BREAKING: Yellowstone’s Supervolcano Belly Rumbling

VIA| A seismometer inside a borehole at Yellowstone National Park has begun reporting staggering underground activity near the southwest corner of Yellowstone Lake, possibly signaling the beginning of an eruption of the Super Volcano at the Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is home to many beauties, with it’s ancient landscape, geysers, and hot springs. It is also the site of one of the worlds most destructive forces. A supervolcano.

On average, Yellowstone’s Caldera erupts about every 640,000 years. According to the analysis of earthquake data in 2013, the magma chamber is 80 km (50 mi) long and 20 km (12 mi) wide, and is shaped like 4,000 km3(960 cu mi) underground mass, of which 6–8% is filled with molten rock.

The upward movement of the Yellowstone caldera floor between 2004 and 2008 rose almost 3 inches (7.6 cm) each year and was more than three times greater than ever observed since such measurements began in 1923. By the end of 2010, geologists stated that the ground swelling has slowed down significantly.

However, new reports are coming in the a borehole (B944) at Yellowstone Lake (where most activity is) has shown some pretty intense movements.

“The activity began around 12:00 Noon, Mountain Standard Time (MST) on February 1, and was detected by a seismometer in Borehole B944 then continued, non-stop, all day yesterday getting worse and worse as the hours wore on.  The activity is continuing right now at 6:06 EST AM as this news article is being produced.” This according to Turner Radio Network.

The map below shows the location of Borehole B944 in relation to Yellowstone Lake and the rest of the park.

“A second printout shows the activity continuing to this very moment, so severely that the seismometer printer is RUNNING OUT OF BLUE, BLACK AND GREEN INK!

To better view the seismograph, click here.

To get an idea at how monsterous these supereruptions can be, the Island Park Caldera supereruption (2.1 million years ago), which produced the Huckleberry Ridge Tuff, was the largest and produced 2,500 times as much ash as the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption.

Only time will tell on if these beast is ready to go, as it is technically “over do” for it’s next eruption. However, it could still be another million years before it does. This data could just a bark at the moon, however a large series of earthquakes occurred in and around the area. These links are below.

1.9 2014/01/31 09:55:29 44.798N 110.540W 4.4 30 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
1.1 2014/01/31 07:35:32 44.578N 111.145W 9.2 10 km ( 6 mi) SSW of West Yellowstone, MT
1.7 2014/01/31 06:25:39 44.834N 110.536W 6.9 26 km (16 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
1.2 2014/01/30 21:16:01 44.718N 111.203W 10.7 10 km ( 6 mi) NW of West Yellowstone, MT
1.9 2014/01/30 17:21:11 44.815N 110.532W 3.9 28 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
1.8 2014/01/30 15:02:27 44.807N 110.525W 6.9 30 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
1.8 2014/01/30 11:43:19 44.806N 110.540W 2.2 29 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
1.8 2014/01/30 09:42:11 44.812N 110.535W 4.9 29 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
1.4 2014/01/30 04:11:36 44.798N 110.537W 7.9 30 km (19 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
2.0 2014/01/30 04:11:35 44.808N 110.530W 7.4 29 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
1.8 2014/01/30 03:57:10 44.817N 110.533W 10.1 28 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
2.4 2014/01/30 01:40:35 44.807N 110.522W 11.8 30 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
2.2 2014/01/29 23:57:03 44.398N 110.615W 1.8 49 km (30 mi) SE of West Yellowstone, MT
1.5 2014/01/29 23:43:29 44.405N 110.628W 1.9 47 km (29 mi) SE of West Yellowstone, MT
1.3 2014/01/29 23:39:18 44.375N 110.636W -0.3 49 km (30 mi) SE of West Yellowstone, MT
1.4 2014/01/29 23:33:12 44.401N 110.627W 2.3 48 km (30 mi) SE of West Yellowstone, MT
1.5 2014/01/29 18:29:59 44.801N 110.544W 4.3 29 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
2.3 2014/01/29 01:11:08 44.600N 110.153W -3.4 49 km (31 mi) SSW of Cooke City-Silver Gate, MT
1.5 2014/01/28 04:39:47 44.815N 110.528W 7.3 29 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
1.4 2014/01/27 19:44:29 44.747N 110.780W 6.2 27 km (17 mi) ENE of West Yellowstone, MT

Andrew Pontbriand is an Activist, Researcher, Contributor at Activist Post, and Writer/Editor of  The Resistance Journals.  

