Historic Breaking News: Canada, Vatican & Crown GUILTY of Genocide

OPPT-IN-GUILTY Massive Deaths of Aboriginal Children in Canada is officially admitted, as Genocide Verdict and Kevin Annett’s work are finally vindicated –

“Canada, the British Crown and the Vatican stand guilty as charged as disestablished criminal bodies” – International Common Law Court of Justice, Brussels

A Special Report from ITCCS Canada with Commentary by Kevin Annett 

Vancouver, Canada:  March 31, 2014

Seventeen years after Rev. Kevin Annett publicly disclosed evidence that over 50,000 children died in Canada’s church-run “Indian residential schools”, Canadian governments have finally confirmed this genocidal mortality rate after releasing hitherto-concealed death records from the schools. (http://westcoastnativenews.com/tens-of-thousands-first-nation-children-died-in-residential-schools/)

Until this week, government and church officials have either denied or stayed silent about Rev. Annett’s documented estimate. But previously “segregated” statistics of the deaths of residential school children made public last Friday by different provinces indicate that “tens of thousands” of these children died in the facilities, which were operated primarily by the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada.

In British Columbia alone, government records indicate that nearly 5,000 children between the ages of four and nineteen died in the residential schools until 1956, although the schools continued in operation until 1996, putting the total death figure even higher. Rev. Annett’s research established that the high death rate of over 40% of the students was the result of deliberately infecting them with tuberculosis and denying the sick treatment. (www.hiddennolonger.com)

“This news officially confirms what our Court established in its lawful verdict of February 25, 2013” stated George Dufort of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels today.

“Canada and its churches, the British Crown and the Vatican stand guilty as charged as disestablished criminal bodies and can no longer have any lawful or legitimate constitutional authority if the rule of law is to be followed”.

This week’s official admission of massive deaths in the Indian residential schools comes on the heels of shocking new evidence showing that a Vatican and Church of England child sacrifice cult known as the Ninth Circle operated at the same schools for over a century, including at the Mohawk residential school in Brantford, Ontario. (www.itccs.org, March 29, 2014)

Kevin Annett was reached at his home in Nanaimo, British Columbia today and provided the enclosed you tube commentary on the remarkable news.

“I always knew their lies would fall apart, and persistence would pay off” remarked Kevin.

“But I’m thinking now of all my friends who died after struggling to see this day come about, like Bingo Dawson, Billie Combes, Ricky Lavallee and Harry Wilson – some of the eyewitnesses to the Canadian Holocaust who went public at great personal risk. This is their victory, as it belongs to all the missing children. But it will only mean something if Canadians act on this final proof of Genocide by church and state to enforce the verdict and arrest warrants of the Common Law court.

“Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Queen Elizabeth, Joseph Ratzinger and twenty seven other officials belong behind bars. And more than that, it’s now time to establish a constitutional Republic in Canada that is free and independent of the British Crown and the legacies of Vatican-sponsored Genocide”.

Details of the plans to act upon this recent acknowledgement are discussed in Kevin Annett’s attached you tube commentary.

Issued by ITCCS Canada and ITCCS Central, Brussels-based


  • Rosa Lopes (@madmjustice)

    this man is a nut and deluded when he charges Benedict XVI to be guilty if genocide.Benedict XVI is no long a Pope in the first place and second he was not Pope of the time that this murders were commit , and as far as the Prime Minister of Canada goes .this man was not even alive at that time.So if you want to bring the queen to justice for not interfering .It is ok with me but please keep your paws out of the Roman Catholic Church and go after the priests who commit the murders.

    • Kristal

      I’m a 4th generation survivor and have lived with these affects of the residential schools myself. 2 generations of my family have grown up or been greatly exposed to the foster system thanks to all if this. They say the true north strong and free… Free to who? And at what price? We’re not free! Were stuck on reservations fighting for our land that is being raped and pillaged just as we were not long ago! Strong and free maybe… When our generations are done healing and our land is done being lent out to every other damn country! While half of us can’t even get jobs! Say what you want, whatever helps you sleep at night!

      • I support you Brother. The Filipinos suffered genocide during the U.S. invasion of my country in 1898-1901 and it was effectively silenced but my countrymen and women became in effect slaves denied freedom and human dignity ever since then. Just the few have kept silent because they betrayed their own people and prospered, or simply continued their already well established criminal activities. The Catholic Church still rules the Philippines and look at the chaos. Kevin Annett through his actions and yours, together, are healing terrible wounds, and this is the right historical moment. Praise be to you all from all peoples who have suffered genocide past and present, so that genocide may end.

        • Robert J Sebold

          Im So sorry about the Filipino People .. I have nothing but great respect and love for them as do my friends and family ,.

      • Emily

        I’m an Aboriginal, and honestly, I understand the frustration it has been for our grandparents and ancestors, but honestly, I think this comment is ridiculous. No one is commanding anyone stays on reservations, most of the time it’s just a choice which is picked. No one says we cannot get jobs, or attend school, or anything of the sort. I’ve just graduated from a business degree, and finding a job isn’t that hard, it’s just called commitment and determination. I think you need to stop living in the past and blaming people who it’s beyond their control. Yes, the Queen for one had hurt our people, that I can understand the rage and find she deserves to be punished, but for those who were not ‘in reign’ such as the Prime Minister, and the Pope, or other adults that are living today. It wasn’t their fault, so stop hurting them. The only reason these disputes keep coming up is because it’s either white people talking slam, or native people talking slam, or black people talk in slam; someone is always talking trash and complaining about what’s already been dealt. I think you all just need to hush up and understand yes, it was a tragedy, but times have changed. Stop burying yourself further into a past we cannot change, and start building for a better future.

        • Bluenoser12

          Thanks Emily… this has to be spoken more by all the Aboriginals that stay silent for fear of reprisals…me nor my grandparents or their grandparents had anything whatsoever to do with any harm the Aboriginals suffered… these rulings in Courts in the Hague like the U.N. are seen by most to be useless… but whatever !

        • Teela

          I wish I could agree with your comment completely I really do. Unfortunately all these things have NOT been dealt with that process of healing and revitalization has only really begun on a national level. And yes these people should be held accountable to a degree as they have been a big part of hiding the history they may not have been singly responsible but the organizations they stand for are. Look at most history textbooks and they way they are written and taught in schools. They don’t really teach it (mentioning it is not sufficient), this leads to people misunderstanding the current state for many Aboriginals. Yes it is possible for people to get off the reserves and get educated and get a good job but when there are so many factors involved it is not that simple. Look at isolated fly in communities in the North that suffer from extreme poverty and ridiculous rates of unemployment in part because there are usually VERY few jobs, how then do you get out? Not all Aboriginals and groups are the same some have more access to resources and means to get out but not all, you should know not to generalize like that. Some places are further along in their healing and other places have not even begun, intergenerational trauma is clearly seen in these areas and healing from it wont take one or two more generations it will take many more.

        • kris

          Good for you Emily, as a 35 year old caucasian canadian, who lost his parents at 18 and managed to get a trade and a great career and who is tried of paying for those before my times mistakes, its nice to hear someone speak the truth. There is lots of work in this country, if it means you have to move to another province then you do what you gotta do . People are too busy blaming and making excuse’s . Id say by 2014 were all in the same boat . Life isn’t easy for anyone that doesn’t put in an effort

        • Daniel

          Lol your funny you don’t know what it was like living in the past so don’t act like you do tryin to defend people who let this happen wow you must have grown up with white people who brain washed you kids didnt have a choice if they could leave or not

        • Joe

          Emily, you must have had a wondrous childhood and that makes me genuinely happy to know that some families have broken the cycle (your parents) so effectively that their offspring (you) have a tough time knowing ‘what the big deal’ is about being a native from a reserve. i myself got off the reservation and am in my second year of post secondary but never will i ever generally trivialize the effect the past still has on many (most, some would contend) families that aren’t as lucky as yours or mine. ‘staying in reservations’ seems kind of like an unfavorable ‘pick’ to you or i, but that’s cause there were notable people in our lives telling us at least semi regularly that we have choices or will have choices in our life at all. sadly this is NOT the status quo for our people. the reverand used the phrase ‘canadian holocaust’ and that’s fitting because what took place on north america was nothing short of the most effective and favored, no less, genocidal holocaust in millennia. any of our ancestors who weren’t crushed by guns or disease were raped in their very soul to an extent that they passed their pain freely on to their own young until finally the first generation of indigenous people to come of age since the end of residential schools (that’s me, at least. dunno how old you are) has prospered and flourished in a way that hasn’t happened since just before contact turned sour (i.e. trade, iron tools etc.) think about it. before affirmative action, there was a fat fucking chance of you or i even getting to apply for post secondary (high schools would have taken us out of ‘college prep’ (which was highschool for you and i) and put us in some remedial mickey mouse affair until we were old enough for them to legally say ‘take a hike’) let alone actively participate in the education system like everyone else. also today, if you don’t ‘look native’ (i wasn’t accepted for a loong time by my peers) getting off the reservation and finding rent is a cinch but i absolutely hate hearing stories about family having very friendly and promising conversations with landlords only to have their prospective landlord’s ENTIRE demeanor change upon seeing the colour of their skin. and this still happens today. why else would ‘native housing’ be a thing? harper absolutely deserves to be included in this because in case you haven’t been following politics for the last few years, harper is taking a fat wide shit on the indian act and, by extension, the canadian constitution itself.

        • james

          When will the apologists stop coming out in favor of the abusers? You want people to hush up about the history of abuse? You have a business degree and you suddenly feel the urge to hush others who have opinions about facts? The education system almost blatantly promotes racism by excluding factual accounts about the history of the “Indian” people who took care of this land until it was swindled from them by liars and thieves from the time Europeans land to now.

          • tyler

            ummmm u above me i learned about this in school in both social studies and law class i dont know where ur getting its swept under the rugg im pretty sure 90% of people i know learned this cus they sat next to me in class yes im white and prob will be told that i dont know shit yes it was terrible but emily’s comment is completely right and also this whole Our land thing sure it was terrible europeans came and just took it pretty much but it was a long time ago now and what it sounds like is u wanna civil war so thats pretty terrible to well food for thought im just saying its 2015 alot of people know about this and it was something done wrong but its over now do what u want with ur lives better ur commuinities all the power to u

        • jaysen

          Yep,and stop the welfare and free ride for these folks, it only makes for more generations of slugs on society.

        • Kuauhtzin Kehewin

          Emily, if u have love for your land and respect of your ancestry , you will do what is right to make justice in there name , but if you are an oder confirmed colonized indigenous person, you will let them get away and do it again and again to u and your love ones, stand for your ancestors and fifth back because what they did there doing it again and they will do it untill they brain wash all of us and then they will continue destroying our land, check what there doing with your land ,

        • Kuauhtzin Kehewin

          Emily, if u have love for your land and respect of your ancestry , you will do what is right to make justice in there name , but if you are an oder confirmed colonized indigenous person, you will let them get away and do it again and again to u and your love ones, stand for your ancestors and fifth back because what they did there doing it again and they will do it untill they brain wash all of us and then they will continue destroying our land, check what there doing with your land , and probably you are ignoring what’s going on , its ok there’s nothing wrong to be an ignorant

        • JR

          I understand what you’re saying, and your courage to move on, your hardwork and determination are admirable and good and where its at. But some might say that in order to clear the slate and move forward, the past must be recognized and understood before healing takes place. These leaders who were called out not only denied the facts but more importantly they are symbols and figureheads of the institutions that either allowed this to happen or covered it up for years. As the leaders of the institutions they represent they ARE in fact responsible. Just like if you are the CEO of a company, you are responsible for all the companies actions. With increased authority comes responsibility – theres no way to avoid that.

