The Importance of Remaining at Peace With the Un-Awakened



VIA| In this new era there are many new challenges each of us have come to learn on the spiritual path. Many have an urge in them to create change right now, but sometimes it can be rather difficult to remain patient with fellow brothers and sisters who just do not seem to “get it”.

You may sometimes feel the urge to shake people by the shoulders and ask them what the hell do they think they doing?

Have you ever had that feeling – that hopelessness that is prevalent and creeps into your mind when you judge the outside world according to your current state of consciousness?

It can be very overpowering when you take it upon yourself to try and change the physical reality of present time, especially when fellow human beings are your target.


It is definitely not an easy job and from what I’ve experienced, it is rather unnecessary (to put the weight of the world on your back). The old adage that you can lead a horse to the water, but if it doesn’t want to drink, it is not going to drink – holds much significance.

Also another quote, “I can only take care of myself if you take care of yourself” is important to understand – the deeper meaning relating to the birth of the new consciousness and that it can only happen within yourself and is not dependant on anybody else…

It’s only up to you yourself. You can show people absolutely anything to jolt their perception of thinking, but when a person is not ripe and/or ready for awakening yet, results will never be immediate.

The truth is that it only seems useless or pointless at first for those of us that dare to speak of out of the ordinary esoteric subjects are planting seeds in the minds of those still caught in too much of the false illusion, but these seeds sprout and grow and eventually flower into the new consciousness.

Understand that your efforts are not immediate.

Understand that on the physical plane manifestation takes time.

Just like a plant needs time to grow and flower, so does consciousness, and just like a plant needs certain elements to grow to its highest potential, so does the awakening of higher consciousness.

You must view your efforts as those key elements that humanity needs to further evolve, it is in essence co-creation of divine higher powers of God. God works through you once you are connected through higher vibrational energy of thought.

You must understand that each one of us are at different stages of consciousness, and the awakening of that energy is an internal event that manifests in each person’s spiritual plane when circumstances reach a point of no return to old paradigms that were still seemingly relevant in the age of Pisces.

The biggest trigger to awakening is usually a great suffering caused by taking the matrix too seriously; believing that your happiness depends greatly on outside influences.

I can still remember last year when I was working as a field ranger on a remote reserve. I told a friend of mine that I feel lack, due to having nobody in the form of a partner to love.

My friend told me that love is not found outside of myself, but rather it is something I need to nurture and grow within in order for the benefit of everyone around me, including myself.

At first I did not fully comprehend what my friend was saying to me, I was going through a torrid time and this friend of mine (in a higher awakened state) was sowing seeds of awakening which at the time I did not realize, but for now which I am very grateful for, you see, when you truly do seek the light and wish to escape the powers of darkness, people somehow appear in your life to nurture your spirit that wishes to evolve beyond low-vibratory existence. It’s magic.

What I’ve grasped about love is that to truly embody it, you simply need to create a life in which your spirit can find refuge in, a life that needs no escape from, a life that is peaceful and joyful to be part of, a meaningful life that serves divine creation, a life where your service to humanity benefits it.

This in a sense makes you fall in love with life and only this love can be given to others, or broadcasted. Love yourself first …and all the rest will follow.


Your spirit can never be at home within when you still hold some inner torment in the form of negative emotion. One of the hardest aspects of self-mastery is becoming the master of your emotional mind. 

The emotions will always be there, bad and good, but we need to learn to stop negative emotions from disturbing our inner peace. We need to learn what triggers the manifestation of negative emotion and strive to challenge these inner demons. Facing your fears is what destroys them. It is much like lighting a candle in a dark area, you suddenly bring awareness to more of the unknown that needs attention.

You should be patient after you have been blessed with discernment beyond any false illusion; you should carry on being a beacon of light amongst the masses. Yes it is true that most are still caught in the false illusion of the matrix, but the numbers of those that see through the lies and deceit are growing, and I believe that eventually every spirit will reach the higher awakened state.

Helping each other is the only reason we have incarnated at this time. We are basically here to lift the consciousness of the planet collectively.

The best thing you can do to make sure your own consciousness is elevated, is to purify your spirit. Let go of the old which only serves to keep you from attaining higher enlightenment and embrace the new energy of awareness, discernment and true care.

Power structures from the old paradigm, which do not serve the humans of the planet, are denying an aspect of our destined conscious evolution. That is precisely why the storyline of Earth is unfolding the way it is at the moment; everything that is not in a state of balanced energy is doomed to put it shortly.

That is why the “powers that should not be” are trying so hard to keep people from thinking beyond the box. Because as soon as you are awakened, you see and know what is truly necessary for the benefit of humanity. When enough of us can see this, I cannot think that we will still allow ourselves to follow a corrupted agenda stowed upon us by a tiny 1% of the world population …do you?

More & more humans are realizing where they come from and what is important and what is not. It is truly like a wildfire powered by an escalating wind. So, carry on spreading the message, do not doubt that what you do everyday holds no significance for we are all one and together in this predicament we face in the form of power structures today.

The only thing that is holding us back from taking back our rights and mother earth is the simple fact that we are all not united and on the same page. That is because there are still many oblivious to the hidden enemy that is not concerned for our collective well-being whatsoever.

Exposing these structures for what they are can only serve a good intention, which is to eventually rid ourselves from their corrupted agenda-ridden control. Nobody that is attuned to their higher selves would allow us to destroy ourselves.

The enemy needs recognition first before it is plain to see for everyone. If you are one of the many that are spreading awareness of corruption and evil, please do not stop. We are making headway, and with the continued effort to bring problem areas in society to light there can be only one outcome – more people awakening to the fact that we are in deep trouble at the moment and that changing for the better right NOW, starting with ourselves first, is the only thing that our Mother Earth begs from us each to do.