Serbia’s Nikola Aleksic Calls For End To Genocide By GMOs And Geoengineering: Later Failed Assassination Attempt On His Life

Published on August 27, 2011 

Nikola Aleksic, Director of the Ecological Movement of Novi Sad, issues a stern warning to Serbian president Boris Tadic to stop importing food based upon Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and stop the chemtrail spraying (geoengineering), or he will call and personally lead the people of Serbia to the streets. “You can be sure that, I, Nikola Aleksic, will keep my word — even at the cost of my own life.”

In a powerful speech addressed Nikola Aleksic, representatives of the environmental movement in Novi Sad, the word to the Serbian President Boris Tadic and the Serbian people. It calls on the President to prohibit the import of genetically modified food and to stop the spraying of chemtrails immediately. Should he not be received to these demands, Aleksic will personally lead the Serbian people to revolt on the road, even if it would cost his life.


In Serbia, the import, production and consumption of GM foods and the GM cultivation are prohibited by law. The recently debated the legalization of cultivation and import of GMO seed compares Aleksic very clearly at the beginning of the genocide of the Serbian population. Therefore, he calls for to hold on to the existing laws.

Furthermore, Aleksic addresses the issue of chemtrails (geoengineering), Chemical composition tiny particles that are intentionally applied in secret aircraft in the sky.

According, Aleksic claims them to be toxic Strip since 14 December 2006, in which the government has signed the so-called “Partnership for Peace” agreement, sprayed from unmarked aircraft over Serbia.

He sees parallels to experiments in concentration camps of World War II. His exact words were: “About is open genocide instead and our telltale government allows it! She has her own people sold to stay at the position at which it was brought by criminal representative of foreign organizations. ”

Nikola Aleksic can not and will not be quiet about the fact that his people are being used as insects sprayed with toxic chemicalsHe calls in his speech the Serbian military to, lawfully protect the people and the sky over Serbia. 

“You should turn off the unmarked planes, and the criminals who run the genocide of our population,” says Aleksic.

He also called on the Attorney General of Serbia in no uncertain terms “to do his job or he is regarded as an accomplice to the treachery and poisoning its own people”.

VIDEO: Serbia’s Nikola Aleksic to President Tadic: Stop GMO, Stop Chemtrails, Or I Will Call the People of Serbia to the Streets

UPDATE: September 28, 2011

(Deborah Dupre / Examiner), 

Anti-Chemtrail/GMO, Rights Defender, Nikola Aleksic, Assassination Attempt

On Tuesday, September 27, 2011, an alleged assassination attempt was committed by someone in a car with a police license on the life of the well-known green movement anti-chemtrail worker, Director of the Ecological Movement of Novi Sad, Mr. Nikola Aleksic as he was en route to Belgrade. Now a Targeted Individual, persecuted for defending human rights by opposing corporate attacks on the citizenry, Aleksic had publicly demanded the army to “constitutionally defend its people and its skies over Serbia.”

They should take down unmarked planes and the criminals who are carrying out genocide over our population.

Translater from Greece, Wayne Hall sent text to the Examiner saying, “In his press release he says: ‘On my way to Belgrade, a truck olive green color with blue (police) license plate codes: P 021,029 and a trailer full of damaged vehicles, blue license plate tags: 010 021-P, 27/09/2011.'”

“9:58 pm in the Belgrade-Zagreb highway, before turning to Buπanovac village, came up at full speed from the side road to the main road without any slowdown, with the intention to push vehicle in which was Nikola Aleksic on the other side of the road.'”

Added was, “Thanks only to the final effort of the driver, the vehicle has not been on a par with a truck to be pushed to the opposite lane.”

Nikola Aleksic is an Honorary Member of the United Peoples’ Front.

He was with four members of his organization according to the news report.

In August, in a speech, Aleksic had issued a stern warning to president Boris Tadic to stop importing food based upon GMO and stop the chemtrail spraying, or he would call and personally lead people of Serbia to the streets.

“And above all, now they have also stared to poison our environment, our people, and future generations.

“None of us know the extent of the damage from the felonious spraying from the unmarked planes that can take place in the future.”

Aleksic concluded his speech saying, “You can be sure that, I, Nikola Aleksic, will keep my word – even at the cost of my own life.”