          There is still much pain and knowledge to be uncovered. Its is the ugly but necessary part of the healing process that must take place in order to move forward. There is no way these organizations can make amends for what happened, but major steps must be taken over a period of years in order for this horrible situation to be dealt with properly. This cannot be swept under the rug by anyone or any group. This is a native/white/catholic/protestant/national/global/government/human/canadian/provincial/adult/child etc, situation. Lets allow the look back and the determination of the factors that contributed to this so that, among many other reasons, we can learn from this and we can build a path of healing into the future.

      • Cindy

        You can’t even get a job? Maybe you should be looking to your Chief and Counsel for these “jobs”. Wait……they’re too busy spending the Bands money to care about their own people. Granted, there are a handful of Reserves that actually care about their “people”. Don’t you dare blame anyone outside your Band for not providing for the Band Members needs. And yes I am Native American……

      • thats so true awesome stay strong!!

    • John

      The notion of charging these officials has nothing to do with them being in power when it was happening. It has to do with the extensive cover ups they participated in after the fact.

    • sarah

      The last school closed in 1996… what do mean “not the Pope of the time” and “Harper wasnt alive?” Both you and this man are a little nutty if you ask me.

      • Jeri Malone

        Exactly .. of course they knew what is /has been done and are guilty of trying to cover it all up !!

    • Kahrhienentha


      watch this and put that in your pipe and smoke it. This man is not crazy. he was a brother to the church and when he tried to air out their deeply buried dirty laundry, they discredited him to prevent him from tainting their religion. THE CHURCH paid a womans divorce so she could help them make this Kevin look bad. Thats a little hypocrytical dont you think, the church pays for a divorce haha. I thought that was a sin. Also they dished out 1/4 a million dollars to have him removed. The truth hurts and the Church is not innocent like they portray them to be.

      • Leslee Hunter

        I have been a life-long member of the United Church of Canada and I was around at the time that Kevin Annett began his campaign of disrespecting the congregation that was paying his wages. Kevin didn’t “reveal” a cover-up about the residential schools, in the 80’s we had already begun work on how to pay for our sins. Kevin wasn’t even a minister then. He is now well-known for exploiting other people’s stories for his own profit. That is the profit of getting his name in enough news sources to gain enough fame for himself – not for revealing the Church’s sins. While a minister, Kevin walked out of the 3 posts he held and usually left behind a very bad taste in his wake.
        Terrible things were done in schools that were Church-run and nothing any other person on earth can be done to erase – I do believe in the process of dealing with this historic abuse…but find another voice, because if you allow Kevin Annett an inch, he will take a mile and bad-mouth you while doing so.

        • admin

          Well Leslee regardless of the motive or whatever regarding Kevin, I don’t see anyone else stepping it up and stepping it up for as long as he has …and now is getting results. So I have a great idea. Why don’t YOU do something about it?

    • Ira

      Do your research. Ex-pope Benedict wasn’t getting charged because he was the pope at the time of the charges. He was getting charged because of his involvement with the atrocities at the residential schools in BC. And further more the Vatican should be charged. Not only for the atrocities at the residential schools in Canada but its involvement in atrocities to many societies across the world while spreading the lies of a malevolent christian god. Nobody in their right mind should even consider going to aide the Vatican in their defense of their doing.

    • Cliff

      You might want to do some research into what Ratzinger’s position was in the church before he was pope. He was the leader of the modern version of the crusades.

    • Standing Bear

      Rosa get your facts strait The last school did not close until 1996 your thought process lacks loyalty to the facts and evidence . You are just as bad of a liar trying to conceal the truth …Jesus was always loyal to the truth . The governments , monarchy , and church were found guilty with evidence of human remains of native children .Rosa this is true enlighten yourself with the truth .

    • sikak

      after the nuremburg trials it was decided that anyone found benefiting off the proceeds of the genocides committed in nazi germany were guilty regardless of how much time had passed.

      meaning companies that were established on money gotten from the mass murders and robberies of material property and monies were legally liable.

      genocide is a crime so big, so far reaching, so impactful that it has no statute of limitations. the entities today called the canadian government and the roman catholic church are the same incorporated entities at the time of their original crimes.

      meaning they are STILL benefiting materially off of the commission of their genocidal crimes…..

    • Reg Moore

      “keep your paws out of the RCC”? Give us a break here. That is a criminal organization, a gang, that has mistreated the people of the world for at least 16 centuries. Time to break it down and give its voluminous riches to the poor of the earth. That would, all by itself, end poverty world wide.

    • gioflowers


      Anyone who thinks that the church of about saving souls is living in a dream world. There is so much historical evidence that links the Roman Catholic church to crime that to think otherwise is preposterous. The church was built upon the blood of innocent victims or a land grab and money mongers. It is not wise to accuse others of not believing in the sleepers dream.

      • gioflowers


        Investigate your church. Would you follow the crusaders into battle to kill innocent people? Do you think that these are things of the past and that we should just “move on?” These crimes are taking place right now in the present. Wow, it real good that some people here are doing well and even “have jobs” – good for you. But there are those who are still suffering from the church’s abuses in the present. Don’t confuse “forgiveness” with blindness.

    • Daniel

      The roman church appointed these people to these positions so they should be held accountable for this problem

    • admin

      Rosa people like you are the ones that allowed these crimes to continue because of your ignorant DENIAL. So effectively, you are just as guilty!

    • Candice

      Roman catholic church are the biggest genociders throughout history on this planet.

    • Lance

      Doesn’t matter who’s there or here, then or now! The history is still written somewhere for those so called leaders to follow up! Clowns!!!

    • jaysen

      These religious cults, and magical fairies are really obsolete. Why do people feel a need still to follow that crap? These cults say they follow magical Jeebus and his minions, and try to lead this fantastic holy life,but really only kill molest and lie to it’s drones(followers).. Grab onto some reality folks, open your eyes.

  • kelly

    truth hurts don’t it..but can u imagine how many children under the age of 16, imagine them children had been beatin to death. Just babies beating and staved. no you couldn’t imagine it . go right after the fact that their punishing them and the crown. Iits because they aloud it to happened and someone I guess haves to be held for it, doesn’t matter who is was, the fact it was done by the churches you see, by the churches to take the indian out of the child let along them children being beat to death and rape. The First nations are very Lucky to have Some of the elders to survive that horrific time. can u imagine if you went through that and still live to see the day to finally be able to tell someone about your experiences. imagine that.
    who would want to be apart of that system?.. don’t be scared of the changes that are going to be made, they wouldn’t change them if it wasn’t for the better. I just can’t get over all of them events that happened to for them children, youth. It could of been your sister that was one of them just imagine that .. how sad they had to go through it all… Not being able to see their families because they didn’t feel safe. being held against their will and everything they ever known. ugh

    • Kahrhienentha

      Well put Kelly! My grandmother is a survivor, and everyday i look at her and can’t imagine what she endured. she told me stories of how bad the treatment was. She along with all her brothers and sisters attended, and to think she got beat so hard in the head with a Bible that she is now deaf on the side she was smacked with. She got beat for talking to the boys which happened to be her own flesh and blood (brothers) she got abused because she waved and called her brothers whom she hadn’t seen in a loooooooong time. How could God want that? He didn’t. Its the Government that wanted it, and the Government who told the Churches what their tasks were. All of our people didnt have a religion, we had a way of life. All aboriginals have a duty to protect our way of life, and our ways include the planet (earth, animals,water etc) if we were still allowed to practice our ways, maybe the world wouldnt be so sick as she is now. We are discredited because we have so many negative stereotypes against us, that it works for the government. keeps their power. If everyone didnt have such a hatred for Natives, than maybe they could see all the positive we do for everyone and everything. i got way off topic, but i just wanted to thank you for being a leader and sticking up for us as a people.
      Niawen (thank you)

      • Bluenoser12

        PLease, please tell us all the positive that you do for everyone and everything…. just give us something!

        • sikak

          For one, traditional Indigenous peoples have this concept called “biocentric respect” and “altruistic reciprocity”.

          These are two Indigenous values that the cannibalistic Europeans saw as an immediate threat to their own self-serving, brutal, savage, murderous social systems concerned onlyw ith total systemic domination…..not just of Indigenous peoples, but of their own people.

          But these are still being brutally repressed by the cannibal Europeans who hate that Indigenous peoples have a direct connection to the land that they covet so deeply.

          European culture is so primitive that it still considers capitalism a “good” way of life. It still considers altruism and biocentric respect with contempt.

          What Indigenous people across the world have to contribute—if Europeans were only wise enough to embrace it—is an entirely different model of social relations based not on material greed and lust for total power, but on egalitarian reciprocity and concepts of being interconnected and interdependent.

          But the vast majority of Europeans socialized in systems of domination, conquest, violence, mass murder, hierarchies are not capable of even conceptualizing a world without all of that.

          So, it’s really up to YOU to decide whether or not your culture of conquest, violence, oppression, abuse, greed, environmental disrespect, materialism, war for profit, etc. etc. etc. is worth pursuing, or opening up your mentality to an Indigenous way of thinking and being that rejects all of those things.

          • Justmyopinion

            I don’t mean to come cross harsh as I live in a multi cultural home and when it’s spoken that the land is sacrid why do a lot of the communities over hunt so that there is nearly any wild life left to reproduce for following years, why is the land they love on kept in shambles, you would think you would drive thru a reserve and say wow look at how beautiful they keep their yards! But it’s not that way. It’s sad. I totally don’t underestimate the hurt and damage and heartache that these individuals and following generations experienced but I also can’t say that they are connected to the earth and land like it’s always spoken of. I wish we could all support each other in healing so we as a country can become a healthy place to life, heal , succeed, and flourish.

          • Reg Moore

            Well spoken, Sikak. What “justmyopinion” doesn’t realize is that destroying the roots of a people leaves them in disarray and depression. Had there been efforts to move the people into a condition similar to that from which they were so forcibly removed there would be no self esteem issues that couldn’t be solved, no trash, no broken down homes, no broken people. European culture is just about to learn a very helpful lesson. The Europeans may not appreciate it but the rest of the world sure will.

      • someone from the outside

        Justmyopinion April 3, 2014 at 1:52 PM

        Maybe the reserves you’ve seen are people who have given up trying to live the way their ancestors lived.. Europeans who came to this side of the world who took away their way of life and took away their land and shoved them to the back.. I don’t know, I’m not in a reserve but live in the north where us Northerners are not recognized, especially when our Prime Minister say “Use it or Lose it”… Here we are up in the north living on the same piece of land/sea that the prime minister is talking about.. What are we? Animals?