  • sarah

    Need an editor? This was slightly painful to read.

    • trinity


      • gayle

        And “To better view the seismograph, click here. ” is a forbidden link.

    • Alana Forsyth

      Yes, you should get an editor!

    • Visitor

      Yes, the grammar in this article somewhat bad, but that’s not what’s most concerning to me.

      Yeah, it may just be false alarm, but always be prepared for the unexpected. (Though you can’t do anything once it does erupt.)

    • hazel

      this is in reply to the complaint at the top.

      would it be better to not have these reports than to suffer so? often the people who do this work are not being paid or paid almost nothing. we should thank them instead of criticize them. there energy is being routed to where it should be. pitching in instead of whining about something that doesn’t matter is an example of service to others.

      • NS

        I agree with Hazel.

        • JTD

          Hazel, NS… I agree the message was loud and clear. Thank you Andrew!!!

    • William

      Worse even than that. “Over do”? Some people should really leave writing alone.

    • Mike

      The editor at “” seems to need shearing. The wool covering the eyes is so too thick for the eyes to see through. (God forbid I’m wrong, and the editor is just a software application.)

      • Pooky

        You aren’t qualified to comment on the skill of editors. Edit your own comment, dimwit.

  • Dave

    Thought it went “bang” every 600,000 years, and is now 40,000 years past due? I have seen those numbers on several t.v. documentaries. Just saying. When it does go up mankind is then FUBAR.

    • Rachel

      Dave, there is a worker of these projects who has some videos up on Youtube about different information about the volcano. You should check it out. He says that they exaggerate how big the eruption will be and how much damage it will cause

      • KathieAmericanCitizen

        Thanks for the info Rachel. There is so much incorrect or exaggerated info going around on all topics, it’s hard to know which is really the closest to the truth!

        • Jeremy

          If it’s on the Internet, it must be true. And I am a French model. “Uhhh… Bonjour.”

        • Ranger_Ric

          Yes, that is true, people estimate everything from worst case to best. However, the truth of the matter is that we don’t really know as no super volcanoes have erupted in recorded history.

          Additionally, the geological record can’t give us too many details from that long ago and one eruption could be very much different from the next.

          It would not be a good thing, that’s for sure but how bad exactly? Nobody knows and anyone who says they do is spouting theories.

          • William

            At best: A million dead. “Nuclear winters” for several years; failed crops. Freezing summers. And some really great sunsets.

      • Sadly, you cannot trust the information coming from scientists whose bills are paid through grant money to study disaster scenarios.
        If they say the sky is falling they get more money to study the sky falling, a seat at the power table to think of ideas to prevent the sky falling and TV spots telling the viewers the sky is falling.
        If they say the sky is not falling their finding is cut off, they are removed from the power table as what they think is now unimportant, and they do not get TV spots saying the sky is not falling.
        Money, Power and Fame are corrupting influences on science.

      • Visitor

        He’s merely guessing like everyone else can. It could very well be the thing that sends humanity to its knees or it could be not as horrible or apocalyptic as they make it out to be.

        However, the Mt. Toba eruption DID bottleneck early humans’ numbers and Yellowstone is BIGGER than Mt. Toba. Given today’s pampered lifestyle, I’d say we’re in real trouble when it blows if it’s as devastating as they predict.

        It’s going to erupt, but when and how bad is anyone’s guess.

  • John

    Lot of animals and trees to loose if that area goes up. I have an idea how to save it. Won’t be cheap.

