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Julie Telgenhoff| The Former President of the World Bank, James Wolfensohn, made some “SHOCKING” confessions as he addressed Stanford Graduate School of Business students on January 11, 2010 (that’s 5 years ago!)

He revealed the inner workings of world domination from his past work at the World Bank, and detailed what will transpire in the near-term future; the ‘true agenda’ to which those who are paying attention will see the dots connecting up to this very day.

Wolfensohn informed these grad students as to what will be coming their way: “A Tectonic Shift” in wealth from the West to the East. The World Bank will obviously be one of instruments utilized to direct and channel these “intentional” global power shifts and changes in monetary control.

This “Imminent Shift” in global wealth was always the agenda, and we can now hear how it is being deliberately and intentionally carried out by the words spoken from someone with “inside information” as the controlled Mainstream Media News continues to lie about the true economic and unemployment situation in the US.

After listening to this video explaining the shift of economic wealth from the West to the East, I hope people will begin to understand the REAL reason “WHY” the middle class (small businesses), to which use to be the backbone of American wealth and pride, is being systematically destroyed from within!!!

With that in mind, please let’s stop the divide and conquer infighting over the false left vs right paradigm and wake up to the fact that the US government has been infiltrated and hijacked a long time ago; hence why no current politician in that ‘Illegal” entity called Washington D.C., is NOT going to save us. The US federal government is also a crown corporation.

Furthermore, this “long ago” hijacking of the US government means that all politicians have been compromised so even if there are a few political pundits of good nature, the CIA has something on them that if exposed, would be detrimental to their career.

This is “AMAZING”  insider’s information revealed. Please just listen for 15 minutes to Wolfensohn’s words of “TRUTH” to which in the longer version of this video he specifically states to these grad students:

“This is something you are going to have to deal with …”.

Then, continue reading to find out “WHO” Obama chose to head the World Bank in 2012!

President Barack Obama nominated Dartmouth College President Jim Yong Kim to head the World Bank. It’s was a surprise choice for the World Bank’s top job!

Jim Yong Kim, M.D., Ph.D., became the 12th President of the World Bank Group on July 1, 2012.

The World Bank and IMF are fronts for implementing a system of Global Communism/Fabian Socialism. To be more specific, it’s called a one world governance of tyrannical, ‘police state’ control or the New World Order (NWO).

WATCH THIS: On November 16, 2009, Bilderberg member and globalist, Henry Kissinger, was interviewed by Charlie Rose on President Obama’s visit to China and their effect on the international economy. Kissinger calls for the fall and collapse of the U.S. dollar and the rise of the “New World Order.” Watch this short clip below:

To my fellow Americans, why do you think NAFTA was created back in 1994 under the guise of “free trade”? Even those whose only window to the world is what their favorite corporate-controlled TV news talking head tells them can clearly see how NAFTA has resulted in American manufacturing, technology and servicing jobs being off-shored; specifically to Asia.

Why do you think there is a such a huge push for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which is “NAFTA On Steroids”;  a literal corporate coup d’etat?

Could the TPP be another “by design” way to bring the US economy down to a 3rd world country led by corporate control over job creation that will ultimately lead to further destruction of the middle class …the backbone of any country’s economy?

If the TPP is signed into law, there will be no small businesses able to compete with this corporate coup d’etat, hence, there will be only the very wealthy and the very poor. Does that kind of  economic system resemble how a 3rd world country is operated today?


George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 1991

But, if we continue to believe we are helpless, powerless and cannot do anything about this horrendous crisis coming our way, then please note that many good people took “ACTION” vs apathy which resulted in this:

“Vice President Biden acknowledged that trade promotion authority was unlikely this year. This happened because a movement of movements engaged in protests across the country, the issue was raised at town hall meetings and hundreds of thousands of phone calls and emails went to Capitol Hill saying “no” to fast track for the TPP.” (source)

However, don’t get too comfortable because there is always a plan B when an “illegal” government and it’s political pundits figure out that more and more people are slowly starting to pay attention and waking up to the “planned” destruction of their country.

“But, we knew that efforts to rig global trade in the favor of trans-national corporations would not stop there. The movement of movements that stopped the first version of fast track has been preparing for the next stage.” (source)

Now lets continue on with what Wolfernsohn further admits in the longer version of his speech:

“…. if that economic weight is shifting, shifting with that will be responsibility and part of that responsibility will be Military and Intervention in the issue of Peace.”

Anyone awake and paying attention knows that this global governance (NWO) will be sold under the guise of peace and unity. In addition, Wolfensohn’s words reflect the same old manipulative, brainwashing technique called “doublethink” to where language is utilized to deliberately disguise, distort, or reverse the meaning of words as exampled from George Orwell’s 1984 quote below:


Could this “Military and Intervention in the issue of Peace” be the reason as to why the US police are being militarized, and why we are witnessing more cops shooting first and asking questions later? Did you know that the US Police Have Killed Over 5,000 Civilians Since 9/11?

