The Call To Humanity – Everyone Is Needed!

This is a call to humanity.

How much more are we all going to take? What kind of future are we going to be leaving to our children? Why are we allowing for a small group of psychopaths to rape and pillage the earth and its people?

You, me, all of us do not have to continue to do business as usual. We are all born geniuses and that means we have the innate abilities to create new paradigms of great change.


This is a call to humanity.

How much more are we willing to keep allowing  ….or will we all commit to making that crucial decision? The decision to take on the challenge that will require great responsibility and some self sacrifice, but that in the end will create a bright and beautiful new earth.

This is a call to humanity.

Are you, me, are all of us …..ready to take a stand?

Please watch and listen to this short and beautiful message from Jamie Dunmore. If this message resonates with you, please pass it on. Thank you!

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