Cop at Police Station Caught on Film REFUSING to File Pregnant Woman’s Assault Report Against Fellow Officer

Michael Zennie 

Andrea Dingess says she was struck in the face by an officer in Lincoln Park, Michigan.
A supervisor at the police station refused to take a report about the assault.
Ms Dingess’ Facebook video post has been shared well over 71,000 times since May 15, 2014.
A pregnant Michigan woman is demanding justice after she walked into a Lincoln Park, Michigan Police Station in order to report that she was hit in the face by an officer, and was all but ignored by the supervisor on duty.
Andrea Dingess, who says she is six months pregnant, posted a video on Facebook of the shocking indifference shown by the supervisor at the Lincoln Park, Michigan Police Department when she demanded to press charges against the officer.
UPDATE: The video has become a massive hit since it went live on May 15. As of today, May 22nd, it has been shared by more than 140,540 ‘plus’ people and counting. (see photo below)
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Pictured below:  The supervisor who repeatedly refused to take a report from Andrea Digness that she was assaulted by a police officer.


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Per the video, at one point the supervisor sarcastically asks: ‘What do you want me to do, go out there and arrest him?’
Ms Dingess responds: ‘Yeah! That’s what you do to normal people when they assault people.’
Despite repeatedly asking to file a formal complaint, the officer at the desk dismisses her and refuses to take a report.
Ms Dingess says she was assaulted when she was stopped by an officer, who wrote her a ticket for not having ID.
When she pulled out her ID and protested the ticket, she states that the officer threw the ticket in her face, and then proceeded to hit her in the face. 

Ms Dingess says she was six months pregnant when she was hit in the face. article-2633502-1E06801200000578-622_634x528

Ms Dingess claimed she has two witnesses; friends who were in the car with her when the inncodence occurred . They were the ones who accompanied her to the police station. One of them filmed the entire encounter with the supervisor refusing to file her complaint.
At one point, Ms Dingess tells the officer: ‘You’re telling em an officer has a right to assault a pregnant woman?’
The supervisor replies: ‘I don’t believe he did that.’
She repeats herself: ‘He just hit me in the face and I need to file assault charges.’
It is then unclear whether Ms Dingess continued to press her case as the video cuts off abruptly.
While there is no way of knowing whether or not Dingess’ story is 100 percent accurate, there is no excuse for this officer’s behavior.
When checking out the video Ms Dingess posted on her Facebook page on May 15th, there seems to be a lot of supporting comments from those who responded to her video posting. 
This is an extremely serious claim, one that needs to be investigated, and if it is true, then the officer who assaulted this woman should be fired immediately — as well as the supervisor who refused to file the police report.
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