    • Candice

      You will have your day in court, these evil basturds are going down! My heart is with you and yours and all the suffering you and yours have endured from these wicked jesuit zionist jews.

  • Shandy

    well said kelly…

  • Cher

    Keep your hands off the church??!! KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF THE CHURCH??!! Your ignorance is the same ignorance behind why Canada and North America is so messed up. Who was there to tell the churches not to lay their hands on these children? Think about it that way Rosa. We don’t want revenge, we don’t want things for free. We want justice and for Canada to acknowledge what they did was wrong on so many levels! So we can heal and so racism against aboriginal people can change! There’s a reason why the education and health is not at par. We were marginalized by Canada and then told to cut it out and clean up the mess they made. Canada, the crown, the churches! All of it is disgusting and they have been trying to hide it. Where’s the righteous good Christianity in that? This is sickening and it should stop once and for all.

    • Clayton

      very well said Cher…..meegwetch

    • Donna

      I am Canadian, and had NO IDEA all of this went on…..it was so shocking to me to find out about it. It is beyond disgusting what the Crown, Canada AND all of the people that DID know. Same things happened in the US. I personally am GLAD that Kevin is bringing it all out. I want to see justice for all of the souls it happened to.

      • Bluenoser12

        Donna that’s because most of it is fabricated, just like this “Court” was… notice that none of the news outlets aren’t all over this… 58 Jurors…in other words all the audience were jurors to this farce…. seems the left-wing fanatics wanted a trip to Brussels.

        • sikak

          Oh, I see now. You are a genocide denier.

          There’s no point in trying to reason with you, since you clearly have none.

  • DannyG

    I am from the UK but my grandfather was an iroquois indian. Regardless of race these crimes need addressing and these people acknowledged and compensated in some way. If it reflects badly on the church so be it as it is not God or our saviour Jesus Christ who have committed these crimes but the wolves in sheeps clothing who have murdered using the cover of religion.

    • Daniel

      Well said dannyg

  • Give them all tuberculosis and let them die the same way, fucking racist scumbags. They all particapated in the genocide, start with the old bitch that made the decision to kill innocent children because she wanted thier land. The fact that all the othet priests and nuns hid these atrocities makes them just as if not more guilty than the perpetrators. Revolution is finally here, you perverts can run, run for your lives.

  • Wahhh, cher. They are hiding pedophiles and murders, you support that? Makes me sick.

  • Chris Hoffman

    I was raised Anglican! I am sorry this happened. It makes me sad & angry. I heard about it within Anglican church with lawsuits about residential schools.i’m 53. I have met survivours of residential schools or family members of survivours! A human tragedy this genocide! I have danced at pow wows in B.C. Before & welcomed as a friend. I hope their ccan be healing.

  • Andrew

    OUR LAND???? When the hell are you people going to GET OVER IT??? The world is finally seeing you people for what it is…Our land, we’re stuck on the reserves, we have no jobs, we have no money and on and on…You are on reserves because you CHOOSE to stay there. You have no jobs because you aren’t seeking hard enough. You have FREE education offered to you yet you choose to sit and whine about all the woes of the land. This happened along time ago and if anyone deserves compensation and recognition for this, it’s your ancestors…NOT YOU…..Get off your lazy asses and stop relying on the Government for hand outs…..Aboriginals are way better off then most people in this world, you just don’t bother acknowledging it, because its WORK….

    • Daniel

      Wow. Your comments about us indigenous people is of the utmost disrespect. You have no place to make such accusations, and no business judging my people that have to deal with the aftermath of what YOUR ancestors did. We DID NOT choose to live on reserves, we DO now because this is ALL WE HAVE LEFT of our land. And our education isn’t free, our bands pay for the education of its members, whether they live on the reserve or not, and it’s your white/immigrant schools that reap the benefits. Because our bands have to pay per person. ALL monies received on reserve are spent at YOUR white/immigrant stores.

      • Andrew

        Daniel……..First off, I’m NOT WHITE….Are we generalizing people here Daniel? Shame shame…Second, the BANDS paying for your education is FREE to you is it not? It is quite hysterical reading your comment and it clearly shows my points…Oh and FYI, if you actually had an education, you would see there are no “white immigrant schools” LOL…And all the so-called monies received on reserves are spent by your CHIEFS…So maybe before crying to the Government (who gives you the money) and all the so-called white people, as you claim, you might want to try speaking with your wonderful chief of the reserves and ask where YOUR free money is going….If your ancestors seen what was going on today with their own kind, they would be so ashamed….Disgusting…Now I must go back to WORK…

        • Daniel

          For a University Grad you are quite stupid. Whatever justifies your stupidity, by all means. Your ignorance and hostility seems like you stand for that kind of genocide. Maybe if your parents, grandparents, and siblings had to live with the same atrocities my people had to, maybe then you’d understand. But Either way, your opinion is what you have to live with, so I feel sorry for what your family has raised. RACIST. I did not come from another Country. My blood line is this Country. Turtle Island. So if you can’t respect the Indigenous People’s of this land, GO HOME!

          • Andrew

            Oh now Daniel, such hostility. Isn’t it time to let that go as well? My bloodline is also from here, if only you ad a clue of who you were speaking to. perhaps, I too, am native? Perhaps I see day-in and day-out exactly what goes on? Perhaps I know a hell of a lot more then you display in your words? You, my brother are exactly the reasons why native people are so repressed and looked upon as LOSERS. It was not the children that I spoke about, it was the Native Americans who I speak about and their lack of enthusiasm for pretty much anything. This land is no longer your land. The reserves, of course, but nothing else. Have a great day BROTHER 🙂

        • valerie

          I think the point Daniel is trying to make is that 5 generations of trauma will obviously cause suffering and mental health challenges which people are trying to cope with using a vast array of methods, smtimes not healthy ones which had and still has repercussions on present and future generations. very Canadians were touched at different degrees by the abobination that were residential shcools. Even if you dont realize it. Its like the Holocaust. It changed history. Let’s be humble, learn and listen and be careful to not repeat the same mistakes.

          • Jeri

            The money the ” government ” gives them Andrew is their own money held in trust by the government .. I think you need some education on the whole system !!

        • David Bobb

          Actually, Andrew. The government gives $10k to a public school for each child attending, it’s the standard cost that schools charge in order to cover their operating expenses. On the other hand, the government gives only $6k per child to the bands to pay to schools — as a result, bands are naturally encouraged to construct on-reserve schools to control costs — said on-reserve schools have to strip down their educational programs to the basics and then try to get as much auxiliary funding as possible to support intramurals, music/art classes and anything that’s remotely not a minimum level of education.

          • David Bobb

            And Andrew, I don’t think you realize just how stringent the reporting requirements for money spent is. First Nations are allocated some ‘block funding’ and those who have proven that they can spend money properly AND back it up with mountains of documentation are allowed to have some control over their own finances (those who can’t are managed by a third-party), but budgets can still be quite tight for FNs that do not have natural resources; which is tough considering that indians have tended to be herded onto the most desolate and worthless lands for agriculture and then expected to support themselves with agriculture. They are lucky if they have oil on their land to kick start economic initiatives and provide sustainable employment. The fact that the residential school system and the policies of assimilation and extermination have raised broken, dysfunctional families is a factor. If your parents taught you well, and a good set of values, then consider yourself blessed. Not everyone grew up the way you did and has the same cognitive tools to succeed, nor the same resources that you might have at your disposal.

        • sikak

          Wow. You need some professional psychiatric help, there buddy because your delusion is beyond comprehension, especially with your claim of a university education.

          If you’re white, then you’re a classic sample of whats most perverted, sick, unwholesome, and racist about Canada.

          If you’re not white, then you’re a classic example of whats most perverted, sick, unwholesome and colonized about people like you in Canada.

          Either way, I’m sure there’s some fringe hate group more than happy to welcome your diseased hater ass into their folds.

    • Jane

      Your ignorance sickens me. We do NOT have free education. This is as bad as some Americans assuming that we have free health care and have things handed to us. We aren’t looking for ‘handouts’ as you say, we are looking for justice for our Elders. For the many children who died, to the families that lost their children. My Great Aunt died because of this Tuberculosis that they put on her, and after all of these years, her parents might not have known what happened and why she died but at least there is some form of closure for the remaining sisters, brothers and her son who was only a year old when she died. She too was physically and sexually abused by these people that were supposedly there to BETTER their lives. As a mother of two, the school on OUR land, out of the entire country that used to belong to us we are given small parts of it and the school that my son goes to is genuinely caring. The school run by the city is just as emotionally abusive to our children as it was decades ago. We have NO jobs because what was brought to us here, the camp jobs are taken by out of town campers that are NOT first nations people. Our people are stuck on the reserve living with our elders as though we were children because the rent is 2500+ A MONTH for disgustingly taken care of shacks that they call “affordable housing” and there are very few of those places available. My brother is hard working and it still took him half a year just to find a place for his family to live. So before you go judging maybe you should get your facts straight instead of completely generalizing the First Nations people as lazy and looking for handouts. This didn’t just happen to generations before us, this is happening to us now. Apparently you haven’t been educated and just take your racist point of view on this.

      • sarah

        Andrew… “perhaps” if you were Native…. you my “brother” would represent exactly what this man is fighting for… lost culture and lost sense of identity.. generations of individuals missing out on being proud of who they are and where they come from…and having the strength, courage and wisdom to have their voices heard against extreme injustices they endured… Now their voices are being heard…and healing can begin… so why dont you JUST GET OVER IT…and GET OVER YOURSELF. Poor thing.. I wouldnt doubt your just sad and loney man.

        • Bluenoser12

          Healing begin? Everyone and their dog has apologized for any wrongdoing a few misguided people did in the residential schools, if you actually think it was some genocidal plan by the Gov’t your a lost cause, and if you don’t think that the majority of the teachers in these schools weren’t caring individuals again your misguided. Just as we have pedophiles and power hungry individuals today they had them decades ago, and not only in residential schools. If the Gov’t hadn’t forced Aboriginal children where would you be now? Without ANY chance of getting a job or blending into society. No this is about money, from individuals who aren’t any more impacted by residential schools than today’s blacks are about slavery except for what they read or watch on TV.

          • sarah

            Learn your Canadian history dumb ass…. You and Andrew… both so misguided, uninformed and yet so opinionated…. can you prove Aboriginal school surviours wrong??? Can you prove that it wasnt the majority of gov’n officals, school staff, teachers, etc that were wrong doing??…oh wait….No…you cant because none of them want to talk about the unspeakable things that happened there… swept under the rug and to be forgotten… Well it hasnt been forgotten…and many people believe it is important to hear the truth.
            How sad for you that your so quick to make judgements, and cast stones, when your so uninformed and CLEARLY un-educated on the subject.
            I’d say… it would be you that is such a lost cause!!!

          • sikak

            That’s the same argument “logic” that rapists and child molesters use.

            Waaaaaait a minute….Tom? Thomas Flanagan, you old pervert, is that you?

          • Jeffrey

            Well said. What most people don’t realize is that these people have genocide planned that will make this pale in comparison. Not to ignore what has already happened. These elites are right this very second plotting the deaths of 6.5 billion people. We the useless eaters of the planet. We must all stand together to stop this. These people never went away. They control the planet right now. Look at your “food” labels, chem trails etc. If we were smart we would go back to the old way, living in harmony with nature. We can if we can stop the axis of evil. Specifically Washington, Vatican and the crown in London UK. The genocide of all is coming and it matters not if you are white, native, black, Muslim, christian or Jewish. They are the Satan of this world. Anyone who denies any genocide is evil in my book. I for one will protect as many as I can.

    • Common Sense

      Well said Andrew.

      • Kahrhienentha

        I could go on and on about how the both of you are wrong, but at the end of my rant im sure you’re still going to be ugly inside. On my reserve, we have directors, actresses, university graduates, entrepreneurs, Dr’s, Vets, Athletes , Olympians i could go on and on about the positive aspects but im sure you have a reason and another shitty comment about how we are still not good enough. YOU lack common sense. Until you have lived on reserve, hold your lousy facts and statements for another ignorant individual.

        • Bluenoser12

          Well with all the professionals you just mentioned what’s the problem? Move on!!

          • sarah

            The problem is…. in order to create positive change for society as a whole .. the masses have to acknowledge the truth and realize the horrible mistakes that were made….we can move on when people like yourself dont freely express your ignorance because it would be no longer acceptable…on any forum. Until that day comes… you can just move on!!

          • sikak

            lol…i always joke about how canada is so much more progressive than the us because its racist stereotypes are regularly updated.

            but, apparently that’s going to need to change, since you creatively impaired types STILL use the same old debunked and discredited racist tropes from over 30 years ago.

            keep it up….all your racist rants are doing is proving every point ive ever made about how sick and racist canada is.

    • Carla

      I make a pretty penny working as an RN on-reserve, and it’s tax free because I’m treaty. Oh and to top that off I get a pretty penny from the retention program in the province I work…thanks for paying for my education and let me thank you ahead of time for paying for my kids’ education 😀

      If your gonna keep pulling the free card I’m gonna be a bitch….so go ahead keep being jealous and fucken resentful….won’t do u much lmfao

    • I took a student loan of 10,000.00, so does that count as FREE EDUCATION MONEY! I don’t think so bud! Get it out of your noggin that we get EVERYTHING FOR FREE!! WE DON’T! I DON’T LIVE ON THE RESERVE, I DON’T GET FREE EDUCATION! Actually I paid for my own cooking course, I paid for my own course to go to College! I went and asked for help from my band, and they told me no, they couldn’t help me! So I did it all by myself!! Where the fuck do you get off on saying everything we get is free for? Excuse my lingo, but this pisses me right off when I see some nitwit who does not know a damn thing about FN people and what we really go through!!!

    • Tracey

      @Andrew, I feel sorry for you for all your the lack of knowledge. Maybe you might want to educate yourself on the real stories before making a statement. I also feel sorry that you seem to think that First Nation people are “better off” and should “get over it”. Sadly there will always be people like you who hide there eyes to the REAL world, and think everything is okay and are blinded by their own prejudices. Fortunately your way of thinking and any others that think this way does not matter to people like me, because there will always be more people with heart and know the truth about what has happened to the First Nation communities, so you can stick you head back in the sand and go on with you day.

      • Bluenoser12

        Really Tracy? You actually think that the Gov’t et al, would go to all the trouble of setting up residential schools if all they wanted to do was kill the children? They could easily have killed them and buried them in the middle of nowhere. That is what the radicals are trying to tell people is the truth, that the Gov’t and the Church’s were out to kill all the kids and adults… genocide is every second word.. pityful

        • sikak

          they had the same things in germany….they called them concentration camps. the germans spent the money willingly….kill camps need to be built when your plan is to use an entire population for experiments and cheap labor.

          go ahead, keep denying the truth.

          history will not vindicate you and as more people start digging, more of the ugly truth of what exactly canada is, the kinds of racist white monsters it produces, and the depth of its depravity will be revealed.

        • Joe

          No no. it’s okay, everyone. the only logical explanation for these two pathetic abominations of humanity is that they were raised by the last in a long line of child raping psychopathic sadists who instilled their hatred into their children because their raping party wasn’t sponsored by jesus anymore. =)

    • Standing Bear

      Your a moron ! Nothing more than a bigot ! You should be at KKK rally with your opinions not on here .

  • janis

    @ Andrew:
    I was not raised on reserve; it was not my choice. I didn’t “choose” to live in an urban setting, just as I didn’t “choose” to grow up under the ignorance, stigmas and stereotypes that you promote.

    Government handouts? Lazy asses? I was raised in poverty, in the “ghetto”, and worked just as hard as any to get ahead in life. I have two degrees. I’m a homeowner. I pay taxes. I financially support local charities, and for many years, I was an active community member who sat on multiple non-profit agency boards and committees in my city.

    I know my history; I know my people’s history. The majority of aboriginal people I know are NOTHING like what you describe. But, since we’re generalizing, tell me: what are YOU doing to contribute to the common good? What are YOUR credentials to speak about aboriginal people with such a sweeping judgment? What makes you the expert, and why should anyone buy in to your bigotry?

    • Andrew

      Well then, Janis, you are a small population of Aboriginals who are not crying to the population. I never claimed to be an “expert” as you so claim. I do, however, have the right to freedom of speech and MY opinion. Is that not what these comments are? I, too, have a University degree, but I don’t see how that has any bearing on my opinion. My opinion stands true in many peoples eyes. If my opinion is so generalized and untrue, why is the world filled with the same opinions? My mere 1 comment will change nothing and may be unfounded, but it IS my opinion and will stay true until Aboriginals (unlike yourself) attempt to join the human race and contribute to society rather than “collect” from them…..Have a good day.

      • kelly

        Andrew. I am Mik’maq and I don’t sit around doing nothing I have two beautiful children who aint what you think they are. they are my children and they are mikmaq. Their father is are hard working man in carpentry he don’t sit around doing nothing. Our culture is the most beautiful thing ever out there and you can just not sit their and try to put us down with the hate in your heart because you simply don’t understand. I didnt choose to be in my rezz either it was just the way it was.. Pretty hard to find a job on the rezz when their aint any, infact hard to get a car when you have no job to get off the dam rezz in the first place. Before you go assuming you know everything sit down and talk to us or simple ask questions and not be judgemental. THey can cut us off all they want , ect ect. what ever. but when it comes right down to it , when the world is ending cuz of its pollution caused by pipe lines ect. our children will still be here surviving because we teach them how too, and they be the ones fixing the earth the way it should be. They tried taken the indian out of the child, they tried taking our lands our language our everything. We survived it and we will keep surviving it. this here is a closer for many people. Understand. Do you except to be let free after killing a child. I don’t think so. let along many children just little children just babies. who wanted to be loved and feed and wanted to be home with their familes they were taken from. understand. It’s the dam truth. now don’t go bashing the ones the are left. that are still here because we all had to struggle with it. we either knew someone who went to the school or know of someone in our family who didnt come back. To see you say were lazy well guess what maybe some of us are because they are still having a hard time getting over them events. I don’t think you could get over such a horrific thing. To be touched and raped and hit and beaten for speaking your only language. don’t tell my elders to get over it. and ack all highly about it . they will get over it when their ready to get over . and this here is a a start.

        • kelly

          amd i m currently apply for CBU in the fall for business administration. I don’t take that for granted one bit.

      • Jaime

        @Andrew NO Indigenous person just sits back and collects anything. I paid for my own education. Racked up an insane amount of debt to get where I am today. Was it my choice? Absolutely not! I would have preferred a free education, but since no one was handing out these elusive free educations when I was in school I had to go the route of most Canadians and take out loans. Go figure! Also this money you seem so informed about is not as much as the Government or media would like you to think. These billions of dollars that the Government controls (because yes it is billions), after it trickles through all the Government departments it must go through in order for it to make it into the hands of our elected officials (Chief and Council) turns out to be only a fraction of what it was. The real money grabbers are none other than the dirty rotten Government of Canada itself! After they take their cut what is left will never be enough to bring about any real change on reserves…EVER!!! And before you spew more ignorant and hateful comments about our “free” money I would like to enlighten you just a tiny bit if you could stand to let anything worthwhile penetrate that insanely thick skull of yours. This money comes from the extraction of resources from lands on which Indigenous people have constitutionally protected and enforced rights. The billions of dollars in oil, timber, diamonds, gold, copper, aluminum etc. etc that gets extracted from our lands goes into a trust fund completely controlled by the Government of Canada, but 100% of this fund is owned by people indigenous to this land. IT IS OUR MONEY!!! Imagine owning a piece of land and any profit you made from it was put into a fund and you had to ask permission to use it, and not only that but every government official who came into contact with it took a chunk of it before it even made it’s way to you. Whether we worked for it or not is irrelevant, it is our land therefore any money extracted is ours. NONE of this money comes from tax payers so honestly NO tax payer has any say in whether or not we should have access to our own money. The f*ckin’ nerve of ill educated twits groaning on and on about money that has, nor ever will have anything to do with them. WE COLLECT NO MONEY FROM SOCIETY, ANYTHING WE COLLECT IS OUR OWN TO BEGIN WITH! Our rights as human beings has been trampled on over and over again by this corrupt body we call our Government, and because it has been able to pull the wool over the eyes of the majority spewing lies and deceit there is a clear divide between many Indigenous and non indigenous people. Stephen Harper wants you to hate us, he wants you to continue on being ignorant and hateful, so he can go on stripping us (including you) of any rights we may have. It is the oldest trick in the book (divide and conquer) and it astonishes me how willing people are to be blinded by lies and misinformation which only results in their hearts being ruled and fueled by ignorance and hatred. The original agreements (treaties) were made so that the extraction of resources would be split 50-50 between Canada and it’s Indigenous people. It is not our fault our ancestors were not as stupid as you might have thought and made sure our interests were protected as well as the interests of any future generations. They were smart enough to strike this deal, and I am grateful for it. There will come a day when we will get what is rightfully ours. I may not live to ever see this day but just knowing it is coming is enough.

        • you took them words right out of my mouth, i enjoyed hearing them because i could never express myself that clearly without getting angry, thank you for those words!

        • Jeri

          Where is the ” Like ” button .. unfortunately you will never get through to those who have heart full of hatred …

        • Bluenoser12

          Nice try, but when the figures show 11 billion dollars for Aboriginal affairs, that is 11 billion handed to first nations, there is no Gov’t fees or taxes that comes off of that. And the minerals or trees that are harvested by corporations ends up in profits for the Corporations, taxes for the Gov’t, paying for land claims, EA’s to ensure all the T’s are crossed, work for their employees. The taxes also pay for the 11 billion in Aboriginal Affairs and also for health care and education which isn’t part of the 11 billion unless there is a school on reserve. The resources, unless they are on reserve land are the Gov’ts, as per the various Treaties. It’s no more Aboriginal land than it is my land. You also won’t find a duty to “consult” with Bands on land use in the Treaties either but the Gov’t and Corporations acting in good faith try to include them. We see how unproductive this has been with major job creation mines being stalled, along with pipelines. So it’s not the jobs they want…it’s just the money… it’s always just about the money..

