The Globalist’s 2014 Predictions: We Must Reach Mass Awareness!

Subliminal messaging has been utilized for years in areas as diverse as the Mainstream Media (MSM) News, TV shows, movies and political speeches.

Are we being fed these messages on a daily basis? And if so, why are so few people aware of what is happening all around them?

Do the clips from the following video show the plans that “the powers that be”, and in particular the globalist criminals who are hell bent on achieving a one world tyrannical governance that they call, the New World Order (NWO), have in store for us? 


Watch this video and you decide. If you agree, share this video with those who are still completely oblivious to what their children’s future holds: (Video removed so I found a shorter version, and I’m getting tired of these videos disappearing).

Lastly, we need to stop using the word “Illuminati” because it’s associated with some conspiracy that the owners brainwashed the masses into accepting. I will no longer use that word and replace it with proof called, the One World Governance or New World Order (NWO) or the Globalists. And those who desire this NWO are evil and desire a one world tyrannical, police state governance. Once the US falls victims, all countries will eventually become a part of it. 

I was also able to find the longer version of this video here (and pay no attention to that word “Illuminati”. Replace it with the people who want a one world, police state governance): 

  • Bruce

    Sadly to “Starve The Beast” an human epidermic called ignorance must be winged out and defeated. You are most likely to fight an enemy you know than one you don’t.. (please excuse my grammar, puntuation and spelling for English is not native language)

    • admin

      Bruce, I understand how you feel. I also want you to know that as an American, the majority of us can only speak one language. Even if one should want to learn it in the schools here in the US, it would take forever because the educational systems are getting really bad (and now they are introducing ‘common core’ to dumb down the kids even more. Why? Because they need slaves that can’t think, but will obey. I envy those, like yourself, who know more than just their native language. Much Blessings.

  • jacob

    It seems to me that violent revolution may be the only way to end something that has overstayed its welcome.

    • Jon Winchester

      Yes violent but not only for that reason you stated, when an institution has conditioned people in a certain for a certain time, violence is the only mechanism they have. Sadly its nearing that point( decrease in education, freedom, etc.)

  • Shaun chico Govindraj Naicker

    Subliminal msg’s!?. I Believe Our GOD, ABBA FATHER will Raise up a Standard against the ONSLAUGHT of The Enemy!?.