Immorality And The Continuous Decline of American

A shocking look at Spring Break 2014, Ainsley Earhardt travels to Panama City.

Julie Telgenhoff| The following video is the only one I could find that showed the abhorrent, disgusting behavior from sleazy young adults during their “fun times” at Spring Break, so if you disregard the message because it’s from FOX News, don’t read on, don’t watch and DON’T comment. I’m well aware that all MSM News is sold out and a bunch of presstitutes themselves.

I guarantee you that my own children (one a sophomore in college) will not be participating in any of these Spring Break flings. Are they perfect? Hell no, but they have a moral compass and do not like to be in the presence of trashy young adults. They’ve both also been working since they were 16 years of age and when summer break comes, they work even more.

Somehow over the many years, Spring Break has become some rite of passage for these college students who have no clue what real life is all about. Most are still doing the 4 year BS or BA degree thing to where they learn nothing because it’s not a major that is a specialty like someone who is majoring in say …nursing, engineering, etc.

For one thing, most (not all) of these college students, who are usually the ones who do the “Spring Break Thing”, do not have the monetary resources to fund these trips which can only mean that mommy and daddy are financing their Spring Fling excursion.

I, myself, was in college at one time, but I couldn’t afford a “Spring Break”. Instead, I came home on every break, found employment and worked any job I could find to contribute to my college expenses. One job I remember of such dread was doing the grave yard shift in a plastic assembly line. And, I  didn’t have perfect parents, but they obviously instilled a good work ethic in me.

I also realize these Spring Break “Girls/Guys Gone WILD” have been going on for quite some time, but isn’t it time for parents and their children to get a grip on life and start doing something productive?

In the following video, let’s hope that anyone who subscribes to this website doesn’t bear witness to any of their children doing the most disgusting acts that quite frankly is contributing to the further demise and destruction of the USofA INC. And don’t give me that BS of “They’re just young, let them have some fun.” If that’s your thought process, then when Spain, Greece, Argentina, etc are the normal way of life here in the land of the “police state” USA, I hope you and your kids have prepared for the hell you’re about to face (coming soon).

Girl Culture

For those who haven’t noticed or, just like these young adults in the video, haven’t been paying attention, America is being systematically destroyed from within ….and the final goal is to bring her down to a third world country; hence the intentional destruction of the middle class.

This isn’t left vs right rhetoric, divide and conquer BS. One only needs to look back and see that NAFTA was introduced way back in the early 1990s to commence the off-shoring of American jobs and fast forward to the push for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is NAFTA an steroids, and you are witnessing a corporate coup d’etat. In order to better control slaves, keep them in line and dependent on the state for their survival, the owners cannot have a healthy middle class; they need the very, very, very poor and then the few very, very rich.

Here are some comments from the YouTube video which will be shown below: 

“There is a clear difference in having fun and pure stupidity, I am so disappointed in my generation. The people who just drink to get wasted it is just sad on multiple levels. I drink, but not to get drunk, just because I enjoy the taste and like it after a hard day at work or school or just hanging with some friends. Do something like hiking in the mountains or a long fishing trip for spring break rather than getting wasted all day to make some of your worst mistakes then having it all over social media and regret it for the rest of your life. I have more fun when everybody is sober and having a good time than when everybody is immature and wasted. Glad I have a good group of friends and a girlfriend who doesn’t show her tits to the world. Our ideal spring break is a long fishing trip at a house on the river or sometimes a hunting trip for turkey season or to a beach that isn’t filled with idiots.”

“Absolutely disgusting! I live in this area and spring break is a nightmare!! The girls that were on this video should be ashamed of themselves. They are showing no respect for themselves or their parents. The cops need to be out there patrolling more and arresting the kids for their inappropriate behavior. It’s a shame I can’t even take my children to the beach because all these idiots are out here doing drugs, having sex in public places. I wasn’t perfect when I was a teenager or in college, but I damn sure didn’t act like that!”

“And some people wonder why or even deny how bad off the country is and how dark our future is.  Civilization hangs by a thread.  Rome is burning.  However, they are offering bread at the Sports Stadium.”

“No threshold anymore everyone is trying to be crazier then the next person for attention.”


“I wasnt perfect when I  was younger but I am so glad I never acted like that. The youth today have no respect for themselves or anyone else. We can largely thank our public schools and the kid’s parents for their behavior. I know there is personal responsibility also but how you are raised has a lot to do with it. God is going to pour out even more judgment on us if we dont fall on our faces and TURN from  our evil ways. And the guy who said he would rather his kids act that way in the USA and not Mexico, how about saying I dont want my kids to act that way at all.”

“And people wonder why the country is headed down the toilet…”

“America at is’s fucking finest. What a fucking bunch of stupid, drunk, attention whores.”


“This is one of the stupidest expose ever!   What is this:   Girls Gone Wild?”
Enjoy:  Spring Break 2014: Panama City

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