Riot Police Brutally Beat People During an Eviction of 200 Homeless Families in Rome

Riot police attacked 200 families, about 500 people as they evicted then from previously abandoned offices in Rome where they had sought refuge. This is the latest incident in the rising tide of violence over the mounting economic crisis.


At least 10 people were injured during the police charge as security forces armed with batons broke through a crowd of protesters outside. The people barricaded themselves inside the building and took to the roof.
Video shows riot police beating those who fell to the ground during the charge.

Video below shows the people’s response to the violent charge.

Around 100-150 officers entered the building and dragged the residents out, an AFP photographer reported. The families were put into 10 police vans.
“They broke in, throwing our belongings out of the window, dragging us along the floor and kicking those who resisted,”one person, who did not want to be named, told La Repubblica daily.
“They clubbed us wildly, it was brutal,” Cristiano Armati, a member of the Coordinamento association which had helped occupy the building, told AFP by telephone from hospital, where he was being treated for a broken elbow and cuts to the head.
It doesn’t end here though. The fight for housing rights will go on,”
Another person was reported to have a broken leg.
Manifestazione del Movimento per la casa