Could this also be the reason why DHS has purchased massive amounts of ammunition, including ‘hollow point’ bullets, along with many other governmental agencies sending out contracting bids for questionable “weapon items”?

Wolfensohn further states, “And that’s a whole other subject about the balance between the US, Russia and China which would require another hour to get into and even then I’m not sure I could give you an answer.”

Wow, this speech was back in 2010, and if we’re paying attention do we not see this being played out this very day?

Wolfensohn responds to another grad student’s question:

“But I can say that historically economic power has always led to military might. So if there’s a huge shift in economic power, chances are you’ll see a significant shift in military power as well.”

Anyone connecting dots here?

Can anyone visualize this future tyrannical New World Order coming to fruition right before our very own eyes from the words spoken by an “insider” back in 2010?

Since this speech was given four years ago, I can only pray that after listening to either the posted video  or the longer version of Wolfensohn’s speech (here), every single American will wake up and see that Wolfensohn was literally speaking words of 100% TRUTH. That this shift of economic power has been in the works for a long time and even back in 2010 when this speech was given, Wolfensohn knew the agenda and because it was moving forward as planned, it did not matter if he disclosed this information to these grad students.

Here’s another dot to connect after listening to the longer version of the video:

Why is Common Core education (aka: “communist core”) being pushed upon the American public education system now? Those aware of it know it’s to create more dumbed down slaves who will be loyal to the state or in better terms, they won’t resist this coming global governance.

Should one choose to view the entire longer version of Wolfensohn’s speech, clearly we can see why the US public indoctrination centers have never encouraged students to learn other languages, unlike other countries. Why? In opinion, if one doesn’t know the language of another country, one certainly won’t be able to get any true information especially if their Mainstream Media is controlled.  That is why the following quote rings so very true with me:

“Media manipulation in the U.S. today is more efficient than it was in Nazi Germany, because here we have the pretense that we are getting all the information we want. That misconception prevents people from even looking for the truth.” – Mark Crispin Miller

Everyone should know that the middle class, in any country, is always the back bone of that county’s economy.

Stanford Graduate School of Business publication states that James Wolfensohn advised these grad students that by 2030, two-thirds of people in the world’s middle class will be Chinese. He goes on to say that as population and GDP grows in countries such as China and India, they will assume a larger role in relationship to the United States and Europe. The ‘developed countries’ will drop from having 80% of the world’s income to 35%.

Does everyone understand what Wolfensohn, who is known to be a globalist insider along with being one of the key figures responsible for this “redistribution of wealth” agenda, is saying about the United State’s Middle Class? If ‘developed countries’ will drop to only possessing 35% of the world’s income (from a previous 80%), that means there will be more people in the US who will be in basic poverty, destitute and slaves to the system, dependent on that corrupt system and therefore, no middle class. Let that sink in!

Per Wolfensohn:

“There will be a monumental shift of economic power. It’s not just a moderation trend, but a fundamental change in the world balance …”  (source)

And please, don’t start fighting with your fellow Asian brothers and sisters because you’ll just be feeding into the satanic globalist’s divide and conquer agenda of how we are all controlled by a select small group of psychopaths and their puppets. This is how all power has reigned since the beginning of time; when the people are fed a diet of division, they fight  and those in power remain the masters of their slaves. We could literally, Take Them Down, if we, the larger global populous, united vs fighting over table scraps that the US state run media perpetrates on the people 24/7.

Wake up America ….how much more proof do you need to see that your country is going down? And it’s all by design!

After viewing this information, NO ONE should be in denial anymore, and if they still are, all I can say is “good luck”!

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In addition, in order to control people when a planned collapse of their “once free” country  has been underway (that would be you America), Congress covertly passed the Intelligence Authorization Act for 2015, which grants the executive branch not only the ability to spy on American Citizens private communications, but also the legal authority to turn that information over to local law enforcement. Can we say hello Nazi Germany?

For me, I will continue on with this fight because when I woke up and realized that my children and all future generations have absolutely no future, I took action. In addition, I was blessed to see that there were so many of my fellow brothers and sisters both at home and globally who were doing the exact same thing  …and they will NOT give up!!!

We are not powerless in numbers. We have been brainwashed and trained to believe that we have no power and that is NOT the truth! We need to STOP playing into the Globalist’s plans, stop rooting for the BRICS false dialectic and transact with one another in what ever way we want.

rules no one obeys

Take Them Down – Early People’s Rising!!!

The US dollar is no longer the global currency (see here and here and here and here and here and here and here).

Below is a screenshot from doing a simple google search regarding the collapse of the US Dollar:

Screenshot from google search

Screenshot from google search

As to when the actual re-set will take place, no one without “inside information” knows that, but I don’t believe that we have too much time left before there will literally be anything we, collectively, can do to stop what’s coming our way.

Note: With the advantage of having “inside information” on this planned “Tectonic Shift” in wealth, could Wolfensohn’s own investment firm, Wolfensohn and Co. (where he is CEO), profit tremendously from this “Imminent Shift” in global wealth????

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