Armed Govt. Siege Of Bundy Ranch Rapidly Escalating Into America’s Tiananmen Square Showdown

In 1989, members of China’s Democracy Movement staged a massive protest in Tiananmen Square. In response, the communist Chinese government commanded near-total control over the nation’s media while dispatching heavily armed soldiers and tanks to surround and intimidate the protesters.

Today, the U.S. government has dispatched hundreds of heavily armed soldiers, snipers and helicopters to lay siege to a ranch near Bunkerville Nevada, called the “Bundy Ranch,” where the Bundy family has been running cattle since the 1870’s. In 1949, the federal Bureau of Land Management was created, and in the 1990’s the BLM claimed (false) authority to start charging “grazing fees” for Bundy’s cattle. Today, the BLM claims the Bundy family owes over $1 million to the government.

Click here to see my video interview on WHDT World News where I explain what’s really happening at the Bundy ranch in Nevada.

Feds engage in Chinese-style brutality and violence

In order to collect that $1 million and lay seize the land the Bundy family has been using for generations, the BLM in engaged in the very same kind of brutality and threat of violence that the Chinese government used against its protesters in 1989. I fact, similarities between the two are numerous:

• The mainstream media now functions as a total government mouthpiece, broadcasting lies and propaganda such as the false claim that “a protester kicked one of the BLM’s security dogs.” (In fact, a BLM officer verbally commanded the dog to attack the protesters.) This is similar to the Chinese government directly controlling virtually the entire Chinese press.

• The massive show of unjustified force, such as positioning government snipers on hilltops around the Bundy ranch, with line-of-sight inside the Bundy home so that shots can be taken to kill the Bundy family.

• The deployment of absurd “overkill” hardware: Tanks in the case of China, and government helicopters in the case of the Bundy ranch in Nevada. It has also been reported by Pete Santilli and Adam Kokesh that BLM has hired Blackwater-style operatives to don BLM badges and wade into the scene as soldiers for hire.

• The intimidation and silencing of local law enforcement. In the case of the Bundy ranch in Nevada, the local Sheriff of Clark County has the constitutional authority to arrest all BLM personnel for felony theft of cattle and trespassing. Yet he has been intimidated into silence, thereby abandoning his own constituents. In China, officials who were friendly to the protesters were demoted, purged or kidnapped and killed by the Chinese government.

• The Chinese government declared Martial Law and arrested anyone they wished. Similarly in Nevada, the BLM has declared a state of effective Martial Law by threatening to arrest anyone who sets foot on the desert dirt. The BLM also set up a “First Amendment Zone” and threatened to arrest anyone who strayed outside the zone who wished to express their First Amendment rights. Dave Bundy, son of Cliven Bundy was brutalized and arrested for taking photographs on a public highway.(1)

See my appearance on broadcast TV news, explaining the truth about the government’s armed siege of the Bundy ranch:

Liberal media openly supports use of government violence against cowboys

So far, the federal government has stolen over 350 head of cattle from the Bundy family. Cattle theft is a felony crime in the State of Nevada. The federal government, in fact, began this standoff by arriving on scene with heavy weapons and then proceeding to engage in multiple felony crimes.

The federal government believes it has the right to do anything it wants to anybody it wants merely because it wields the most firepower. The federal government utterly lacks any legitimate authority to seize land which, under Common Law precedent, has been worked, protected and ranched by the Bundy family for over a century. The U.S. Constitution strictly forbids the federal government from interfering in state business. This limitation has been willfully ignored, of course, by the feds.

The feds drew blood by shooting Dave Bundy with a Taser. A video shows Dave smacking the taser probes away from his body in self defense. This show of blood and violence against conservative ranchers is all but encouraged by the liberal media by their silence. If this were happening in any other country, the U.S. media would cover it as international news.

The media’s silence on this story is an endorsement of federal brutality against ranchers. If this were taking place in Russia, North Korea or China, it would be international news. But because it’s taking place in America, the U.S. media has defaulted to near-silence as a way to cover for the Obama administration which apparently can do no wrong, not even when aiming government snipers at American families.

The liberal media appears to wholly endorse these violent actions, including the brutality which has been exercised against innocent protesters, by trying to downplay the reality of the situation. The Washington Post, for example, characterized this massive armed siege as “government wanting to move a few cattle, and some people aren’t happy.” That sort of downplaying of reality smacks of a government-run press publishing propaganda rather than factual reporting.

Without question, if Cliven Bundy happened to be openly gay — as in Brokeback Mountain style — mainstream media coverage would be entirely different. The cultural narrative now being pushed by TV shows, movies and the media is that it is perfectly acceptable to brutalize cowboys and conservatives, but not at all acceptable to even criticize those who choose alternative gay lifestyles. (I will even be verbally assaulted for merely bringing up the comparison!) Somehow, members of the Bundy family being “cowboys” makes them automatically suspect in the distorted eyes of the liberal “anti-liberty” media.

I mention this because it is important to understand why the liberal media is intentionally standing by and doing nothing while innocent Americans are brutalized and threatened at gunpoint. In the minds of the lamestream media, ranchers, conservatives, meat producers and gun owners all deserve to die in violent acts perpetrated against them by a righteous government that controls all land and all natural resources. Therefore, the federal government must be doing the right thing in Nevada, they figure, and anyone who takes a stand in defense of a meat-producing cowboy is obviously not to be taken seriously, they imply.

Shame on the mainstream media — the propaganda arm of the U.S. government — for ignoring this Tiananmen-style assault on fundamental American freedoms. This is not the America we all know! This is a nation of government tyranny and media complicity to silence the truth and destroy fundamental freedoms.

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