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There has been a stunning development with regard to the corporate controlled media reporting on FEMA camps. CBS News reported on November 10, 2012, that FEMA camps are in place and being used to house victims of super storm Sandy.

Congressman Steve Cohen (D) from Tennessee, is co-sponsor of HR bill 645, which clearly mandates that creation of FEMA camps, yet he completely DENIES their existence.

Of course, as with most government officials, most Americans,  I would suppose, believe what a politician says and hasn’t figured out that most of these politicians do not care about Americans. And most Americans will  continue to believe in the lies and criminality of their government because they have abdicated all their responsibility to those who are now their masters. 

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Google the term “FEMA camps,” look at the photos, and ask yourself why first responders would be housed behind barbwire encampments where the wire is facing inward which is indicative of keeping people inside of an installation.

Common sense dictates that first responders would not reside in prisons with armed guards and barbwire. It is clear that the FEMA camps are being activated and in the near term future, they will be staffed by 100,000 new intern specialists currently being recruited by the Army and the National Guard.

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