      • brett

        WOW! I feel sorry for your parents Andrew, too have raised such an ugly person. You have no clue on what happened and the EFFECTS of what happened. My guess is you are probably a 21 year old from a small racist town who got picked on through out school and is very angry at the world for doing so. Actually I don’t feel sorry for your parents, they are probably just as ugly as you. Anyways I got to go take a shower now after having such a disgusting conversation with this swine. Trying to make reason with you is like wrestling with a pig, you get all filthy and the pig has fun !! You will always be a pig sir.

      • sikak

        a majority opinion does not equal a justified true belief, unfortunately.

        it was the opinion of the vast majority of europeans that indigenous peoples, including africans, were subhuman, genetically….an opinion which has long since been proven false over and over again.

        just because youre a racist dick surrounded by a shitload of other racist dicks who are parroting your racist dickhead opinions, does not make the opinons produced by your racist dickheadness meaningfully true.

  • Conch

    This is such a powerful topic. At the center of this power is healing, justice and equality.
    How else would those who deny this social activism suggest you climb out from underneath oppressive regimes such as those have and continue to abuse this power in Canada?
    A newcomer to Canada reminded me of my privilege as a white woman in Canada because her experience growing up in Iran was worse than mine. A first nations woman in Canada once told me that we live in a developing nation and Canadians are not yet the examples of leaders.
    I believe this work is an example of healing, justice and equality. I believe this can be the standard on which we lead our lives, educate our children and embrace our diversity.
    Thank you Kevin. You helped bring me closer to knowing where I come from. I am an ally and I am grateful for your dedication to truth seeking.

    • Bluenoser12

      Conch…maybe google Kevin and find out he’s a fraud and liar. Even Aboriginals have denounced him. Knowledge is truth.

      • sikak

        “knowledge is truth”, lol…did you train to be this deliberately obstuse? because i find your brand of contentious belligerent ignorance and racism to be unbelievable. no one in real life is as twisted as you.

  • kootzie

    Do not those who speak in defence of the churches, of the Pope(s), of Steven Harmer, of Canadian “society” built on the theft, expropriation, extraction, extermination………….
    make themselves complicit in these crimes through their thoughts, words, and deeds ?

    Cheerleading for the losing team, because they are “YOUR” team, might be OK in sports and other irrelevancies.
    In this game the stakes are very high.
    You may wish to re-consider

  • Cindy

    This is my opinion and I hope all you racist ignorant fucks out there have your kids taken and raped and beaten and starved and lets see you GET OVER IT!!!

  • Chris

    i dont understand why the canadian public is funding all these settlements when it was the churches that did all this harm.. I’m a canadian athiest, and am not now, nor have ever been, part of a church, however i am getting the bill?

    • Jaime

      Because you are a Canadian and you CHOOSE to call Canada home. Think about it, you have a choice to live and settle anywhere in the world, yet you are here and because you chose to make this country home then you must take the good with the not so good. And it wasn’t just the churches committing these crimes, it was the Crown and the Government of Canada as well. Where do you think the churches got the money to build and maintain these “schools”. Whose “curriculum” did they follow? Whose idea was it to bring about these atrocities? If all that wasn’t enough, whose idea was it to hide and attempt to bury the truth of these crimes? Let me tell you who…the whole lot of them! The churches, the crown and the Government of Canada…that’s who!!! If any of this pisses you off and you are blaming the victims, might I suggest you aim your anger at who was responsible for all of this, because it damn sure wasn’t the victims of these atrocities!

      • Bluenoser12

        The victims were few and there wasn’t 50,000 kids murdered… and google your buddy Kevin and you’ll discover he’s a fraud.

    • sikak

      first of all….theres this saying: In order for ‘evil’ to prevail, all that need happen is for ‘good’ people to do nothing

      doing nothing includes remaining willfully ignorant of the actual facts of history and the basic socialization and psychological principles of human experience.

      second, “canada” ONLY exists because britain signed an agreement with indigenous nations to continue to pay indigenous signatories for the use of the land in perpetuity.

      meaning you owe your “right” to even call yourself a “canadian” as much to indigenous peoples as you do to the crown.

      as a treaty signatory and beneficiary “canada” is legally liable and accountable to indigenous peoples.

      that the average canadian remains almost completely ignorant of any of these basic, kindergarten level principles just boggles my mind.

      canada = producing mindless morally bankrupt ahistorical ignorant racist whites since 1867.

  • Robert

    In the end God will be the Judge , ALL who were involved will pay . not only the persons but the organizations too Churches, Government’s ALL.. even them that turn a blind eye..What ever you do to the lease of them .You done it to me Jesus said this

  • chuck

    rcmp took children too pedipiles priests and never wrote any reports weak the church has cannon law to protect their sick crimes and the Govt signed over guardianship too those freaks to do what they want that’s my history in ia nut shell karma a bitch but its coming back like it or not. peace and strength.

  • rick

    Andrew shut the hell up now you ignorent basterd! Quit talking shit! Its meaningless what you say. Degree or not your trying to make a point off topic and its silly. Just listing to yourself! I’m Mohawk I’m not blaming chiefs or govt money. Its about genocide and racism that is still alive! Fuck harper and fuck off acting all smart. If you are native your an apple. If you ain’t your lost searching for an identity bc most non natives don’t. Fawk Christianity its has so much sickness in it. Like Jesus Christ said he never wanted his followers to create a house of worship. I respect the beginnings of each owns cultural history but when it becomes so sick and twisted that the followers are brainwashed and don’t even know what the intentions ate trully for. Its to give thanks to life for what the creator gave his people. You are just a lost sad soul who hides and rants about degrees. I’m a journeyman electrician is that gd enough? Am I on your level? Go meditate and see what truly matters in your life. Guarantee it ain’t you wanting to talk about natives like your doing on this post!

  • rick

    So who is Andrew? Huh!Talk shit all you want. Probly got no kids still lives with his mom as well and drives a shitbox. A computer geek. Do you even do any good in life? Probly not! Go on now your probly a fat sleazeball or a skinny runt. Probly aint married or can be a man and feed ur own family. Hide behind ur so called degree! In what! Nothing! You little bitch! You just a hater punk ass bitch! I work with non natives in my trade and player hockey n lacrosse with non natives. You are not even considered non native your a just a little scared boy who probly hates everything but ur sorry ass computer lol. Cyber bitch u r

  • mary

    First of all they say education is free to us aboriginals that is not true I paid for my education and still continue so! The government only gives a little to go towards education and they don’t sponcer everyone and I know alot of people that had to pay for there own education and some of them still have a hard time getting a job even though they have finished university and are well educated cause they would rather hire people that are bot from this county! We need to fight for this!!!!!

  • @ Andrew…Lol Thanks for the Laughs! Your just another Racist [email protected]#k who still has a lot to learn! Lmao @ your umm “education” all your hateful comments clearly defines your STUPIDITY! IDIOT how about you just go back to school & maybe take up some Aboriginal studies course!
    High 5 to all who have replied to his idiotic comments!

  • Jeff

    Canada has had a very brief history splattered with injustice, this is true. But these crimes have happened under every nation to every group of people on the earth since the dawn of time. What defines a group of people is how they move forward, how they push for a better tomorrow rather than hanging on to past events. I come from a broken home but nothing about my past will or ever should hinder my future. Just a small perspective on a larger problem.

    • Bluenoser12

      Good.. response Jeff, but that kind of reasonable, rational thought makes you a racist on this blog.

      • sikak

        wrong again.

        being a racist makes you a racist on this blog.

        what defines a people are the values they hold true. if you value racism, hatred, pedophilia, then like bluenoser12, you havent a thing to worry about because thats what canada is.

        if, however, you value justice, truth, a balancing of the books, like the indigenous people on this forum do, then canada is not capable of providing that…..its a nation built on lies, fraud, hypocrisy, racism, theft, pedophilia, murder, denial.

        you cannot reason reasonably with the unreasonable.

        or, to put it more succinctly: trying to reason with pedophiles like bluenoser12 is like throwing pearls before swine.

        • DoubleD

          So you are a racist as well. The way you speak and describe whites on here tells me that you are. you mention lies, fraud, hypocrisy, racism, pedophilia, murder, denial. Wake up and look at the 21 century. All this stuff is happening on your reserves. Your own people are killing each other. They bring the alcohol, drugs and whatever else they can sell, yes SELL to your own people, for what, to make the almighty dollar. check the news and see how many First nations people are murdered by their brothers or sisters. Did the white man do that. What about the child abuse on the reserves, is the white man doing that?, NO but it is so easy to point the finger the other way instead of looking at yourself. You sound like an educated person, but in your own words “you cannot reason reasonably with the unreasonable”. You to have the mindset of a Racist but only on a different shoe.

          • Joe

            To have this attitude of yours, double d, if that is your real name, (open with a joke) you must clearly be unfamiliar with what the very foundation of residential schools was. you have no trouble pointing out all of these icky things that take place on modern reservations without fully grasping that the people who participate in said things learned such ickiness from an older family member. and that older family member learned from an even older family member who learned it from white preachers and nuns. to any believers reading here today, if i seem to have abandoned my faith in the lord it is only because i have done so and your god has given my people no reason to do otherwise. any of you reading this who have grandparents, ancestors or loved ones that were connected to the church during the residential school era, know one thing. if your god’s word is as good as he says it is, then Satan, the adversary, feasts on the anguish of your beloved for all eternity in the darkest pits of hell for their sins against god’s creatures.

  • Ang

    Can all this talk of land, entitlement, racism and hate stop!!!! White man, dark man, yellow man…. It boils down a horrible deep gash into HUMANITY !!! Shame on those who did this and they will meet their maker and be judged.
    For the record, I am of aboriginal descent and I have chosen NOT to exercise my rights as such.
    I am a HUMAN and HUMANS should not be doing this to anyone.
    Until we can be united as HUMANS we are all doomed. I hope families can find peace in their hearts now that this disregard for HUMAN life has been exposed.

  • Sue

    Let me just start off by saying, Andrew, you are by far the most ignorant piece of work I have come across. I would like to say that I am a white woman who has learned more from a lot of Aboriginal people (whom I call family) then almost all people combined that I have come to known in my 43 years. Their culture is absolutely astounding and what they have had to endure and STILL endure is unbelievably disgusting. Me and my family have been welcomed in open arms to their reserves, homes and teachings. My son-to-be daughter in-law is Ojibway, therefore, I am proud to say my grand children will be as well. Yes, I have a University degree too!! Big deal, that only means I can nurse in Ontario. Does that give me the right to degrade, exploit, demean and criticize anyone? Absolutely not. I am sincere when I say that the people I have met and encountered on and off the reserves, were much more welcoming and loving then most white people. It’s truly unfortunate that I even say something like that, but when I read your ugly remarks, it makes me ashamed. May I suggest you take time away from your computer and pick up a book and learn something. You may want to start with our corrupt Government. Happy readings you fool….

