Hidden Messages In The New $100 Bill?


Video blogger Johnathan Kleck claims that there are hidden messages in the new $100 bill that warn of future nuclear devastation in the United States.

Back in 2002, it was exposed that when a $20 bill was folded in a certain way, it revealed images that resembled the 9/11 attacks. The story caused quite a stir at the time since the notes were issued three years before the incident in 1998.

Kleck goes on in the video below to reveal his new findings on the $100 bill. A chilling prophecy of future events with doomsday images.

Are they showing us our future hidden in the currency we struggle to obtain? Check it out and see what you believe. I have to admit, the similarities seem to be too much of a coincidence.

  • rajjer dread

    Somebody’s got way too much time on their hands. Here’s one he missed. Cut the Indian girl off a land o lakes butter package. If you fold it just right, her knees become boobs.

  • James

    The emphasis on religion, satan, and demonic spirits greatly affect credibility negatively. That being said, this is an eye opener.

    • admin


  • in time the would would end so you are right bye saying it will but you can never know it was been at least 2k waiting on a DEAD guy to come back say f it and just smoke a joint and enjoy your life everyone dies it a part of it, when your time comes it comes no changing that, lol even Jesus is not coming back clearly we are left to fend for yourself, make your life yours and dont spending scared for what may or may not come in your life time