U.S. Drone Strike In Yemen Kills Innocent Civilians! WHICH MEANS CHILDREN! [Video]

Julie Telgenhoff

 I don’t know about all of you, but I am sickened by these psychopaths in the US government who are utilizing drones to target FAKE terrorists or terrorists that they themselves have created, and then murdering the innocent. (just like the globalists fund both sides of every war …for maximum profit).
Then these shills come on the useless, lying, state-run TV news and explain it away …like yeah, it’s okay that we murdered innocent children because these “terrorists” want to hurt the US.


Remember folks, al-Qaeda is al-CIA-da. In addition, these terrorists get created and then funded on purpose (see video).
The use of these drones murdering the innocent are Crimes Against Humanity!
Hey Americans, US Drones ARE coming to America, and the Obama administration believes they have the right to use them on Americans on US soil. Don’t be in denial about this, because the Obominator has already drone killed US Citizens, including an innocent 16 year old.
Least we not forget the treasonous National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Hey, they won’t have to use the drones to murder us here in the US because with the NDAA, they can just lock us up indefinitely, with no due process, never to be seen again.
Are we getting the picture of the future in the US yet? If we are, share the below video and let our loved ones and friends, who are still in denial, know
that very soon, this will all be in our own selfish backyards so it can’t be ignored anymore.
By the way, I have documented everything I wrote here, so anyone in denial, isn’t paying attention. Should anyone desire further documentation, we still have access to the internet …go for it!


Please watch this short video, thank you: 
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