  • Sue

    Oooops I meant my soon to be daughter-in-law

  • james

    well as a person from Canada, not the fucking republic of kanada ^ retards this has been known for years and Canada has acknowledged this a long fucking time ago.. and apologized and put forth a truth and reconciliation council … and i wonder is this retard on crack cocaine….? fml your all idiots Canada shut down the last residential school in 1980……. by no means am i justifying what happened but this was long before pope benidict the 16th you fucking retards should get off your laptops and buy a fucking book, further more this dip shit does not know how to spell Canada…

    • Kawenahawe

      No the last residential
      School was closed in 1996 educate yourself, and the apology was bullshit saying they where sorry for taking the kids not for murder.. That is the issue here… Nazis where brought up on wars crimes and charged, and the residential schools happened during and after that!! So much for bringing our people into a more civilized society!!! There needs to be accountability then maybe people will be able to heal and move forward, to pretend it didn’t happen or say get over it is ridiculous!!

  • Andrew

    CARLA – I would personally like to thank you for proving every single point I have stated earlier. Am I jealous you ask? I would rather be homeless and penniless then be anything close to what you are and represent. Perhaps you have been dipping into the liquids like the rest of your people? Do the rest of the world a favor and stay on your reserve and take care of your own kind. The real world has educated health professionals who have earned their living. Have a wonderful evening 🙂

    • Kevin

      Andrew, to say that we are lazy, uneducated, drunks etc, etc. Just shows your stupidity. You can not stand the fact that your taxes are going back to us. In fact, I hope you know that your tax dollars just put my daughter through college. I had root canal on my molar. Cost to me zero. Cost to you your hard earned tax dollars. My son recently needed some new glasses. They were around 300.00. That cost me 65 dollars so your tax dollars picked up the rest of the tab of 265.00. I graduated from college at no cost to me in fact I was paid 800.00 a month for three years to go. On your dime of course. So when you look at your next pay stub and you glance at the line taxes with held, just remember that my son is going to university in the fall. Tuition alone is 10 000 a year plus a living allowance of 1000 per month. That’s going to be 18 000 for the next 4 years. No cost to him but your hard earned tax dollars are working overtime. I almost forgot this one. every time you pay taxes on whatever you buy from a store just remember this…..I am building a house this summer at around 125 000 dollars, we are still ironing out some details though, at NO COST TO ME. I hope this eats you up inside. So go to work because I think I want to add a fireplace to my home and I need your taxes…… sucker

      • Bluenoser12

        College? Really? Should have taken Math…265 + 65 isn’t 300 but you did say around 300… new math I guess.

      • jamey

        That is awesome, you sure told him! lol, that made my day!

      • kris

        I think you just proved @andrew’s very first point ??? No ??? Lol

    • Teela

      I don’t know what your original post and conversation was but wow is what you just said ever blatantly racist and ignorant! On a day to day basis your probably a decent person but hun you just proved you don’t have a clear knowledge of all the histories of Aboriginal peoples and the situations which have put them where they are. You also demonstrate a lack of understanding of the many ways bands work, they are not all the same, they do not all get the same benefits and they do not all have equal access to resources! This is part of the problem people are not taught the full histories and all the things the government and churches have done over the years, the residential schools were not the only harmful thing done and they were not the last these things are still recent and painful you need to get educated before you go around spouting off such racist comments. This ignorance makes me so sick.

    • sikak

      yeah, like being a pedophile/pedophile supporter and apologist, a rapist, a liar, a thief, a hypocrite, a genocidaire, a parasite, a morally bankrupt person like you is better.

    • Kane

      You are a waste of skin buddy! I can’t believe these people would even argue with you, loser!

  • Sandra

    No one has the right to judge anyone because they have not lived another’s life. The multiple generations of “indian” children attending these residential schools, were beaten for speaking their language and forced to learn a foreign one to them – English. Can you imagine how scary it is to be taken away at the age of 4? (Do you know of any children yoi can imagine being forcfully taken away in this situation?) And forced to live hundreds of miles away? Can you imagine this child seeing their own brother/ sister/ cousin at the same school but never allowed hug them, let alone even talk to them… remember they were physically punished for speaking their own language. Can you imagine this child attending this school ever year for the next 12-14 years of their life? Imagine the loss of self-identity? To be taught that you are dirty and savage and to come home having learned that your family is disgusting and dirty “Indians”. Can you imagine the broken families? The learned abuse? The lack of love? The inability to hug another person? This happened to generation after generation, with the last residential school closing in 1995. 1995!!!!! Imagine the years if scarring that needs to be healed. You want to tell them to get over it??? That its ok that this child was molested multiple times? That they witnessed their brother talk back to a nun, then pulled to the basement where no one ever saw him again? That the people would did this are allowed to get away with it?…… oh, it happend a long time ago? The people that did this are dead? Oh, so just get over it?…. ok. You can easily re-learn all of those lost cultural traditions. There’s an app for that, right?
    (Please note all of my sarcasm at the end)

  • Vince

    Poor Andrew such a lost lttile man you are. If we could turn back time and put you in the place of the 50,000 native children that lost their lives because of racist white man. You have to be white you are ignorant
    Has for finding jobs of reserve hard to do in places when racisim runs wild
    Where you say everywhere. Cornwall, Sault Ste. Marie anywhere there is a reservation close to a town or city anywhere in Canada !!! Don’t believe me travel Canada and see it for yourself !!

  • Daphne

    Andrew I wonder how your child would survive if he/she had needles poked into his/her tongue for speaking English. Or if he/she was repeatedly raped at a young age of four. How would he/she just get over it. How would he/she learn how to parent,after all your not allowed to visit your child, or even protect your child. I’m not surprised that there are still ignorant people like you walking this earth. Nor am I surprised that a man that claims to be so well educated is so small minded. Considering you claim to be a smart man and know it all why don’t you go educate yourself in Indigenous history? You will find yourself wrong. We are strong people. We are caring, and family orientated. We are hard working. Most of all, we have already survived the ignorance of your kind. So go run along to your priest. I’m sure he wants to teach you a thing or two.

  • Margery

    No one believed us when we told them how we were treated, today the Creator gave us our sanity, I’m so releaved for ALL of US. Today we should celebrate NATIVE STYLE as now it shows THIS IS OUR COUNTRY LOCK STOCK AND BARREL LIKE MY DAD, JOHNNY TAKU JACK, SAID. THAT IS THE REASON WE SUFFERED, FOR OUR COUNTRY AND YOU CAN’T WORK ANY HIGHER FOR YOUR COUNTRY. I’M EXTASTATIC. THAT IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL.!!!!! I’LL USE THEIR RELIGIOUS LAST WORD, A M E N A M E N A M E N.!!!!!!!!

    • Bluenoser12

      Wrong again Marg.. it was a fake “Court”… 58 Jurors should have been the hint…Amen

  • Charm

    Seems ppl are getting nervous and should be watch out us Indians aee restless and now Educated and as long as the wind blows and water flows it is our land, if u dont like it go back to where you belong, because things are about to get real 😀

  • Charm

    Such small narrow minds people have, it’s appalling that after all the facts, that some people are actually arguing with a genocidal ruling! Seriously? It is true genocide because it was a plan from the beginning to ‘get rid of the Indian in children’ was an accomplished)

  • Charm


    • Bluenoser12

      Hello…it wasn’t a real court.. you’ve been duped again by radical leftists… too funny. Read the article..58 Jurors

  • AliKat

    It doesn’t matter if the stinking Prime minister wasn’t alive then, THE WHOLE GOVERNMENT ALONG WITH THE STUPID BROKE BITCH QUEEN should be held ACCOUNTABLE FOR ALL THERE ACTIONS!!! Simple, since they made all those KILLINGS SEEM SIMPLE ENOUGH TO HIDE THE FACTS.. but it’s not really my place to Judge, I shall Pray for them❤️ Cause that’s how I roll…

  • Nancy

    The residential schools were established by the Canadian Government and staffed by nuns and church people because they would work for less money than actual teachers. The government severely underfunded these schools so that the children were poorly fed and poorly cared for. Yet they forced children from their families into these schools and put parents in jail if they refused to let their kids go. But the government is putting the blame entirely on the Church and taking none of it themselves. Way to weasel out of it.

  • Bruce Gunn

    Congratulations Kevin, and all of those who have persevered, for this verdict. It’s been a long time coming! And you, as well as others, have paid a high price. ..from the moment you threatened to go public with your views. ..and were forcibly removed from your pulpit by the United Church in BC. I know. .I was there!!! I hope you can have some”peace”with this victory/moment.

    • Bluenoser12

      Bruce it wasn’t a real court…but if it made your day have a great one…maybe google this Kevin guy and see he’s a schemer to put it nicely.

  • Del Scipio

    Canada will become Contestia (Contestea) before it becomes a Constitutional Republic.

  • Read some very good words in here. I could go on an say how residential school affected me,but there is not enough room here to do that. But I do get to say I’m a survivor of it. I would not wish it on anyone. But there is a few of us Dakota’s that do not want to be Indians. We’re still in the courts battling it out with a court that is run by the government.we just want a piece of our land back.

  • Duke

    To anyone who disagrees – fuck yourself – you would argue anything against Natives dumb cunts

  • Speedy

    Ridiculous…Yes an extreme wrong was perpetrated against the Natives, but we cannot hold the children accountable for the crimes of the parents. Canada, the Queen and the Church as moral entities may be held responsible and forced to make the amends they can, but not their current leaders who had nothing to do with it.

    As far as those participating in a alledged, current cover-up they may only be charged as accessory after the fact – not quite the same. I think is is more important to learn from these horrors, sit down together and start the healing process that may prevent such things ever happening again.

  • shantelle

    OKAY SOOOOOOOO.. What about the other form’s of residential school’s??? I myself have grown up in the foster “care” system and it is so close to the stories i have heard from my elder’s that attended the school’s!! I am 24 yrs old! grew up beaten, starved, molested, scared and uneducated!!! If they are looking at residential school’s finally and how to start healing??? How long until they do something to try heal us the children of today???? another 20 year’s from now 🙁 bout time people start noticing all of this!!!!!! I always thought of this growing up but wondered who was going to care to listen… felt unworthy to have a voice and still feel like a waste of air. I haven’t given up my life though!!! I know something has to be done but i don’t know how to go about it!! I wish i knew more about the justice system!!! It has to change for our children!!!!

  • shantelle

    Would have been better off with my mother! Spoon fed me and did me so wrong all my life while i was suppose to be in your care being taken care of! Then expect shit from me at 18 when you throw me out on my ass. To work or whatever the fuck you want now!! I am going by what i have been taught. my life and I am just trying to be happy now.

  • Robert Muir

    One helluva a April fools joke

  • M Champagne

    I’m a survivor, I wish people would understand that what we went through was pure hell for some of us!, I wish I could tell you how it changed my life greatly, but it would take too much your time….

  • AreCanadiansThatclueless

    Canadians are delusional , My grandmothers younger brother died in the residential schools, after he died they just buried him , didn’t even let her father see the body , rcmp said they would arrest him if he showed up at the school , mass abuse atrocities against the first nations children that were covered up , rcmp were complicit in all those first nations childrens deaths, as was the were the feds , Canadian feds want to keep its clean image , show the world Canada is a great place , well guess what it aint so clean , still happening thousands of children have died in the Canadian foster care system in the last 20 years ,what are Canadians doing nothing . totally disgusted , this country is going down the toilet in every way possible

  • Standing Bear

    This is a new chapter and now we as people of all nations know the facts .. I am a survivor and believe justice should be served . It is an honor to be alive . I just have to say I do not accept Harpers public apology that he made on CBC it was a valiant effort but I will always question the motives and never be able to trust the hidden agendas of The Harper criminal regime . The apology was more of a publicity stunt for Harper to make himself look good for Canadians and the rest of the world but that is just my opinion . This is a time for Canada to break away from the current system and create a new and improved system . A system everyone can be a part of with no hidden or bad intentions . Now is the peoples time to see and enlighten themselves with the truth . Learn and understand there is a criminal system destroying what can be a healthy society and environment . Republic of Kanata is the direction to go .

