These 9 Unsolved Crimes Will Make Your Hair Stand. Especially #6… It’s Extremely Creepy.

Some of the most unsettling things in life aren’t what’s known… they are the unknown. Unsolved mysteries make our hair stand on end because they are threats that still hang in the air, and always will. Why or how will never be answered. These are 9 of the creepiest unsolved crimes on record. Their circumstances are totally bizarre and may never be fully understood.

In 2008, a group of four men dressed as women charged into an exclusive Parisian jewelry store armed with a .357 Magnum and a hand grenade. The four men, nicknamed “The Pink Panthers,” stole $108 million in diamonds. A $1 million dollar reward remains intact for information leading to an arrest.

(H/T BuzzFeed)

It’s unbelievable that each of these crimes have remained unsolved for decades, and in the case of Jack the Ripper, for over a century. The gruesome murders have destroyed countless lives, yet there are no answers for the families of the victims. It’s truly unsettling.