Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Now Clearly A Government Cover-Up: All Evidence Contradicts Official Story

The “official” story of what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is now a blatant cover-up. After an endless stream of wild incompetence from the Malaysian military and government concerning the radar signature of the missing flight, we are now told by the Malaysian government that the flight “went down over the southern Indian Ocean” and that all lives are lost.

This explanation smacks of an obvious cover-up for several crucial reasons, all of which are now being utterly ignored by the conventional press:


#1) If the plane went down in the ocean, it would have broken up on impact and debris would be easily spotted

A Boeing 777 does not — and cannot — survive impact with the ocean and remain intact. It simply does not have the structural integrity to survive such an impact, which is a lot like hitting a cement wall at terminal velocity.

If Flight 370 hit the ocean, it would have been broken into tens of thousands of pieces, many of which obviously float on water (such as the seat cushions) and would be witnessed washing up on regional shores or easily spotted by search teams.

The lack of such debris is strong support that Flight 370 did not crash into the Indian Ocean as we are now being told.

#2) The plane continued broadcasting data to Boeing for 4 – 7 hours

Remember the fact that the airplane was broadcasting data for at least 4 hours after the transponder was turned off? This fact is now suddenly being dumped from history and from our memories as if it never happened.

We already know Flight 370 flew for 4 – 7 hours after diverging from its planned flight course. We already know this could have taken the plane to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran or even North Korea. (Click here to see my map showing possible destinations.) The fact that the plane broadcast this data for hours is not in dispute!

Wall Street Journal: “U.S. investigators suspect that Malaysia Airlines 3786. Flight 370 stayed in the air for up to four hours past the time it reached its last confirmed location, according to two people familiar with the details, raising the possibility that the plane could have flown on for hundreds of additional miles under conditions that remain murky.”

The Guardian: “MH370: Missing plane could have kept flying four hours after disappearing, US investigators say… Engine data shows plane could have kept flying for four hours after disappearing”

Washington Post: ” the plane may have flown for at least four hours after it dropped from civilian radar, U.S. officials said Thursday. A senior U.S. official said the information came from data sent via a satellite communications system by Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. That data has convinced U.S. officials that the plane’s engines continued to run for at least four hours after all other communication was lost.”

So how does the Malaysian government now explain this? They don’t. They simply gloss over this fact and hope we all forget it. They claim the plane went down in the Indian Ocean without flying very far at all. This makes no sense whatsoever and cannot be reconciled with the flight broadcast data received by Boeing.

#3) There is ZERO evidence the flight crashed into the Indian Ocean

What is the Malaysian government’s evidence that Flight 370 ended in the Indian Ocean and “all lives are lost?”

They have no evidence. They have no bodies. They have no debris, no flight recorders, no sightings and no radar signatures that would put the aircraft in the Indian Ocean.

They have zero evidence. So they are now floating a cover-up to try to put this issue to rest in order to distract from their own incompetence and their bizarre failure to track the radar signature of an aircraft flying well within the range of their radar.

In fact, the only debris floating around right now is made of all the fragments of the Malaysian government’s inept cover-up attempts that smack of a true “rookie attempt” to roll out a cover-up that’s full of holes.

This utter lack of evidence did not prevent the Malaysian government from announcing, “we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived.” (USA Today)

#4) Another crucial fact: It’s clear that the transponder was manually turned off in order to hide the plane’s new flight path

If the pilot of Flight 370 was suicidal and wanted to fly the plane into the ocean, there would be no need to switch off the transponder before doing so.

In fact, there would be no need to make all the complex, intentional flight maneuvers which Flight 370 clearly took as has been widely reported.

The fact that the transponder was manually disconnected followed by the plane making deliberate maneuvers that put it on a new flight path is near-absolute proof that the persons controlling the aircraft had no intention of flying the plane into the ocean. It’s also strong evidence that they did not want governments to track their new flight direction and destination.

Without question, they intended to take the plane somewhere else and land it somewhere else, which is exactly why the aircraft continued broadcasting flight performance data to Boeing for 4-7 hours.

The Malaysian government is now hoping you forget all these facts in believing their bizarre cover-up explanation.

Malaysia’s 9/11 official story

Flight 370 is now Malaysia’s 9/11, complete with nonsense “official” stories and attempts to memory hole all the facts that originally came out in the mainstream media.

We are soon going to be told outrageous lies like “Oh, Boeing never received any flight data broadcasts from the aircraft, didn’t you know?”

Anyone who now cites all the facts which have already been reported in support of the theory that Flight 370 continued on to another destination will be called “conspiracy theorists” and kooks.

The mainstream media will start scrubbing stories and retroactively altering its reporting to match the “official” government story. We’ve seen this before. It’s how governments and media outlets sweep 239 lives under the rug and try to discredit anyone who asks skeptical, scientifically-sound questions based on the actual evidence.

