Cops Taser Grandma, and Pepper Spray Toddlers In SWAT Style Raid On A Noise Complaint (Video)

By Josey Wales

Baytown Texas:  Day in day out police crimes continue to be exposed. On May 11th, in a SWAT style raid, Baytown police break into a home due to a noise complaint and proceed to taser seven people including a grandmother who was attenting this childs party.
What happened next is unspeakable. Once inside, the situation quickly turned violent. Pepper spray, tasers, and pistol whipping were now at the scene inside this house to which moments early consisted of laughing and celebrating. 

 Toddlers were left crying, wondering what was going on as they tried to wipe the pepper spray from their eyes, in addition to watching in horror as their parents were being beaten, tased, and hauled away.
Is this what ‘protecting and serving’ has become; gangs of costumed thugs running rampant over peaceful people?
For something as trivial as a noise complaint, police felt it necessary to dispatch 5-10 officers and enter through the back door in a SWAT style raid.
How far will the American people allow this to go before they demand these public servants be held accountable for their actions? 
This first six second video has been taken down before, watch it while it’s still working. 

This second video report comes from local Channel 2 news near Houston Texas. 

Luckily, good people have turned out to protest the action of this police department.