    • Tamm

      Lots of trees and animals and people, not to mention the sun will be entirely obliterated due to all of the ash that will be in the atmosphere.

      • Tim

        Well, of course the sun would only be blocked temporarily. By temporarily, I mean a LONG TIME. But still, the sun will be far from obliterated. It will also cause a long, cold winter scenario. Of course, I wouldn’t have to worry about it so much, as I live in Wyoming not far from Yellowstone. I would die fast.

      • Visitor

        The Sun won’t literally be obliterated, but it will blocked worldwide for years.

        That will devastate crops, livestock, and wildlife worldwide which will affect humanity’s food supply. We might be able to hold out for a while with technology and such, but it will eventually become too much to support.

        Well, humanity had a good run.

        • Inretrospect

          This may help explain the Elites’ underground bunkers. If they were to use a tactical nuke to erupt the Caldera, all life on the Planet’s surface would be without sunlight for years. This potential scenario makes Fukushima appear to be a non-event by comparison. Furthermore, as others have stated, there is nothing you can do to prepare for this.

  • Karen Crayk

    There is no B944 bore hole.. only a B44 and it has been quiet for a while now… it is a major hoax

  • Kevin

    Forget the volcano, someone get some ink for the printer THEY’RE RUNNING OUT!!

    • Donkament

      lol this is the only thing i got out of this article GET THEM SOME DAMN INK BEFORE ITS TOO LATE

  • Judy

    There is a B944 borehole. It is on the map and shown exactly where the release says it is. And John, don’t worry about the trees and animals in Yellowstone: if that thing ever blows, it will wipe out the entire state of WY, and half of CO, NE, all of ID and MT. It will be over very quickly. Someone who lives in WY!

    • Tamm

      It could mean the end of the planet as the ash will remain in the atmosphere and block out the sun, only the surrounding states you mention won’t even know what hit them because it would be like a nuclear explosion. The rest of the planet will suffer especially with theories to suggest that if the Caldera erupted it would trigger “The Ring of Fire”, which means “bye bye” for everything and everyone.

      • William

        Memo to self: find a bar where they’ll let you start running a tab.

  • Yup


  • DavidWS

    Kevin What can we do about the ink? This is more serious than first reported I know I used to work with xerox… Be prepared people get supplies in now..

  • frankie

    I live here year.round yes things are changing slowly.our lakes are tilting and this i know because i fish them regularly.all we can do is hope for the best.if it gos fully it doesnt matter non of us can escape will eventually catch up to everyone.sorry but its reallity

  • Tarazeah

    Why does the title say “A Sheep No More”? Should that be asleep maybe? And if it is supposed to be asleep instead of A Sheep, then this article, as already mentioned contains a lot of mis-information. While the eruption of The Caldera could theoretically mean the end of life on this planet entirely (ash in atmosphere, triggering more volcanoes to blow, like The Ring of Fire) scientists assert that it is a very good thing that W. Yellowstone is active. Seismic activity releases pressure, which in theory, keeps the entire Caldera from exploding.

  • John

    It could be stopped by releaving the lava pressure. Best way is to drill a hole in the cap. But the rig will need to be automated as the lava will come up fast once the drill breaks though. Then just need to direct the lava in a safe direction. Drill Rig will be lost in the process.

    • wes

      drilling a hole and making a route for the lava to travel sounds like a very good idea. I say drill and use that lava to pass through a tunnel with big fans to cool in a process and use the power the fans generate to supply power to the states, its called geothermal energy. we have several geothermal plants in Idaho Already why not use the heat we have to make what we need…. killing two birds with one stone we get energy and we save our lives.

      • Carl

        Sadly this won’t work. The amount of energy contained in that caldera could not possibly be bleed off using geothermal energy installations. Filling the park with them (which would never happen) wouldn’t even make a dent in the energy contained in that caldera.

