says:

    I honestly dont kno if this is true but im being careful on eating sea food and other products that will aware me ive told some of my friends but we will just have to see how this year will go I hope it goes well

  14. see-er says:

    It is a mistake to believe that you can trust the media. Any media. But especially “main steam media.” Not everything is a lie. However; it would do us all good to remember one very simple fact: The media is controlled by corporations and the government is controlled by corporations, therefore our lives are controlled by corporations. But corporations are controlled by US. The world exists as we know it based on the small percentage who make the most profit and they will do what ever it takes to protect their wealth. Educate yourself by reading between the lines, and be careful with your wallet if you want to make real change. Peace and many blessings. Also, good luck.

    • Iman Azol says:

      Yes, because conspiritards are so much more educated. Not.

      Every government in the world is keeping this quiet in order to secretly and slowly kill as many people as possible…because it’s so much easier than handing out condoms. In retardoworld.

  15. Terryl Todd says:

    Deliberately caused by HAARP. People were photographing the rippling clouds just before the quake.

  16. Thanks for putting this out there. I read TBN Fukushima updates as they come out but not much there. Pathetic how this is being hushed while people continue to eat contaminated food. Denial is rampant. People who want to live in it, can. But I don’t.

  17. Fredo says:

    Here are the problems I have with this article:

    Argument from ignorance (appeal to ignorance, argumentum ad ignorantiam) – assuming that a claim is true (or false) because it has not been proven false (true) or cannot be proven false (true)

    False attribution – an advocate appeals to an irrelevant, unqualified, unidentified, biased or fabricated source in support of an argument

    False authority (single authority) – using an expert of dubious credentials and/or using only one opinion to sell a product or idea

    Appeal to authority (argumentum ab auctoritate) – where an assertion is deemed true because of the position or authority of the person asserting it

    Hasty generalization (fallacy of insufficient statistics, fallacy of insufficient sample, fallacy of the lonely fact, leaping to a conclusion, hasty induction, secundum quid, converse accident) – basing a broad conclusion on a small sample

  18. Anonymous says:

    I hate how stupid people are why would someone want to make up how dangerous this event is. All the author is doing is trying to do is inform. If you don’t like the information you read then that’s your problem. Everyone who believes the government cares about are well being then you are naïve! They only care about themselves and the money they rake in! So keep your conspiracy theory and false flag theories to yourself! The truth will come out soon enough so you have a choice be prepared and informed or just flock together with the rest of the sheep!

    • Kyle says:

      LOL!! #28 According to a professor at Tokyo University, 3 gigabecquerels of cesium-137 are flowing into the port at Fukushima Daiichi every single day. That’s 0.0005% of the RADIATION that was given off by the Hiroshima bomb. Also, because becquerels are units for measuring radiation, its like saying that “There was 30-LUMINS of cars coming right at me!”

      Im not sure why someone would deliberately overstate the danger. I am also unable to understand why people love to gossip so much, but the profits made by US and People magazines show that people love that sort of thing. You said that “All the author is doing is trying to do is inform.” If that is true, then why does the author imply that radiation levels in the pacific are higher than during the nuke testing days, while flat-out stating the radiation level measured in becquerels, but not telling the reader the level of becquerels released by the Hiroshima bomb or any other low level radiation event to give context to the situation.

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