  • Jumping Weasel

    Before Settlers arrived, FN had absolutely no concept of land ownership. The land was used by whomever occupied it at the time, and when it was no longer occupied, someone else moved in and used the land until they moved. I am an old man, and my friends are old men. Lots of them were happy they went to residential school, because the life they lived before they went there was pretty shitty.

    I know people around here who submitted fake claims because they knew damn well the government would not investigate. All this money was there for the taking, and everyone had his hand out.

    It’s FN’s own little Holohoax, and like the Jews, they will milk it forever.

  • Cynthia Morrison
    • Cynthia Morrison

      CANADA World Wide March Waking Up The Masses
      May 1 – 4
      See top post for list of locations in Canada

      • Cynthia Morrison

        I just heard that this article is a scam…..

  • I hope everyone mentioned who is in charge today, back when all the abuse was happening and higher up who told these people to do what they did and why? It’s good old greed, we were used and shived away like cattle and forgotten, til now, we are awake again and strong enough to fight for our rights.

  • mr big

    this guys an idiot and a nut, look how proud he looks at the end of it like he just did it for the credit, what a scumbag

  • DoubleD

    I wish to speak on both sides of the fence. First off, I feel for what happened to the First Nations people in the Residential schools. I never knew about them up until about 5 yrs ago when I went back to college. I was surprised as hell as to what went on. I watched videos of some survivors telling stories about what happened to them. I cried as I could see and feel their pain. I too grew up being abused, sexually, physically, emotionally and I am Caucasian. When I went to school I too was abused. I am a left handed person and I was considered different. I used to get rapped across the knuckles, slapped across the side of the head, sent down to the office, got the strap all for being left handed. I was emotionally, physically beaten also. As I read some of the other comments here I sit and shake my head. As I got older I learned that you cannot live in the past. It is the only way you can move on. Yes, some things are worse than others but you cannot change the past. I read that some of you are mentioning my parents, grandparents told me or are telling me stories about what happened. you say it affects you, HOW? you did not live it, you only live it through someone else’s eyes and stories. Yes, maybe you missed out on affection but so did a lot of us when we were growing up. You state that the gov’t owes you, owes what? The gov’t apologized for what happened. They gave you a big settlement which you took and every First Nations person that had a status card or lived on a reserve got XX amount of dollars. Now that is all gone are you seeking another money grab? Every First Nations person has the choice to live or not live on the reserve. They have the choice of going to school, to become Doctors, lawyers, anything they wish to be, but yet you still wallow in pity. I feel that most of these replies are from younger people who are just plain lazy, looking for a handout and are using this as an excuse. Get off your butts, the past is the past, quit wallowing in it and do something with your lives. I did.

    • Joe

      unfortunately for you, double D, your abuse just seems to simply come from inferior genetic material, whereas native complacency can at least be attributed to a systematic cycle of parental abuse that started outside of our race with sadistic white christians (ancestors of yours as well, judging by your tales of your upbringing) you see you have an edge on all the kids who died in residential school. as a little white girl, you were in a position to be pitied by most of society at large if you were to speak out about your abuse. this isn’t the case for natives even today in the harrowing aftermath of the christians. the reaction to little indian girls speaking out about abuse was (and still mostly is, sadly) typically ‘well, you’re indian. what are you gonna do? move along now there’s some good white children that need my help’ or something equally as hopeless and dismissive. so don’t go talking about your ‘they treat me like i’m different’ childhood like it compares to the crushing fucking vacuum of societal isolation and stigma that comes with living on a reservation. all your bullshit about how inferior we are is how everyone we see growing up thinks about us and they have no trouble plastering that fact all over their fucking smug faces and i mean everyone principals, teachers fucking counselors. i was born in 92 and i’m in my second year of post secondary and i shudder to think what things were like for my mother and father because at the turn of the new fucking millennium in northern bc, i felt society’s judgement on me in one form of another aaalll through my childhood. and it’s despite all this that i intend to spread awareness to the poor modern hillbillies such as yourself. and yes you are a hillbilly as well as anyone who agrees with you and your bile. if not in geography, than in spirit you and your kind have perpetuated good ole american hillbilly ignorance. good day to you

  • diane richmond

    I just pray that all this injustice would be dealt with why is the Government of Canada not listening, now the Queen and the Pope, I read the comments every one sounds so angry all I would like to say how would you like your children taken away from you, come on people wake up and tell the truth instead of judging, you will never get rid of us, I am a First Nation elder and I do not live in a reservation so I can’t say what is happening my band level, take a good look how our government if sending money to other countries but can’t take care of his own people in his own country.

  • Melissa

    It’s amazing how people try to prove a point by not giving one at all and just start name calling instead. “Racist” comes up a lot and I’m seeing racist comments come from both sides. I am not native. But I love this land that I was born on. It is my home. At some point all the people of canada have immigrated here. Some just further back than others. And focusing on the whole “we were here first” doesn’t help you win anything. Because this is the only home I know. In an avid outdoors person who was brought up to appreciate and respect the land. I’m and nature lover an animal lover and I respect the environment. I work hard make an honest living. If you’re going to tell you this place is not my home then we will disagree every time. Because it is not fact that this is not my home. It’s opinion. Occupying a space first doesn’t mean it’s yours. I do acknowledge the atrocities that happened on the residential schools and I do believe the families deserve justice for what happened. But I hate to see a people who call out others for being racist be racist themselves. I never hurt anyone yet everyday I am told that I’m a bad person because I’m white? People need to be more accepting of one another and start working together to come up with some real solutions the name calling is distracting and prevents either side from really proving anything and most definitley strips the individuals of any credit when they have to resort to it to prove an argument. It might make you feel better but really it only makes you look bad. Ps while I may not be native I have family and friends that are native. I grew up not even noticing a difference in people’s skin tones. Racism alluded me until I got older. And it’s amazing how prevalent it is in many cultures including native people. It’s up to the individual to decide if they are a good person. This is independent of their race, and ancestors. So how about we all try to occupy canada in harmony and respect for each other as individuals while still practicing our own cultures. Throwing more money at the reserves isn’t the solution. Because that money is being abused not nescisarrily by the people of the reserves but often by the chiefs. So there needs to be a solution and money will be involved but it needs different structure system. Burying your heels in the sand won’t solve anythinng and saying we called dibs isn’t going to help either. Because this is my home too and I’m not going anywhere. So we need to come up with something else.

  • Adrienne

    There are good people, bad people, kind people, angry people, ignorant people, smart people, compassionate people, even dumb and stupid people but all these people exist in every community and in every family and ALL of these attributes do not care what color you are. As a young Canadian Aboriginal growing up in Saskatchewan all these comments would have bothered me then. Just like racist people used to bother me just for being racist. Now 30 years later, I ask myself? What has changed? There is still racism, especially feel it in small Sask towns when I go home to my Reserve for a visit…but it does not bother me today. Now I can give these people a smile and show them kindness even though they do not return the favor and do not like me for the color of my skin. My perception has changed. I have grown to love myself completely and accept who I am and where I come from. That is where all spiritual and emotional growth begin. I urge every single person who reads my post to start accepting and loving who you are no matter what color your skin is you are still so important to this world. We all are. We all feel, influence others, bleed and every single one of us will take that journey home. And if we each do not make our own conscious effort to accept and love ourselves completely, then it would be pretty hard to leave positive light in this world which should be each of our contributions to life and growing. One day we will all be on the outside looking in at how we contributed to shaping the world for our greats and their futures. And I ask you, will it be positive or negative? Yes we can all lose in life and we can all win. It is only up to the individual. I am always grateful, even when I feel pain because I always see what I do have, not what I don’t. Have a wonderful day and I wish you all happiness 🙂 Migwech!

  • Adrienne

    Oh and DoubleD I really liked your comment. And I will answer your question. It affected the grandchildren and the ones who never attended because of the horrific things done to their grandparents as little kids they learned the same behavoirs, lost parenting skills altogether, and drank continuous throughout their lives to numb or blur the memories of the attrocities inflicted on them in Residential Schools. They either taught their child these behaviors and/or neglected them causing the social services system to step in and raise some of the children in care. People are funny like that, they tend to turn out like their parents. It is important to learn from the past but definitely unhealthy to try live in it and quite impossible. There are Residential School Survivors and Victims. When I saw myself as a victim I used to blame others and hate the government. Now I see myself as a Survivor and contribute positiveness to all.

  • Cheyenne

    AFter reading all this comments, its clear that we as a human race are never going to come together……..
    Things did happen and yes people need to be held accountable. At the same time we need to move forward. heal as much as possible…….and come together because this land all over the world is being destroyed and soon NONE of us will have anything to live for……….MOther Earth will be so messed up………

  • daniellengs

    This is a horrible thing that has happened in world history. That being said bad things have happened to group of people all throughout history. If there are any people alive that are to blame they should be, and punished accordingly. But governments and religous organizations should not be punished for the acts of others. I am not religious. I am infact native. Wrong was done. We have reconition. Now lets move on the world is beautiful. Family is wonderful, now go out and enjoy what life has to offer.

  • Catherine

    After reading through these comments I feel utterly exhausted and dismayed. I have known many aboriginals, attended university with some, some bitter, others healed, some lived off reserve, on reserve, traditional, some trying to forget they are native, some even catholic. This was a tragedy that cannot be denied, resulting in much suffering and could never really be compensated. But I agree with daniellengs that we need to move forward and try to stand together, because there are worse days coming for every one of us. Unthinkable things that will make what happened at Res. schools pale by comparison. Maybe only then we will be able to stand together. When we are all fighting for survival and it won’t matter where we came from. It saddens me when we paint every individual with one brush. I am a Catholic who loves God, my fellow brothers and sisters regardless of race, creed or culture and try to use the sufferings of my own life to have better understanding of others. The church has erred because of some of its members but not all and certainly not the majority. But many countless priests and nuns have also sacrificed their lives in history and continue today in defense of the persecuted, the poor, the suffering, out of great love. Peace-loving Christians are among the most persecuted in the world today. These rarely make headlines and people seem always to want to focus on to what is negative and hateful. I hope we can figure out how to one day walk together in peace and love and forgiveness. Then healing can truly begin

  • Kickahole

    The article has been written by the the same person or persons directly associated with this man, please look a little closer, there is no reference to any other source other then what is presented and is also directly related to this man. think about it, the Vatican will never admit to this or the government, thats mass murder, the US and canadian governments are built on the extermination of the indigenous peoples, animals and plant life, replaced by a foreign source, this would implicit everyone including the man that wrote this article, coherent thought leads to truth and liberation and as of now most are not educated to take this path but the path of manipulation to follow and to take for granted what we read on the internet as the truth, please do some research because you will find the inconsistencies in this man, the article and the organizations that are associated with this statement.
    if my comment is subject to censorship I will take it and repost it to my many blogs and web site that I administrate.


