The Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Reference Bible Subjugated the Christian Religion into Political Zionism!

Have you ever wondered why so many Christians support America’s many proxy wars, especially in the Middle East?

What motivates a nationally known, evangelical preacher like John Hagee to call for a preemptive strike against Iran when it is contrary to what Jesus taught and commanded his followers to do?

A new Christianity has emerged from the Twentieth Century called “Christian Zionism” or what could be called, “Angry Evangelicalism,” or “Dispensationalism on Steroids.”


Only Christian Zionists believe that war is necessary to their faith as so long as the state of Israel is perceived to be the beneficial of these wars. They will SUPPORT ANY WAR that is to the benefit of the state of Israel and most of these wars result in the Muslims being on the receiving end.

Wars give governments many advantages of controlling people, but only Christian Zionists believe that war is an intricate and necessary part of their religion. This is un-Christlike.

Christian Zionists are the only remaining sizable faction that support wars, and they are the darling of presidential candidates and are the seeds to their own destruction.

Christian Zionists have turned on Jesus’ words,

“blessed are the peacemakers” and “love your brother, love even your enemy as you love yourself.”

This is Christianity. Anyone who claims to follow Christ and fails to stand for justice and protection of the innocent will have some tall explaining to do if we believe what is written in the Bible.

Most Christian Zionist do not know they are Zionists and put Israel first over Jesus. Because we find so many Christian Zionists among our family, friends and associates, we cannot turn our backs on them.

We find our best hope in that they can be changed and therefore, we can save our country. If we can save our country, perhaps the world can be saved.

Endless wars will always result in both the destruction of the morality and currency of the aggression nation, and it is also their responsibility for the economic and social disaster we see among us in the world today; including the energy and food shortages due to this false extremist political doctrine of Zionism that  they have been indoctrinated into accepting as God’s word.

This “Roots of Zionism” presentation may be the first of its kind with a factual explanation of how Christianity’s latest apostate epidemic was launched with the publishing of C. I. Scofield’s reference Bible in 1909, and the influence of the notes in it.

“Our America is a War-based Economy and Society.”

While purposefully reaching and helping many under Christian Zionist influence by featuring its identification and cure, this “Roots of Zionism” presentation may be the first of its kind with a factual explanation of how Christianity’s latest apostate epidemic was launched with the publishing of C. I. Scofield’s reference Bible in 1909, and it’s influence. This information offers hope to all people who may also wish to leave it’s grasp, save America and their loved ones from total annihilation from a political ideology called Zionism.

We mostly Christian Americans, meet in and fund these churches. These Government Tax Exempt 501(c)3 religious organizations are the major support for our serial wars and military atrocities in the false name of “peacekeeping and self-defense.” 

So what can be done to change this misrepresented ideology? Take the time and watch the below video.

Some 15 years ago We Hold These Truths helped name these errant, war apologizing Church leaders, “Christian Zionists.” Please also feel free to subscribe to their YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and Website to which gives valuable information to assist us in waking up those who have no idea that their religion has been high-jacked by a very dangerous and deadly political ideology called Zionism. 

There is another reason why so many American Christians are supporting these “banker” wars in the Middle East and around the globe. Most are completely unaware of AIPAC, a very corrupted and extremist Zionist lobby group.

AIPAC  is one of the most powerful and pervasive special interest groups in the United States.

AIPAC consists of a multitude of powerful institutions and individuals that work to influence Congress, the president, academia, the media, religious institutions, and American public opinion on behalf of Israel, not America. – See more HERE.

We can only create good change with information and knowledge. If religious institutions have one’s best interest in mind, they should never call someone a non-believer or put the fear of God in them just because they question something that doesn’t feel right to their soul. From my research, that is exactly what cults do to their indoctrinates. Therefore, you have a moral responsibility to question everything ….don’t be afraid! Thanks.