And It Begins …FBI Warns Police of Growing Sovereign Citizen Movement

Anyone who knows people who want their inherit god given rights back, knows that they are non-violent, responsible and do no harm and should they by some accidental means, they take responsibility for it.
Looks like the illegal US government corporation is waking up to the good people of the US wanting them gone; hence the propaganda campaigns begin.


I will quote from one of the YouTube commenters below:
“I will now comment on, “the law does not apply to them”. This a phrase used to turn the Citizens against the Sovereigns, another tactic to divide and conquer. A true Sovereign never attempts to do any harm, he governs himself and therefore needs no law to apply to him. No law can apply to him because a Sovereign is the source of Law. He makes his own rights and his own law, he owns himself and is subject to no one.
When the media, as in this case uses the term “law”, what they really mean is statutes, codes, act, ordinances and regulations. They are not referring to natural law that applies to everyone in the universe(s).
Now don’t take my words and twist them. I never said that a Sovereign cannot commit a tort or breach a contract and that he cannot be held accountable when he does.
As a Sovereign myself, I would never intentionally harm anyone. If I accidentally do cause you harm then the liability rest on me make you whole again. ”  –  Don’t Enslave Me