        Further, drilling into the lava dome could weaken it enough to trigger an explosion. Sadly, the only thing we CAN do is sit back with a beer at watch.

        • Doug

          What is the best beer to drink while waiting for a super volcano eruption?

      • clayton

        Yeah Wes, we could even kill three birds with one stone if we put all the gays and blacks in the path. Hopefully it will kill off those goddamn wolves too.

        • clayton

          I guess that would be more like 5 birds

    • William

      “Safe direction”? We’re not going to alter the lay of the land. That stuff is going downhill, and downhill will not be a nice place to be. Most likely, she will blow before we could do anything effective, anyway. Kablooey. Got five years’ worth of food and water laid down? Me either. I could last a month or so, eating every other day…

  • Coal


  • Chairborne


  • Christopher

    They may be outdated but nothing on USGS.

  • So it’s at its most active point in recorded history (almost 100 years) but it erupts every 640000 years? for some reason I’m not that worried.

    • William

      It’s 40,000 years overdue. It might not blow for a hundred years, or it might go tonight. Good light show, though.

  • wolf

    that is all BS the code alert is green not red not even yellow I found another site that basically said the same thing Yellowstone is now at code red at bottom guy wrote april fools

  • Jason

    I live in Utah, so I might be a gonner! It’s a possibility the Lord will use the Yellowstone Volcano to fulfill his Word, but he might have other means.

    Joel 2:31 “The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD.”

    Mark 13:24 “”But in those days, following that distress, “‘the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light;”

    Matthew 24:29 “”Immediately after the distress of those days “‘the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.”

    Acts 2:20 “The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.”

    • jon

      yeah OH NO! the wrath of god……..oh wait , i learned this in design history in college…..the apocalypse happened in 1000 A.D…..everyone sat naked on top of there homes waiting for the end…wow i bet they feel silly, they were only 1014 years off…….

      btw your already in malkuth……dipshit, now you just gotta figure out what to do with your samsara instead of pissing your pants at the thought of judgement….that’s the problem with all you “christian type” you wanna be born again into the kingdom…your already here dipshit……now get back behind the rest of us who have been here too many times to count and look for a way out

  • Andy

    I find it hilarious when people say, “the ash will block the sun, It’s the end of the world”, …no it isn’t. Even if the sun was to just vanish the earth would continue to be, even possibly habitable for a few years. Eventually ice would overtake the planet and oceans would form massive layers of ice, also acting as an insulator to the deepest waters where microorganisms can still thrive. So again, no, it’s not the end of the world.

    • William

      Just everything on it.

  • darcy

    Apparantly it’s “over do” for an eruption…

    Spell check your articles pleeaseee

    • ShawOFna

      ApparEntly you should spell check before criticizing others.

  • Brandi

    Perhaps a writer/editor with some grammar skills? PS: The volcano is “over due”, not “over do”….

  • Andrew

    Well that was exciting, but not in a good way.

    Wednesday, February 5, 2014 10:26 AM MST (Wednesday, February 5, 2014 17:26 UTC)

    44°25’48” N 110°40’12” W, Summit Elevation 9203 ft (2805 m)
    Current Volcano Alert Level: NORMAL
    Current Aviation Color Code: GREEN

    A story reporting abnormally strong earthquake activity in Yellowstone National Park has been circulating across the Internet over the last few days. In fact, earthquake activity in Yellowstone has been at normal levels for the past several months.

    The story appears to be based on a misinterpretation of public “webicorders”, which are graphics depicting seismic data, on the University of Utah Seismographic Station (UUSS) web site (UU operates the Yellowstone Seismic Network). A borehole seismometer called “B944”, located near the West Thumb region of the Park, has been malfunctioning in recent weeks with strong bursts of electronic noise contaminating its data. These noise bursts appear as wild excursions on the B944 webicorders that can appear alarming to the inexperienced eye.

    • Doug

      Move along nothing to see here….

