Did Flight Radar Change The Flight Path For Missing Malaysia Flight 370?

What is going on with missing Malaysia Flight 370 and the 239 people aboard? The Boeing 777 is one of the most high tech planes in international travel and is also considered one of the safest jets .In addition, the pilots did not communicate that there were any problems to air control.
Even expert pilots believe this is way out of the ordinary.


The plane is equip with a transmitter that sends off a distress signal in case of an accident. Per an MSM talking head who spoke to an “expert” in the field, the claim is that if the plane is in water, that would drastically reduce the radius of  the signal and if searchers aren’t close to that radius, they would not be able to detect it.
The radar picked up some very strange anomalies in the first video play back. Then later on, we see a second video where the flight path might have changed jumping over 10,000 feet in altitude? Does this make any sense? We’ll post both videos so you can decide and let us know what you think. Thanks.
1st video:  Radar Playback of the Moment Malaysia Flight 370 Vanished!


2nd video:  Did Flight Radar Change the Flight Path for Malaysia Flight 370?