(Video) “What Mother Feels” by Early Rising People

Dear Friends,

We create our own reality, and I do not want any more fear. Fear is the main instrument used to control people. One day when the the people of this world are breathing in new life, then they will know that it has become great because of someone first having an optimistic belief in a brighter future.

Culture is something we have to create ourselves. The optimistic and good feeling is something we have to find inside. We can not find it by looking at our “leaders” and the suffering of humanity. I have found this positiveness I hold deep inside me through meditation and in the subtle things I do in the daily life including social service to others.

I do not mean to neglect our global problems, but the solution is inside, not out there, but inside all of us. And we can put that flower of optimism and beauty out with making it our friend, not in the culture we have been given to believe in.


When I got to one point in my meditation that my mind was completely free from everything that I understood, the creation and the cosmic always move on forward and it does not want the threat of hatred and envy; nor will it tolerate exploitation and retaliation.

Perfection of all is the meditation for that cosmic to which is mixed with the hope for all of humanity.

Do you believe this universe is in chaos or under control? It will become for you what you believe.  –  David Tollisen 

“What Mother Feels” by Early Rising People

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Remember, you are the solution!!!

Thank you. 

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Take Them Down  – Early Rising People