Ex CIA Agent Explains How To Delete The Elite!

delete-the-elite The below video gives a detailed look into the workings of the elite and how to combat them.

Ex CIA Agent, Robert Steele explains how to delete the elite. Even though this video was produced back in 2010, it still contains the exact ingredients necessary in order to “Delete The Elite” and the control they have over all our lives.  

Among the topics discussed:

  • Continue to build Independent media, blogs and get them united because the MSM News isn’t giving us the truth
  • Fix the educational system.  Stop beating the creativity and individuality out of the children:  UPDATE: No Common Core (local communities must get involved and get this further dumbing down of children out of their school system)
  • There is no hope in continuing to believe in the US government. It’s broken and new movements must begin state by state

This is an excellent, must see video. Please watch and share: