Gerald Celente: At Least 20 Dead Bankers

According to this brand new video just released on the Gerald Celente YouTube channel with Alex Jones from Infowars, at least 20 bankers have mysteriously died within the last several weeks! While it has been reported that 5 TOP LEVEL bankers have been suicided, Alex’s research has found an entirely new slew of lower level bankers also ‘eliminated’. This video shares more proof of an organized campaign to ‘eliminate’ those who could imprison the ‘criminal elite’ for their financial crimes against the rest of humanity. Dead bankers can’t talk! Celente and Jones share more proof that the markets are rigged and that a MASSIVE cover-up is in progress.



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5 Responses

  1. C4LCNCPLS says:

    Who IS John Galt?

  2. William says:

    SILENCE is SUICIDE. The only sane response for anybody that “knows” anything is (1) make high quality digital recordings detailing everything you know or suspect. (2) Yell it from the roof tops. That way killing you will be pointless.

  3. no-one says:

    Media exec’s the next to be educated

  4. Barbara says:

    Americans need to become pro-active to save our country..Spread the word…

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