Get Me Out Of The Bed – Early People Rising [Video]


PROUT Revolution is the application of the family spirit to society and economics.

By David Tollisen
From Video:  If you really support the message of this video, then it’s a good idea to help get the song out into the world by spreading it and by downloading the song or entire album at There you can also hear the other 13 songs. Thanks.
  • dear friend. Thank you for your posting and for your nice words. Remember there is always a bright side of any circumstances. If you surrender to fear then it will get you. There is a bright side of why you where born in the US. All the oil producing country like my Norway will not suffer less. We have kept the rest of the word as slaves for our cheap products and now it is a time to wake up and live like a joint family. But conscious movements is very much going on in the US. There is a light in the other end which I try to focus my mind. I think by seeing the bright side thinks and being and optimist one will collect positive idea and powers to go thought it in a positive way. The culture we have been given is not our friend. Culture is something we have to create with our real friends. Friends will be there if we think collective.

  • Plenty of mistakes in my post. I use to write first and then edit it. But this time it was no edit option. ” I think by seeing the bright side thinks” = ” I think if we see the bright side of things”