  • gary

    HAARRP!!!!!!! look into it,,,if you don’t believe man has now control of the weathweather…just sit back and draw your own conclusions,,,but study whats its all about and what its capable of now!!

    • Miss Pyroclastic Flo

      You are correct about HAARP and Weather Modification. It’s been going on for quite a while now. I still find it hilarious that most people don’t see it happening right in front of their faces. Look UP, sometime. There is a huge difference between contrails and chemtrails. I see chemtrails over Helena and over the Helena valley all the time. Making criss cross patterns and all kinds of pretty designs. Then they slowly spread making the former blue sky, cloudy and weird looking. Of course, if you try to point out the difference to people, they will call you a “Conspiracy Theorist” because the MSM and especially Fox News say it’s not real. Yes, believe everything you hear on Fox and the MSM. See how far that gets you. It’s unbelievable to me that so many can’t even see the difference between a regular contrail and a chemtrail. So simple and easy to spot! Then they wonder why the weather is so odd and why they are getting sick with upper respiratory illnesses all the time.

    • clayton

      gary you’re either retarded, wasted, or have fat ass fingers

  • Jeff read this …proves this post is dead wrong!

    • amelia

      It doesn’t prove that this statement is wrong. This interpretation was arrived at after viewing the seismographs data for B944. USGS agrees that the graphs did show increased activity but that it was from a glitch created from strong electronic noise rather than an increase in seismic activity. If anyone is at fault here it is webicorder. 😉

      • amelia

        it is *the webicorder.

      • John

        You are correct. However, I worked in certain military positions that involved national disaster preparedness and I can tell everyone here that if this baby were about to blow NO ONE with any authority would sanction or allow panic which means you folks would be the absolute last to know. Forget Hollywood. This is the real world. Serious seismic activity would involve a thorough re-examination of the facts by a variety of agencies and even if the scientists knew something was about to occur, the politicians and military will decide what course of action would be taken – including notifying the population. IF the facts determined conclusively that Yellowstone caldera was about to blow, there would be absolutely no official warning and the explanation would be that there was a glitch, thus no panic. Their reasoning is that there is no point since they are helpless to stop it. Highly placed government officials will NEVER admit that they are incapable of protecting Americans. Any threat that they can’t prevent they will not report. That “glitch” might be a glitch, or it could very well be much more. I personally had first hand experience at those official levels. I know of what I speak.

        • William

          You’re exactly the type of person I like to hear weigh in. Thank you; I know you’re correct. NO WAY would they utter a single word about it in advance. That’s the way things are (not) done.

          If anyone sees the Global Elite have suddenly disappeared, you know what’s about to hit the fan.

  • Waiheke

    3 typos in one sentence….
    Only time will tell on if these beast is ready to go, as it is technically “over do” for it’s

  • amelia

    Interesting that a helicorder at the Bayou Corne Sinkhole started showing the same kind of anomaly around the same time frame as the B944 webicorder in Yellowstone did. Here is the link to the first helicorder display that showed an “increase” of activity in Bayou Corne.–.2014020212.gif

    And this is one from today 2/6/14–.2014020600.gif

    It might be worth it for our seismologists and geologists to take a second look. When you consider that both of these recorders are monitoring ongoing changes at two of our nation’s most interesting points of access and both are currently showing recordings of these “electronic disturbances”. If these are indeed “electronic disturbances” as the USGS site believes than I’d be interested to know what the exact causes of these disturbances are and why they are effecting equipment that is thousands of miles from one another.

  • Visitor

    Yellowstone doesn’t even need a trigger to erupt. It will erupt simply die to its massive size.

    Actually, the Toba eruption bottleneck’d the early humans’ numbers and Yellowstone is MUCH, MUCH larger than Toba. Considering the pampered lifestyle of today’s world, we don’t have much of a chance.

    And to all of those scientists claiming to predict volcano eruptions, clamp it and take a lesson from Mt. Saint Helens. They said it was dormant shortly before it erupted.

