“After Rain” – Early Rising People (Video)

Editor’s Note:  When the entire music industry has sold their souls, why do we continue to fund them?
Independent artists are more talented and refuse to sell their souls for fame and fortune, so why do we not assist them?
Why do we continue to keep giving those Federal Reserve Notes to these sell-out artists?
Is that sellout’s music just what the crowd views as “the greatest” song, hence the reason why we continue to fund it?
Do you now understand why these so-called musicians sell their soul to the Music Industry when the masses will NOT support these talented, independent artists, but instead fund the evil?
These independent artists need our support. If this music resonates with you, then please consider using your Federal Reserve Notes wisely. Thank you. 
Image Credit: "After Rain" - Early Rising People Video
Image Credit: “After Rain” – Early Rising People Video
Message from David Tollisen (Early People Rising):  The message I would like to convey in this song is an optimistic faith in a positive change. This song gives you a promise to which I can not say just by words alone. If you really support the message of this video, please assist us in getting the song out into the world by spreading it and Downloading the song or the entire album at earlyrisingpeople.com.
There you can also hear the other 13 songs and download the entire album for only $11.00.
Thanks and let your mind be in agreement.

See the music video here:  http://vimeo.com/89918648

Download all 13 songs here:  http://earlyrisingpeople.com

Video Credits:
Shot with Magic Lantern on a Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 135L, Zeiss 35mm 1.4 ZE, Canon 50mm 1.4, Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro
Director : Mark Benson
Editor: Mark Benson
Cinematographers : Mark Benson, Jon Helge Hesby
Color Grading : Mark Benson
Shot in Varanasi India Jan, Feb 2013