‘Proof of Heaven’ documents existence of afterlife, multiverse, intelligent life beyond Earth, multidimensional realities

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  1. kelvin says:

    It is all so fascinating, however a to large amount of your report was of personal rambling and self opinion. I will certainly read Dr. Alexanders book, it sound interesting to say the least. Nevertheless, 2/3 of this was just you the author reporting your opinion, not fact(s). The few facts retold of Dr. Alexanders experience are grabbing, but we don’t come here for rambling self expressed diatribe, we come to gather facts about the ins and out of the actions and happenings of our world.

    Semper Fidelis
    Capt. k.L.W

  2. rajjer dread says:

    This is not a recent article. I read it, then, the book over a year ago. To me, it answered the age old question of “why are we here”. Ever wonder why there are those who promote or just agree with vaccines, gmo’s,chem-trails,new world orders. etc. And those who oppose it all? You cannot stand upon a fence. You are on one side or another. Funny thing was. That after reading this book . I went one to, pineal gland DE-calcification, biocentrism, 528 Hz and more. So, either I’m a bigger “nut” or I’m really on my way. All I can say is that I’m happy with my relationship with “my” God, And where I’m at now. But I guess we’ll all find out in the end. Won’t we?

  3. Spira says:

    What a pity

    The writer: “…As you’ve probably already figured out, the vast majority of humans fail these tests. They die as bitter, selfish, substance-addicted, greed-driven minions of evil who mistakenly thought they were winning the game of life while, in reality, they were losing the far more important test of the Creator. ”

    God is unconditional love, without judgement…those are the words of the author of the book…and then stating something like that….what a pity

  4. Sawyer says:

    I am somewhat scared at this fact. I am a skeptic. I believe in data and analysis. This account of the world changes my view of our universe. I would so much like to ask questions to Dr. Eben Alexander. These are big accusations, but I can’t argue with data. So many questions unanswered.

  5. Mick says:

    Jesus H. Christ.

    I agree with the folks here who are disappointed with the “proof”. I also agree with the commenter on the blog page about this article being only a bit of Alexander’s (the book author) experience used to support the bulk of the article’s content which was the personal opinions and experiences of Adams, the blog author.

    The article seems to be trying to describe something that is near-impossible to describe in order to debunk science and re-brand *Christian* ideals rather than spirituality and metaphysics in general. The presence of Christian themes in the blog are confusing. Does the author explain his opinions from within the Christian paradigm because he wants to appeal to Christian readers and make it easier to understand (similarly to how early Christianity was sold to the Pagans by incorporating Pagan culture and ideas into Christianity to make conversion to the new religion easier and more successful) or is he simply a Christian, or former Christian, who knows nothing better than Christianity to compare this afterlife experience to?

    I was raised Christian and gave it up, through much deliberation and worry, as an adolescent. I spent many years of my life in deep thought about the aspects of a religion that I was taught to follow without question. I feared Hell just for questioning the religion. I came to the following logical and moral conclusion: there is NO ETERNAL HELL. This is a Christian myth. IF there is a good and just God, then there cannot be an *eternal* hell. I don’t even think that the most evil people in mankind’s present or entire history deserve an *eternal* hell. Eternity is a hell of a long time, no pun intended, compared to a human lifetime. Anyone who throws out the words “eternal” and “hell” back-to-back has little concept of either the expansiveness of eternity or the lack of justice/fairness and love it would take for an all-powerful god to condemn someone to this punishment.

    I also think that the opinion that this mortal human life is simply a test, to reveal our good or evil choices when given free-will, is a dangerous Christian idea that an omnipotent, omniscient god would never do. (Why would an all-knowing god need to see what we would do with free-will? He/She would already know. Would it be to serve as proof for us lowly beings since we wouldn’t trust our god to be honest about knowing that we would have been evil before condemning us to this eternal hell? Really?)

    “Testing” us for heaven/hell or for special projects in the afterlife or however you want to paint up this concept is a dangerous idea because it breeds complacency. Christians who believe in an eternal heaven and hell have less motivation to fix problems on Earth since the good will be rewarded and evil punished in the afterlife. People who believe this have less desire to punish the wicked, prevent further evils, or just get anything good done in life, as long as they *try* to do some good. It’s a lazy idea which prevents many from actually making a difference in the world, since this world and this life doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, ya know?

    If I wanted Christian overtones, I’d watch Charlie Brown or get involved in the Boy Scouts. Christianity has many good traits of Spirituality, but many bad ones, too. Why try to make a spiritual experience in general more Christian? It’s not an improvement.

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