Revolution: An Instruction Manual – (How to take down a tyrant without firing a shot.)


 The below video is an instruction manual for revolution:

SEE:  How To Control A Nation: Distract Deceive Divide And Then Conquer 


Recommended reading (these links are to free electronic versions, none of them are protected by copyright):

“The Psychology of Revolution” by Gustave Le Bon:

“From Dictatorship to Democracy” by Gene Sharp (Free PDF):

David Tollisen

David Tollisen

Take Them Down” – Early People Rising

If you support the message relayed in the above music video, “Take Them Down”, then help these ‘Independent’ Artists in order to get the song out into the world by spreading it and downloading the song or entire album at: There you can also hear the other 13 songs.

******Or, we can continue business as usual, expecting change while still funding the outworn and ‘sold-out’ satanic music industry and their puppets.

If any of this music resonates with you, please start commencing this change …NOW!!!

Blow off that concert where you’ll be able to see your favorite ‘sell-out’ music industry puppet or forgo the latest Hollywood movie.

Let’s start walking our talk and support independent, talented, caring artists with our federal reserve notes. The concert or the movie ticket will be more expensive than actually offering solutions by supporting ANY independent artists with creative, unique songs that struggle due to Americans not changing their behavior, yet complaining even when offered solutions. 1924857_489331071177703_665583777_n Here’s another band of ‘Independent Artists’ called Failed Diplomacy. They are a group  of young college students struggling to find their place in the land of the free, but that freedom only if one sells their soul to that horrendous Music Industry.

Americans have the power with their pocketbook ….they just forgot and keep allowing business as usual because let’s face it, they have become lazy, apathetic and do not want to have to exert the effort to which is the “how” change is CREATED. 

Below is an acoustic version of Failed Diplomacy‘s new song called “Find A Way“:

Listen to these two other songs from their last album called, “Born Anew” and “Legacy” by Failed Diplomacy. The entire album or one song ($1.29) can be purchased here .

Real Change begins one person at a time until others see a difference in that one individual; that’s how real movements come into existence. You can be that one!

Thank you from A Sheep No More

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