TIME Warner Targets School Children with Pro-War Propaganda

Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Corrigan-Maguire denounced Western media for omitting serious Violations of International Law, committed by the Western Powers and Foreign Soldiers, who are fueling the Syria War for Geo-Strategic Purposes. One of the most grotesque examples for war propaganda is TIME Warner’s TIME for Kids magazine. Putting aside questions about legitimacy, war-propaganda is illegal.
Mairead_Corrigan-Maguire nsnbc : During the 13th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, Mairead Corrigan-Maguire, denounced Western media´s omissions.
Maguire stressed that she had traveled to Syria with a delegation last May, when she was able to witness that the reality about the “crisis in Syria”  differs significantly from the image media convey to readers, listeners and viewers. Maguire said:
“During our visit, we witnessed that the civilian population is suffering the consequences of an invasion of men from many countries, which causes insecurity, death and destruction everywhere”.

Weekendavisen. A Danish ´newspaper` frontage from 2102. To the left of the image with President Assad is ´Star Wars`villain Darth Vader.

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The Nobel Peace laureate and lifetime peace activist stressed that several foreign governments are training and financing foreign soldiers to be inserted into Syria, and she stressed that these countries de facto use of mercenaries violates the Charter of the United Nations. Maguire said:
“According to the Charter of the United Nations, it is illegal to train military forces aiming to overthrow legitimately elected governments. … The International Community should put pressure on those states that are fueling the terror to make them stop and attend the peace conference aimed at giving the country the right to shape its future without foreign interference”.
Western mainstream media are not only omitting the fact that the governments of core NATO members USA, UK, France, Turkey, core GCC members Saudi Arabia, Qatar, as well as the post-coup government of Libya are waging a de facto, illegal war by using mercenaries.
Media are not only omitting the direct political and command responsibility of the involved countries political and military leadership in serious war crimes. The maybe most alarming aspect is that media systematically target children with pro-war propaganda.
Western media are involved in a pro-war  propaganda campaign, targeting school children from as young as primary school age.

The TIME Warner owned TIME Magazine subsidiary “TIME for Kids” is one of the most clear-cut examples for the targeting of school children with pro-war propaganda.


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TIME for Kids is targeting U.S. American and Canadian school children and educational staff  with propaganda about Syria while it claims to be adhering to National Education Standards.
A recent Time for Kids article on Syria is a stark example for how the media giant TIME Warner is targeting school children with a narrative about Syria that underlines Corrigan-Maguire’s denunciation. In its article titled “What´s happening in Syria” TIME for Kids writes:
“Who is Syria´s Leader ? President Bashar Assad has ruled the country with an iron fist since 2000.”
“ Why are Syrians fighting ? In 2011, Syrian demonstrators spoke out against Assad and called for change. The government responded with violence. Rebel groups formed and fighting broke out. The rebels represent many groups, some of which could threaten the U.S. Interests. Obama has called for Assad to step down, but he refused. 
Not a word is mentioned about US arms shipments or the fact that Saudi Arabia has literally build-up Liwa-al-Islam, one of the most extremist Al-Qaeda brigades which was responsible for the use of chemical weapons in East Ghouta, Damascus on 21 August 2013.
Neither does “TIME for Kids” mention that the former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas, in 2009, was approached by “Top-British Officials” who asked him “whether he wanted to take part in ousting the Syrian government with the help of rebels. That was  two years before the onset of the first “demonstrations” TIME for Kids writes about.
Is War Propaganda Legal? Let us forget for a moment the concept of “legitimacy”. War propaganda is illegal under international law and it falls under the provisions of the Nuremberg Principles. Those who are involved in any part of its production or dissemination are, in other words, liable for it under the law.
Saying “I only followed orders when I distributed it”, saying ” I know I’m the editor but it was the chairman of the board who told us to..”, all the way to the sales of war propaganda in shops, claiming,“how could I know that this was propaganda”, does, strictly spoken, not exempt one from the full responsibility.
The international documents regulating propaganda are, among others, article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and UN General Assembly Resolutions 110, 381 and 819
Resolutions 110, 381, and 819 are regulating the erection of obstacles to the free exchange of information and ideas as well as propaganda. The resolutions have been adopted in the period immediately after the end of World War II.
World War I was the first war of global reach in which mechanized killing took place on industrial scale. World War II was the first war of global reach in which propaganda was organized on an industrial scale.
It has since developed into a well-established industry with reach into every aspect of corporate media and entertainment. It is profitable, it is deadly, and it is outlawed.
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