McDonald’s Uses Worm Meat Fillers But Can Legally Call It 100% Beef

McDonald’s Uses Worm Meat Fillers But Can Legally Call It 100% Beef.


VIA| Large companies have been the subject of rumors that they substitute unusual or unethical substances in their products, usually to decrease costs. McDonald’s is not immune to such claims. McDonald’s has been accused of using everything from worms to cow eyeballs in its burgers.

Dating far back to at least 1978, there have been rumors that McDonald’s restaurants use earthworms in their hamburgers.

The fact that McDonald’s uses cow eyeballs and worm fillers does not stop them from legally using the claim that they served 100% beef. McDonald’s has assured its consumers that its product contains 100% beef. They are allowed to do this because McDonald’s buys their “beef” from a company called “100% Beef Company”, making it possible for McDonald’s to call beef byproducts and soy products “100% beef”.

McDonald’s then ships the beef to their grinding facility in Oak Brook, Illinois where they then take the ground worm filler and add it to their “100% beef patties”.

McDonald’s serves billions of people around the world every year. This allows them to produce a higher profit margin by increasing the amount of patties that can be made, by increasing their product load with the worm filler.

The worm filler is ground and packaged in a facility next to McDonald’s corporate headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois. The employees must sign a confidentiality waiver to never discuss the ingredients of the McDonald’s food products or face termination and legal repercussions. However many employees have stepped up over the years with the truth and have created a huge controversy over the quality of food that the company produces.

McDonald’s has also been accused of using mutant laboratory meat, and pig fat in their milkshakes and ice cream.

Considering that one quarter of Americans eat McDonald’s every single day, although nutritionists recommend you do so only once a month, they are doing so unaware of the products they are putting into their body. If everybody truly knew what they were consuming, they definitely would not be eating this.

  • Sean

    There is nothing wrong with eating meal worm, stop being so squeemish. McD’s should be answerable to the tolerance levels that all fast food outlets adhere to but seriously cow eye is still part of the cow and so is still beef. ALL food that is processed has bugs in it that you can’t avoid. Peanut butter as an example has roughly 5 insects and 1 rat hair per mouth full. This is just a shocker article to get you to read

    • Gary

      I think you are somewhat missing the point. Peanut butter as many foods using nuts, grains etc may well contain trace elements of insects etc as it is impossible to remove all elements of these during the washing and production process. Where this article is hitting at is the fact that McD are willingly adding other products to their foods and then passing them off as 100% beef. Lets face it anyone with taste buds who has eaten a fast food burger will know that the taste you get is way different to any burger that really does contain 100% beef. Profit is the aim and if that means replacing meat with another product then that’s what they’ll do. Personally if I’m being told that the food I’m putting in my mouth is meat then that’s what I want and expect. I don’t want worm, eyeballs or anything else for that matter. Sean, by your definition all products from a cow are beef then I guess you wouldn’t mind if you found lumps of hide, intestine, liver, kidney, heart, lung, bone, ligaments, cartilage, brain, hoof and hair in your burger cos hey after all it all beef to you

    • But you got to be a moron to even eat there

  • Harry Stottle

    Misleading doesn’t even begin to describe this article.

    It’s a hoax.

    • Mack

      What a lie.

    • You think so ? I used to manage Mcdonalds , I will tell you its true. Why do you think the patties are white ?

  • I run McDonalds all crap we had to transport cattle from Australia and then accused of using kangaroo meat. McDonalds is all about health codes and have the option most food safety policies and daily safety checks. We also have our own potatoes specially breed for our fries I guarantee that all our produxcta are tested and not bullshit

  • andy

    I agree w gary the point was missed here. I don’t want cow eyes let alone worms in my burgers. As for hilgers, seriously? You have special potatoes? Are you special as well or work for McDonald’s? Cause not only does half your post not make sense spelling/English wise but they dont have special potatoes nor are their burgers good for you. I worked there 3 times and remeber seeing boxes that said for institutional use only. Lol

  • Harry Stottle

    The idea of special varieties of potatoes is not at all ridiculous. Some varieties retain shape when cooked, so are good for salad uses. Some puree well when boiled and are good for mashed potatoes. Some are good for frying. It’s not inconceivable that McDonalds uses special varities which they find work well in their friers.

    There’s a big difference between food which simply isn’t very good and/or bad for you (just about what I think McDonalds products are) and food which is deliberately adulterated. For a multi-national billion dollar business like McD’s to risk its global reputation by putting worm meat in its food would be just stupid.

    There’s also a big difference between the truth and what I see on web sites like this. Why not direct your outrage and energy towards world hunger? There’s millions of starving people out there who’d kill for a burger made of anything resembling meat.

  • hedge

    …and your evidence for these claims is what/where? I would like to see it- seriously. Do you honestly believe the risk-reward ratio between the money they would save by using ‘worms’ instead of cheap beef off-cuts over the amount of law suits they would receive for the deception is worth it??!!

  • Harry Stottle

    Congratulations on disseminating an article which manages to combine most of the urban legends about McDonalds into one article.

  • John

    Surely the sheer effort and expense of collecting enough worms, and then adding it to real beef, would outweigh the cost of using beef and nothing else – get real people!

  • Jon

    Thr writer of this article abuses children. There, now you’ve “been accused” , just need to stick it in an article and presto, job done! This isn’t an expose, it’s a hatchet piece, and it’s bull. Get a life, pal.

  • Elizabeth

    I quit eating at McDonald’s in 1989. The taste of their food became unstomachable.

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  • farQ2

    Typical drivel at clickbait website, yer not a sheep, eh? ..all these fucken stupid ads ya got here say otherwise

  • Teena

    Hmm maybe thats why i feel like a peice of shit after i eat there.. Lol and have the mcshits. F that place. Id rather feel my best than eat there for the sake of eating a meal and feel like hurlinf after and being stuck on toilet all night.