INSPIRATIONAL: Humanitarianism Is The Way Our World Works Best!


2 years ago, a video went viral from a YouTube channel by the name ofMagicofRahat. The video shows “MagicofRahat” giving this homeless man a “winning lottery ticket” with 1000 dollars on it, and the homeless man responded by breaking down and trying to share the money with him out of deep gratitude.

After seeing how so many good people of the world responded to the video, so many have wanted  to donate money to this homeless man, hence a fundraiser was started for him that raised over 44,000 dollars to where some of it was utilized to purchase a home for him for an entire year.

This is a very inspirational video and shows us that the good people of this entire world out number the evil that continues to control this planet. If we want to stop this evil, we too, must become the change we want to see.

This is the homeless man’s response to seeing his house for the first time.