Another Banker “Suicide”! Shoots Himself 8 Times With A Nail Gun!

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  1. Isaac Eslava Alvarado says:


    Those of you who are mad at those who speak the truth are living a fucking lie

    It’s imperative that we understand what the manufacture of consent is. In other words we must be aware that those who control the education system control the methods of communication and they tell us what they want us to know and don’t tell us what they don’t want us to know thus it is a closed and not complete perspective most of us are exposed to because they have us trapped sometimes working three jobs, struggling to survive, too busy to work out and eat well, we do not have the time or energy to read alternative sources. Our education is indoctrination. Our news is propaganda. Our patriotism is nationalistic nazi shit. This is why you discredit people like me as a conspiracy theorist. Conspiracy theorist equals to be informed. If you discuss the assassin vaccines that are doing more harm than good, if you talk about how we are being poisoned by fluoride and gmo’s, if you question what the fuck chem-trails are and know war is always for capital, hegemony, domination, acquisition of resources and in general control then you are deemed a conspiracy theorist and a traitor to god bless america rhetoric. Wake the fuck up, the rhetoric the sheeple repeat are lies. In reality planes never disintegrate or dissolve completely like it supposedly did in the pentagon during 911. In reality buildings of such high caliber do not fall in free fall without there being a demolition or explosives, in other words even if the twin towers fell, WTC 7 should not have fallen but sheeple argue otherwise. Just realize the fishiness, the nazi stench that only some smell because they are truly educated and not indoctrinated, fucking the pentagon got hit on the side that had just gotten reinforced less than half a year before, supposedly it was a plane, yet it clearly looks like a missile and they do not show the footage because they are hiding something. Just like with the boston marathon, they edited the footage, why? Because they are hiding something.

    These are false flags. The biggest one without a doubt the world has seen has been 911. They murdered 3,000 within their own borders in order to murder millions outside for capital. They shot down a plane in pa, then there was two planes that each hit one of the twin towers of the world trade center but the “plane” that “coincidentally” hit the side that was reinforced less than a year before was a missile and WTC 7 fell because there was bombs in it that is why it fell in a free fall because it was a controlled demolition but fuckers do not see the obvious fucking signs. Bitches be like we are in Iraq because Bin Laden did 911. Get educated because Hussein and Bin Laden were enemies and the Taliban arrived in Iraq when the fucking usa invaded to defend their Muslim brothers and sisters and before the usa invaded there was no Taliban and anyways those chemical weapons Hussein had were sold and given to him by uncle sam so going to Iraq for 911 makes absolutely no sense. Just like Afghanistan because truly Bin Laden was given weapons and training and his Mujahadeen evolved into the Taliban thanks to the red, white and blue. They wanted him to weaken the ussr and any cost just like when Hussein was killing his own kurds the usa did not give a fuck because Hussein was giving the usa cheap oil, he thus privatized his oil industry and became the enemy, comparing him to hitler, when in reality hitler who received the time man of the year award in 38 could be compared more to obama whom recently received the nobel peace prize LOL or bush but they want you to connect bin laden with hitler. That is why they announced bin laden’s death the same day as hitler’s may 1st, fuckers do not see the propaganda campaign, coincidentally it happened on the 10 year anniversary as well. Wake Up! Truth and Justice should be your Mother, not some fucking country, no borders no flags, one global Family baby!

    If you still do not see uncle sam’s hypocrisy let me mention they want to take away the people’s right to guns and to be armed but during operation fast and the furious uncle sam gave machine guns to the Mexican mafia because yes they make money off drugs, right now there are soldiers guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan. So they give machine guns to people they say they want locked up, the so called war on drugs. Similar to the so called war on terror where they fund the Taliban in Syria, the people they say they are against. It’s a war of terror not a war on terror and the true fucking terrorists are the empire predominately made up by the usa and israel but they have more than 900 hundred military bases all over the world, including here in Colombia which is the Israel of America, America goes from Patagonia to Canada for those that only think America is the United States of America, Colombia is a strategic base of the many bases they have in order to influence the different regions and prevent any leftist initiative. Economically and politically uncle sam’s empire is global and the only countries that do not comprise it are the enemies, these countries include Venezuela, Bolivia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba but truly today’s empires are tomorrows ashes and when the dollar crumbles which will be soon since we are truly in a worse depression than the great depression of the twenties and it will get worse there will be Total Fucking Chaos and everything will go from being global to local. The family unit will be transformed into primeval clans or gangs and those with guns will ultimately rule. If now we live in the land of the gun, when the system collapses it will be more, it will happen without a doubt in the future, all the signs are there, question is, when will the dollar crumble totally …

  2. Ellis says:

    Good day! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog before but after
    browsing through many of the posts I realized it’s new to me.

    Regardless, I’m definitely happy I discovered it
    and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

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