One Of The Most Powerful Videos You Will Ever See!

For every 10 people who run away or do nothing when they see another in harms way, there will always be a hero who steps it up.

You might just be one of them.


Random acts of kindness, in my humble opinion, are also considered heroic.

The world is full of heroes who unselfishly assist others without expecting anything in return; we just aren’t always witness to their actions of service to others because those types of stories usually don’t make the Mainstream Corporate Media Headline News.

I believe in my fellow US and global brothers and sisters. I know that should we all unite against the real evils of this world, we would begin a new; being “Born Anew“.

Seeing those in power who are bent on massive corruption, genocide and participation in this darwinian hierarchal system of slavery being discharged of their positions of control by the good people of this planet is possible.

We just need to stop the division, find common ground, team up, learn tolerance and how to cooperate verses compete, and soon we’d be building new systems that evoke the human soul to create and produce out of love and passion vs bondage. This is the only way out of this current master and slave system that was intentionally designed to be broken. 

Please share in the joy of this short and inspiring clip.

If the video resonates with you, please pass it on. Thank you.

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