    Whenever someone mentions the Vatican, the first words that come to mind are DEMONS and EVIL.

  • Daniel

    I dont know what gives none Native People the right to speak on something they know nothing about how ridiculous you all sound lol some of the things you people say may be true but who are you to say them if it were upto me the should hold anyone who was involved with this or knew about this totally strip 5 generation of there families of any feature earnings and land and wealth everything and see hoe the recover from it

  • Religion is a crock of s–t

    Just one more reason why I have consciously rejected the idea of “God”. I feel really really sorry for people who “believe”. They obviously can’t see that we are no more special on this planet than other animals, we just happen to be the “higher” animal that stuffs everything up!

  • Tracey

    I am an Aboriginal woman, and have had family affected by the residential school system. Thankfully most of them ended up living long healthy productive lives, but I’m sure all of them experienced some neglect and abuse in these school (just taking kids away from their families and communities is abuse in itself). However, I do not believe some of the outlandish stories that Kevin Annett is supporting, especially the one claiming that the Queen took several Aboriginal kids for a picnic in the 60s in Kamloops and all of them were never seen again? What rubbish! Stick the facts, that thousands of kids were abused/neglected, not crazy stories which make a mockery of the truth

  • Ernie

    Move on everybody!!!!!! and you can leave Queen Elizabeth out of this!!!!!

    • sidney

      lol qeen lover are we??

    • Kuauhtzin Kehewin

      U can go ahead and kiss her guilty as , and be part of this genocide , garbage human

    • Kuauhtzin Kehewin

      You go and kiss her guilty ass, you are evil like her

  • Michael Glendale

    Children, no matter what color or socioeconomic station, deserve protection. They are effectively unable to do so themselves. Ensuring the safety of future children is reason enough to bring such matters to light. Justice may never reach the children that perished at the hands of deeds past, but to turn blind eye invites further allowances.

    We’ve all be young before. We’ve all been children. Some of us have them ourselves and know how vulnerable and defenseless they are. That in itself should be enough to move will into action.

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  • Anne

    This issue isn’t really news to me. I took a social justice course, and this was on of the injustices we discussed. I live in BC, so maybe that could be why? Maybe I’m thinking of something else. =/

  • ghr
  • sidney

    why we as anishinabe cant get over what has happened is because we were so connected to the land,some still are but very few.and when we were forced off our traditional land and then forced to stop being who we are proud tradional people, it broke our spirit and our connection to mother earth was also broken.so many became addicted to booze and were rapped by these so called christians so all this has been passed down from generation to generation instead of our traditional ways and thats why we so messed up right now.if my ancestors stole,rapped,murdered ,lied and almost every other ruthless thing to get what i have now i would give it back and feel like a piece of shit. thats why so many whites are racist cause they know what their ancestors did to get this country and they feel bad so they make it seem more like we are the problem.would i be called a racist for not liking a race who murdered my people stole from them and all kinds of things that today are considered crimes?? what ever!!1

  • But sadly enough nothing will happen no one will go to jail because of status and money and they should all pay for so many innocent lives lost, just because they did not want to understand the culture and just deemed my people savages. If people would take the time to understand just because it is not your customs it does not make you a savage or and animal..

  • Giniti Bey

    ITCCS Juror: There was no ITCCS trial of UK Queen & Pope Ratzinger. Trial a Kevin Annett fabrication

  • Bill Williams

    What we need to do is form our own government like the First Nation’s Party of Canada, and get rid of these people that have control over us. We need to separate ourselves from the Queen who is doing absolutely nothing for us. We need to rise up, and stand up for the next generation. We can do it, I believe we can.

  • Kane

    I honestly think this is a fight for the aboriginal people of this country though I do commend Kevin Annett for being a voice…I don’t think any aboriginal person in Canada or the US needs to explain themselves because all the information is there, the Canadian govt knows damn well what happened on this matter and many others… Our government is shameful they are way to involved in other countries matters and that really makes me think wtf is going on in this world, oh they say it is for humanitarian reasons but Harpers comment to Putin really makes me wonder. I think we all need to stand up and make our voices heard to government because they are giving us all the shaft, they control all our lives and probably will never stop and it will only get worse, they are not for the people anymore and probably never were. I am Metis and to the survivors and the native people of this country don’t ever give up your fight for what you believe in because the corruption will be the only beneficiaries if you do, not the people of North America.

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  • Many years ago I started a piece of prose I wrote, with the line “As the kingdom falls, falls to the ground…” I read it to someone that I know and they intook their breathe loudly. I laughed it off. I didn’t know then how prophetic it was. Over the last fifteen or twenty years I have seen things happening that have confirmed for me that our world and our system as we know it is falling apart right before our eyes in our lifetimes. I have told people that I knew we would see our leaders brought down right in front of us. Every authoritative body that we have relied upon, including police, politicians, church, royalty, even the medical community, is being exposed. This means that the common people lose complete trust and respect in those entities and are no longer intimidated by them. This means that common people figure out that, not only have we always had the right to speak up and stand up, but that it is dire that we do. It is up to the common people to act according to human interest because the castles are falling and we are the ones who are living under them. We are getting real, people. It’s getting real.

  • TIME TO SET EVERYONE STRAIGHT . The government is trustee over First Nations Trust accounts worth today over $2 trillion. It earns an annual interest of over$35 billion. .https://www.facebook.com/AaronPaquetteArt/photos/a.407683733753.184728.34759153753/10152708856508754/?type=1

  • Nadine

    There are 3 churches named in the governing of these schools so why is only one being held accountable. Really?

  • Joyce

    The nazi leaders are the only ones being held guilty for killing 6000000 Jews not the rest of the German people— why are we all still paying for things that happened before I was born.

  • Doris

    Not just natives were placed in residential schools here in Canada. Some of us went through a lot more than today’s natives that are crying genocide. Being robbed of our education and real abuse and in some cases pure torture which held life time effects. Oh and this happened in my generation. Not by my ancestors but by living people.
    After the Queen used the aboriginal people SHE placed them on the reserve after doing the dirty work for the Queen. They were used as pawns to do the Queen’s dirty work. As a result they were placed also in residential schools to become civilized and not savages according to the history.
    If unforgiveness was according to God’s word there would be no humans on this earth. Rather than take the past and use it as a lever to obtain your own ways it might be wiser and more beneficial for you to follow the word of God rather than the words of hate and unforgiveness.
    The genocide you are blaming this generation for is absolutely ridiculous. I know that the Jewish people would have a lot more right to make claim to and to complain and to hold guilty those that enslaved them for 400 years and then they had their genocide. Look it up in history. If you read in the word of God instead of your worldly beliefs you will find that the only people who were given land by the creator himself was the Jews. Therefore, you have no claim to any land. Its more than time enough to stop trying to live in the past which is already gone and to move forward with one of the greatest gifts of all which is love according to the creator.
    If crying about the generational past is acceptable then the French, African Americans or any other nations of people could cry of their misfortunes from the past. So why not do as the creator called us to do and LOVE one another and be at peace. All people have all rights when it comes to education, jobs, housing and an opportunity to make it in THIS world like everyone else. Its time to stop the crying about what happened generations ago and get on with the truth that everyone has equal opportunity.
    To claim that Canada, the Queen and the Vatican is to blame is foolishness and a waste of your time. This government of today DID NOT create this effect on aboriginal people.
    May I say, If aboriginal people were to focus on today and stop crying woes about the past to obtain whatever they feel in r

  • Doris

    May I say, if aboriginal people were to focus on today and stop crying woes about the past to obtain whatever they feel is restitution then they would see life as it was meant to be seen. We are not to live in the past nor compensate for past behaviors in today’s day.
    You all know the saying ” Don’t cry over spilled milk” just clean it up and move on.
    I am aboriginal and I do not want to repeat the past nor do I want the world to view me as “one of those aboriginal people” who only want a free ride in life with the complaints on yesterday.
    May God bless you all and may you find the truth in the word of God.

  • Doris

    In answer to Bill Williams post.
    In order for the aboriginal people to separate themselves from the Queen then they need to not accept the cheese and bread they are given yearly by the Queen. Just reject what her treaty was and move on.

  • I have spoken in classrooms about some of the things that I have had to deal with and the children were shocked to hear that some of those things had happened to someone they knew. yes I am still alive and well…I am 67 and have a younger sister who is 56 she also went too. one of the hardest thing that happened to me when I was 17, my younger brother who was 14 at the time spoke to me on the phone wondering if I was going to his grad on saturday. this was on a Wednesday afternoon. I remember when I was at the school that there was always someone listening to our conversation on an extension. that was proven to us when my mom asked us if we got the money she sent to us and we got rushed out and told to hang up the phone. so us older ones knew about this. while talking to my brother, he started to tell me that when he gets out he was going to tell everything that was going on at the school. he was getting out on Monday. so lets see that was wed., thurs., fri., sat., sun., mon. (6 days and he would have been out of there not having to go back forever). next thing I heard was I gotta go, I gotta go…click. I was so happy I was going to go to his grad on saturday. on Friday night one of the priests kept phoning us and asking for mom or dad…they weren’t home, they went out for the evening. when they came home we told them about the call and then the priest called again to tell us my brother had died. they didn’t say how but the next day they were saying that it was a suicide. NOW WHY WOULD A 14 YEAR OLD COMMIT SUICIDE WHEN HE ONLY HAD 6 DAYS LEFT AT THE SCHOOL??? deep down in my heart I know he didn’t do this to himself, we all knew this. to hear my mom crying all the time and we couldn’t help her, was soooo tramatic. let alone the things that happened while we were there. I spent 5 years there and was almost killed 3 times, was badly raped 3 times. when I was sick I couldn’t even spend time in the infirmary because there was always someone telling me that I wasn’t sick enough to stay there and I couldn’t hardly walk. but they did this to me because they were afraid of what might happen to me. amongst other things we really were slaves there…we did all the work there, scrubbing of floors, cleaning toilets, washing windows, cooking, sewing, washing clothes, sorting, etc…. this was an every week thing. you haven’t heard much from me but this is just a little bit of pain that I had to endure for the rest of my life…it isn’t only myself. when going through my healing I used to say I just want to go back to drinking so that I wouldn’t have to remember, well you just got a little bit of our history. now tell me I have to forget, I would love to, if you have a way of washing away all of those memories tell me about it because they are a part of “ME”. I am Coast Salish, lived on and off reserves.

  • Harry

    There seems to be much confusion about what Native Indians are entitled to , maybe this will help


  • laura

    Having the past exposed is detrimental. There needs to be recognition of what has happened, so that it does not repeat in the future. However, not to undermine the past of those who are seriously suffering in the pain of the past, if an individual chooses to live in un-forgiveness and blame, healing and restoration will never be known but rather, victimization will define them! The fortunate thing is that you are in control of your own life if you choose to be! You don’t have to be a victim of past circumstances. You don’t have to let the past define who you are or your future!

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