In truth, the Malaysian government’s bizarre new claim that Flight 370 “ended in the Indian Ocean” is the biggest conspiracy theory of all. It’s sheer lunacy to reach such a conclusion without compelling evidence to support it, especially in light of all the other evidence that Flight 370 continued on for hours after the transponder was intentionally disabled.

Most likely explanation at this point: The aircraft is being turned into a weapon

Based on the Malaysian government’s obvious cover-up attempt (which is incredibly transparent and childish as far as cover-ups go), it now seems increasingly likely that the Flight 370 aircraft has, indeed, been delivered to a rogue nation where it is being transformed into a weapon.

Malaysia has already proven that it is so incompetent that it cannot track huge aircraft flying across its airspace. This means a weaponized Boeing 777 is essentially a “stealth aircraft” to the Malaysian military — a shocking revelation about military incompetence and lack of national security readiness in that nation.

Apparently, this same Boeing 777 can also fly undetected across the airspace of other nations — most likely by “shadowing” existing flights while turning off its own transponder.

Whoever took control of Flight 370 now has a massive stealth weapon which an incredibly long flight range. This aircraft can now be outfitted with nuclear weapons and dispatched to almost any desirable target anywhere in the world, including cities like New York and Washington D.C., unfortunately.

I was the first journalist in the world to suggest that Flight 370 had been captured and turned into a weapon. That same story was also the very first story to suggest Flight 370 passengers may still be alive.

I still believe Flight 370 passengers may have survived the flight and the landing at the new destination, but now that world governments are rolling out their “official” stories, there is no question in my mind that they will do anything to support those official stories, even if it means discarding the lives of all the passengers. Sadly, I am now forced to recalculate the odds of Flight 370 passengers being found alive at no better than 1 in 5. (It was previously as high as 1 in 2.) But it is not zero! There is a realistic chance the passengers are being kept alive as some sort of international bargaining chip.

You can now expect the governments and media outlets of the world to start scrubbing their archived stories and statements, altering the “news history” to fit this new Malaysian government cover-up.

I wouldn’t even put it past these people to now secretly sink some aircraft debris in the Indian Ocean so they can “find it” and thereby complete the cover-up.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years as an award-winning investigative journalist, it’s that you should never trust official stories… especially when they contradict all the earlier evidence.

  • john

    You were convincing until the HUGE jump in to the plane having been taken to a rogue nation and that it’s being turned in to a weapon. how you came to that conclusion, I have no idea, but such a conspiracy theory is rediculous. You have a lot of true facts in your “story”…you should have stopped there. Your conspiracy theory craziness negates any, or most of, the possibility of your opinions or theories being valid.

    • Rooster

      I guess flying airplanes into buildings was a conspiracy theory also until it happened on 9/11. People say well if it was hijacked someone would have claimed doing it by now, not if they don’t want to get caught before the deed is done. Nobody knows why the plane went missing and I have to agree with the writer no debris field has been found and it is looking like a terrorist act as each day passes.

  • NWO WW3

    It has been predicted that WW3 will start between India and Pakistan. Behind them will be Russia with India and USA with Pakistan. Watching the war games between Obama and Putin over Ukraine, seems plausible. If the plane went to Pakistan it could be a very key player in the start of this NWO world war.

    • Arif Javed

      U have Pakistan phobia!!

  • Justin

    Why go through all the hassle, and expenses involved in hijacking a plane, when they could just buy one??

    • Demi

      This was my thoughts. This was convincing until the stupid conspiracy theory. Now it just sounds like a story made up by a mad man.

  • bobo


  • bobo

    1. The search area is the size of Alaska. Its going to take time to find debris.
    2. The reason they declared the plane missing was because of the 4 hour pings. Read:
    3. See link above
    4. Evidence was only that the transponder was turned off. Not a lot of conclusions can be drawn from just that.

  • Anon


  • J M

    Next you’ll be telling us that all the passengers have been brainwashed, will be sent back to their home countries as “sleepers” waiting for some message to be beamed into their heads on late night tv sometime into the future. Try this for a fact fool… the plane crashed into the Southern ocean 2300km SW of Australia. FACT – the RAAF and the Australian NAVY have found clear irrefutable evidence that the aircraft went down somewhere in this location. You also CLAIM to be an award winning journalist yet you call yourself ADMIN. If you are who you claim to be then identify yourself and cite your awards – here’s a conspiracy theory for you… “you were an award winning investigative journalist until the extraterrestrials abducted you and erased your identity after purging your mind for scientific examination and destroyed all records of your credentials before putting you back in the middle of some deserted highway near area-51”. Go back to reading your fiction and stop spreading this crap.