    Every volcano WILL erupt when they feel like it and it’s anyone’s guess as to when and how bad it will be.

    Record numbers of volcanoes have been erupting since last November in fact.

  • MadChengi

    If this one burbs…we don’t have to worry anymore about shit! Don’t worry about your jobs WW3, Fuckyourshameass or other crimes of our political, financial, economists elite – we all go to hell together!

  • The effects of the eruption will be FAR worse than most people are realizing.

    The ashfall will clog up the cooling intake valves that were keeping nuclear reactors and spent fuel pools from going into meltdown.

    For those who don’t know, the meltdowns at the Dai Ichi complex in Fukushima are still going on. They’re now at extinction level event status and the entire Pacific Ocean is dying.

    The Yellowstone eruption will add on quite a few more meltdowns to the ELE “fun” that isn’t really very much fun at all.

    The nuclear power plants have killed us all.

    Welcome to the Dying Earth.

    • William

      Nuclear power generating plants. Built on fault lines and navigable waterways. What could possibly go wrong?

      There is NO WAY anyone can convince me they didn’t build them where they did on purpose. That many coincidences is statistically impossible, in the real world.

    • clayton

      Joe you sound like a liberal faggot who will believe anything, but at least you can spell.

  • nonsensationalist

    Logic dictates that the larger a volcanic vent is, the less violent an eruption. Yellowstone’s caldera is at least the size of Yellowstone Lake (20mi by 15mi). So any eruption would most likely consist of a swelling up and oozing out. Let’s try to use our minds rather than going into full-fledged panic mode at every turn.

  • Oldtimer

    Let it come. Nobody can stop it.

  • Miss Pyroclastic Flo

    Look, those of us living here near Yellowstone in Montana and Wyoming and Idaho are not in the slightest worried or disturbed about this. The Yellowstone caldera has been doing this for years. Activity within the caldera goes up and down all the time. There is no reason to panic, get upset or install fear in everybody. If the thing goes off completely, well then, we’ll all likely be dead so what’s to worry about? It’s just part of nature and living on this beautiful planet. I get tired of articles and posts that instill fear and panic in so many people when there is no reason for it. We can do nothing about this, so why worry about it. If it happens, it happens. The more you keep thinking negatively and thinking it’s going to happen the more power you give it to happen! Please, just go about your lives as usual and if she decides to blow, then you can worry and/or decide what to do then. That is, if were not just quickly obliterated off the face of the earth. We likely won’t have any time to think about it if it full on blows. I suspect it will do nothing more than burp if anything at all. Maybe a few quakes like the Hebgen Quake of 1958 or whatever year that was. I can’t remember off hand. The large quakes would likely come first and that’s when you would want to start to get concerned. So far, we have felt NOTHING here next to the park and the Caldera itself. This is nothing compared to what is going on everywhere else. Like the New Madrid Fault, ( You should be way more concerned about that! ), Fukushima, Nuclear Power Plants that are falling apart everywhere, Fracking, Oil Drilling, Plastic in the Oceans and I could go on and on. Yellowstone is about the last thing we need to worry about. The other things are fixable and can be stopped, Yellowstone is not and cannot.

    • clayton

      You should go to a therapist, they would listen to you more than people read this garbage, but only cause you paid them.

  • boris

    “A series of large earthquakes…” All below 2. In other words, nobody would have felt or seen a thing. Take a look at Japan or the Pacific NW…tiny events like that are constant. Speaking of constant, constant stress and worry make the body sick and the mind tired and brittle. It’s a seductive drug though….if I just know about one more threat, I’ll be safe…Don’t fall for it.

  • Dave

    This info terrifies me!
    After all, it could blow any 100,000 years now…

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  • salome

    hey people
    are you grammar profs and it specialists to? great. but this article is not about this, its about the yellow stone volcano.
    Anyway thanks for information – the one who wrote this article!

  • Fred the Weatherman

    F’ck yeah, wipe those warmongering yanks out.

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