City Property VS Public Property: The New Communist Rhetoric

by NC
I recently went by my local Walmart today and noticed a police security tower posted in the parking lot. I was fuming to know that a tower was posted in a parking lot that was so close to my neighborhood, as I lived just a few blocks away from it.
I drove towards it and as usual no one was in it but cameras were posted everywhere around it like a FEMA camp. I looked around to see any reaction to the customers going in and out of Walmart and everyone completely ignored it, playing the “ignorance is strength” card.
I took it upon myself to go into Walmart and asked for a manager in order to have them explain to me why they feel they need a police security tower in their parking lot.
“Why do you have a security tower in front of your parking lot?” I said.
“I don’t know. You know, I noticed that too. I don’t really know.” She said.
“Are we being invaded?” I replied.
She just gave me this weird smirk and the customers’ she was helping with began to laugh, not at me, but at the fact that even they knew a security tower there was ridiculous.
She said, “Well I don’t really know why it is there. We have no control over it.”
I said, “You have no control over it? It’s on YOUR property and that doesn’t bother you?”
She explains, “The parking lot is actually not our property. It’s public property. So since it is city property, the police department can do whatever they want with it.”
“It’s NOT city property,” I exclaimed, “it’s PUBLIC property. Public property is NOT city property. It belongs to the people. There is no such thing as ‘city property’!!!”
“Well, it’s not just here. They’re mobile and I’ve seen them move in different parking lots every week. I don’t know why they have them or need to do that.” She replies.
“And you don’t question it or see any problems with that?” I said.
She just shrugged and gave me that “Oh well” look.
“Well, that’s great.” I said. “Meanwhile, when they come with guns and start shooting at you, just sit here and go with it. Okay?” and at that point I walked away with about 5 or 10 people looking at me, either smirking or shaking their heads like sheeple.
I know Walmart is filled with sheeple, but I’ve seen these things in parking lots of Target, Walmart, Malls, Costco and many more all throughout the Dallas area and NO ONE ELSE COMPLAINS ABOUT IT OR QUESTIONS IT!!!!! I’m sick of it!!!
This “ignorance is strength” is beyond absurd. I can’t take it anymore.
So getting to my point, let’s talk about this new Communist brainwashing campaign that they have got going of calling public property, “city property”.
Yes, let’s twist the word ‘public’ to ‘city’ and tell all the sheeple and people that the ‘city’ now owns the ‘public’ property.
I’m sorry but who controls the city? Oh yea, WE THE PEOPLE!!! Not the politicians and not some stupid mayor, chief of police or any other person for that matter. Only WE THE PEOPLE!!!
You see, the psychotic Communists have this way of thinking that if they tell the people that it is city property then even though it is still public, they can deceive the people and indoctrinate our children into believing that our government is in control of all public property and therefore anything you do on public property, you have to get a “permit” from the government to do something.


So I ask myself, what’s next? Are they going to start moving these mobile towers just outside apartment complexes and say, “It is outside of the apartment complex, so therefore it is ‘city property’ and we can do it” while monitoring your apartment window from a few feet away?
What about on our neighborhood streets? I’m sure they will come up with some kind of excuse such as, “Well, the street is public…er I mean ‘city’ property, so therefore we can have a police tower on your street. But don’t worry, as no one is there inside of it and the cameras aren’t on, even though they are pointed down below. They are just there for decoration and to possibly scare or intimidate anyone from doing anything illegal. By the way, we can turn it on from the station and send you a fine if you happen to jay-walk across the street. Remember, we know where you live.”
What about the highways? Gotta make sure we protect the construction crew as they repair the roads. After all, most of them are illegal immigrants and they have more rights than we do.
Or maybe we can put one up at the hospitals too. After all, we gotta make sure those patients are monitored. Don’t want them running away without their meds and we have to make sure we protect the patients from those evil people who don’t want to take their vaccinations. Don’t worry, we’ll put them in our database and quarantine them for ya.
This is INSANITY, PEOPLE!! I REFUSE to stand around here doing nothing anymore, but all I see are IDIOTS who just give the famous, “OH WELL” line and move on.
Hey, guess what? Your 12 year old kid just got shot by a cop for accidentally hitting him with a Frisbee. How’s that “oh well” working out for ya now, you ignorant fool!
I’m so fed up with it! We have people in NY passing bills to search your house for anyone who is not supposed to live there? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???
So wait then, is your house YOUR property or is it “city” property now? If it is “city” property, then is it no longer, “public property”, right?
It’s time to show ourselves and enforce our Rights and end this Communist word game before it spreads. I encourage everyone who sees these security towers to go to the places that they are stationed at, make people aware by talking to the customers or making complaints to management in stores that are in the same area as it, by pointing out the insanity of it all and how unconstitutional it is and make them see the tyranny that is right in front of their faces.
No longer can we stand idly by. Talk to the people in your neighborhood about it. Speak out! STOP hiding!
I don’t encourage anyone to go to the police because we know how that will end. The important thing is to keep waking up these zombies and make them see the police state right in front of them. Put a sticky note on the wall, put fliers on cars, slip them in carts as you walk by customers, talk to them when they walk out. DO SOMETHING!!!!
Don’t just stand there and watch these Communists take away our country and enslave us without a fight. Do something and FIGHT BACK!
The more people we can wake, the better our chances. Time is growing short, as the police state is expanding more and more each day and we need to do all we can to wake people up and make a difference. I know it may sound like I’m beating a dead horse, but this shows how frustrated I am and I know I’m not the only one.
I am not writing articles all the time because I want to. I am writing them because I HAVE TO!
It is MY DUTY as an American to inform people of what is going on around my area and in our country and to stand up and take action, as it should be for everyone else.
Once again, we MUST NOT stand idly by. Do not play the “Oh well” game.
Ignorance is NOT strength! Awareness and action is!
So the next time you see one of these security towers in your area or hear someone say, “it’s city property”, take action and wake them up!
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