  • Angela

    Whenever there is a typo in an article, ALL reliability of said article flies out the window for me. I copied and pasted this sentence DIRECTLY from this article itself: “Whoever took control of Flight 370 now has a massive stealth weapon which an incredibly long flight range.” Don’t you mean “WITH an incredibly long flight range?” C’mon now! If you are going to be “the only journalist in the world” to report something of this magnitude, please report it well. Typos KILL credibility… for me. Luckily, I am just one person.

  • Stephen

    24hrs later and your wild scenario is shot down.
    A couple of days after the disappearance a pilot came out with an explanation that do far matches all the information know. Onboard fire would cause the buses to be removed (responder turned off), turn toward closest 13000ft runway, auto pilot keeping flight aloft after crew succumbe to fumes (can’t use oxygen in confined space fire) then plane overshoots destination and runs out of fuel in middle of Indian Ocean.

  • Arif Javed

    Your story is sansational!! Looks like u ve writing for Hollywood! This can can be converted to another blockbuster movie. Good news for action actors like Bruce Willis, John Rambo….

  • Darren

    What a waste of 2 minutes I will never get back of my life total rubbish written here

  • Charlie

    Wow, amazing ability to make stuff up while using facts. 1: they did track the plane while it was over their airspace. Until it went towards the Indian ocean. 2: There is debris all over the area they believe it went down. Btw your idea at the end made me laugh, thaaanks 😀

  • chris

    ….. all i can say is.. what?

  • Dan

    I read your story because I had nothing better to do,
    Anyone with any Gary matter would realise that something of this magnitude could never covered up. The questions of this will go on forever and some may never be answered.
    I think theMalaysans have done their very best in a very bad situation and would suggest that most of the confusion has come from clowns like you and other people cannot possibly know all the facts.
    Award winning journalist? Get a new job

  • A B S . This is more believable!

  • Quasain

    When this orignally happend i had a feeling something is wrong like its the year 2014 look at all the advance tec we have now you really think there tracking divece cant locate a plane ? If they found sadam husain from a rat hole u think ut will take them a month to find a plane ? This is all a inside job i can actually relate my thoughts with thia article 9/11 inside job the goverment did that for oil and land in afghan an now malaysia did this for aomething we will find out in the future

  • Circleoflife

    I like the thought of this article. Some people say how can you cover something like a missing plane. Well how can you cover 9/11?? Or wait… Did you believe your government???

    Be open to theories . That’s why they’re theories.

    Why does America care so much is the question I keep asking myself? All CNN broadcasts is this missing plane.why? There is lots more to broadcast. Or is it we are being distracted from something more important? Is a bill being passed that gives up our rights? Is something between Russia USA and Ukraine bigger than this?? Or is something happening to your food water supply or privacy that we need to be distracted by a plane?

    I’m not sure but I’m curious and open to others theories

  • templar

    “…in all my years as an award-winning investigative journalist…”
    self-praising doesn’t really exemplify standard award-winning behaviour…

  • Hannah

    Maybe the plane isn’t what’s being used here. Possibly, we should be looking at “who” is being used. Who was on this plane? Has that question even been asked? There are countries trying to develop nuclear weapons. Maybe there were people on the flight who could be used in these developments? In my opinion, in that case any nonessential passengers are most likely no longer alive.

  • Kelly Clover

    What the journalist is thinking might well turn out to be true. I think there has definitely been a cover-up of what really happened, whatever it was. If this were a terrorist plot, why would the terrorist simply crash the plane into the ocean? A typical Islamic terrorist would want to do more than just kill the passengers and crew. The 9-11 attacks for example involved crashing into skyscrapers and killing the occupants of those buildings. The twin towers attack in New York City killed about 3000 skyscrapers occupants.
    The Malaysian government itself could be in cahoots with a terrorist organization and there might well have been an organized cover-up involving multiple nations to conceal what really went on with this flight.

  • Kelly Clover

    What is now being reported on CNN News this evening leaves no doubt whatsoever that there is a cover-up by the Malaysian government. The Malaysians are refusing to release the audio of the cockpit conversations. You can bet there is something they don’t want us to find out.
    One possibility is that the audio would prove that the flight was diverted to a completely different destination by either the pilot or the hijacker as the case might be. A more exotic possibility is that crew
    and passengers saw a UFO and were frightened out of their wits only to be abducted anyway.
    Malaysia is a majority Muslim nation, so it’s entirely possible that the government could be in cahoots with an Islamic terrorist organization. Regardless of what the case might be, they are undoubtedly covering up what really happened and the plane may not be in the ocean at all.

  • Kelly Clover

    I have long believed that there is a cover-up as to what really happened. The hearing of a ping by a Chinese
    ship doesn’t change that. It’s likely that someone planted a device in the ocean to further mislead us when the plane isn’t in the ocean at all. One of the best ways to cover up the truth is throw out some red herrings to get us to continue with this wild goose chase in the Indian ocean.