SHOCK: 1954 Photos “Supposedly” Show Stonehenge Being Built

Editor’s Note:  We can neither confirm nor deny this information so we ask that you read the article and give us your thoughts and opinions. The author of the article wrote it in Russian, so the translation may be a little off. 
This Russian website shows stunning photos of what appears to be Stonehenge being built. The author provides a detailed information about how the British government/military built this new age cult site and speculates the fact that it may have actually built from scratch or at least remodeled. The author also contends it may be a replica of the original. The pictures are stunning nonetheless.
Below is a rough Google translation of the author’s analysis.
Note: We suggest you save a copy of these photos “just in case” they disappear or the website gets conveniently shut down. You just never know…

Stonehenge. Filming 1954-1958 yy
At all times, all governments (and especially outside – and nadpravitelstvennye circles) engaged in forgery. Pictures of 1954 and 1958.

The first reaction of some readers who continue to say something about the ”recess “, ”restoration”, ”replacement”,  ”ancient megaliths”, convinced that without explanation did not do. In the early photos, ranging from the 1st, which is higher than you see white circles denoting the space for future ”megalith”. This is the ”scope of work” for builders . Layout object from the customer, made with lime in the wells of the blue, pristine lawn. ”Megaliths” not pulled out as carrots, leaving no trace of this procedure.
Next, consider if the pictures closely, you will find both military and barbed wire in the area, and other details, saying that at a certain point in the future ”cyclopean building” ancient Druid atlanto – asura- siriyanto – Aryans was protected sensitive sites . See ”customer representatives” who are not officials, builders, workers, the surrounding residents. Has “initiated ” with some of my bookmarks and equipment. Stonehenge – ”Space Portal“, ”energy crystals“, etc., etc. played an important role in the presentation associated with the ”apocalyptic“, ”irregular” and the rest, took care of that when tab . Until the same time the appointment of construction thereof – biological and spiritual contamination. Which is illustrated by modern photographic materials at the end of this post.

The author even provides some, as he calls them ”little known facts” :
1. First near Stonehenge military exercises were held in 1898.
2 . From that time until the Second World War, the Ministry of Defence bought up large tracts of land in the area
3 . Currently, the Ministry of Defence owns 390 square kilometers (!) In the vicinity of Stonehenge , some of which are closed permanently to other access is severely limited . (By Wikimapia border nearest military base – a mile from these stones to the north, and the military airstrip – 5 kilometers to the south- east).
4 . In the past, in the vicinity of Stonehenge were carried branch railway and airport, both were subsequently removed (there are other sources that the military airfield was much closer , at a distance of one mile from Stonehenge)
5 . In 1943 the village of Imber (15 kilometers from Stonehenge) and village Par Hinton were evicted . In the article about Imber says that to this day the village is under the control of military
6. In 2 kilometers north of Stonehenge located Royal Artillery School, which conducts real shooting 340 (!) Days per year
7. At 9 kilometers south -east, with the military airfield, located Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, whose work is primarily classified.
8. Another 17 kilometers to the west of Stonehenge is a military base and the Air combat helicopter airport ”Apaches“
9. In the area of Stonehenge is not conducted agricultural activities because of the danger of running into a dud, which for centuries has accumulated a lot. Because of this, green meadows around Stonehenge acquired scientific value (Site of Special Scientific Interest) as are the latest natural lawns in England, perhaps – and throughout Europe.
So, to summarize :
– Stonehenge around for over 100 years – closed area, guarded by the military patrolled by military aircraft and helicopters, with daily artelleristskimi firings.
– Local residents evicted during the Second World War, under the pretext of exercises; villages took control of the military, the situation persists to this day.
– Selkohozyaystvennaya activity over large areas of the plains, where the Stonehenge prohibited
– On the territory there was an infrastructure that enables large-scale construction (including airports, railway line), which was later abolished as unnecessary
Perhaps a more suitable place for the construction of Stonehenge was hard to find … “
In other words, everything is clear. On the territory protected by the British War Department, consciously and purposefully been erected this ”center of ancient civilization“,  “heritage of the great ancestors”, ” Monument of Humanity”, which became (not by itself , clearly put) the most important religious center at least deliberately inculcated ”spirituality”.
There is no doubt that the most ”heritage of humanity” and ”spirituality”, is an important attribute of this means ”heritage” and ”science” that unfolded around thereof ”heritage” colossal scale their “research” one customer .

NOTE:  What in your opinion is shown in the photo – the restoration or construction of Stonehenge twin ….or something else? Your feedback is very much appreciated! So, Thank you for your comments.

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  • Richard Neva

    Everything you have always believed was true is a lie and there is much more to be revealed!

  • Roxann

    It could very well be a duplicate made for filming a feature. I know that the industry does such things when access to the authentic site cannot be obtained. One case I know about is the office building of the Very Large Array site used for the SETI project in New Mexico. A friend of mine worked there when “Contact” was made. The producers of the movie came in and took pictures of the building interior so that they could recreate the location for filming. I toured the building when I visited my friend, and I can attest that they did an excellent job of duplicating what was there.

    So if GB tourism did not want to make the site available for an extended length of time, a film crew might very well have duplicated the site elsewhere.

  • Phil

    Take a look at the photos. This particular one is a picture from the late 1800s at the stones. Between 1901 and 196x the circle was restored. And yes, in the 1960s huge cranes were used to lift some of the stones back in place.