Is This How They’ve Perfected The Art Of Creating A Terrorist?

Editor’s note: Everyone needs to read all this information ….Destiny Risen did an amazing job of researching and then connecting dots to where it can pretty much be confirmed and clear how they have perfected the art of creating these terrorists or assassins …this is total insanity. And there can be no denial that this exists and is utilized in many false flags and many industries. It is a long documented read, but Destiny Risen figured it out, even down to the drug being utilized. Destiny is an avid researcher, geopolitical analyst, writer and journalist with a very unique ability to connect dots. She joined A Sheep No More in June 2014 and is an asset to the team.

by: Destiny Risen

As featured on Global Research, the article ” US Guantanamo Detainee Killed in Syria While Leading NATO-Backed Death Squad” by Tony Cartalucci makes an interesting point with the statement:

“throngs of terrorists” whose leaders are actually former inmates who were held in US custody, harbored, funded, and armed within NATO territory, sent into Syria to fight against the Assad government, with the air and artillery cover by NATO, fitting the pattern of a conspiracy rather than a series of very unlikely coincidences.”


One has to ask themselves, is this a pattern of a conspiracy or just a series of very unlikely coincidences?

According to the Cartalucci’s article, the two men were from Morocco, former detainees of Guantanamo, and were killed while fighting against government forces (Assad’s Syrian military) inside Syria. He also mentioned a third former CIA detainee, Belhadj“who was fighting NATO troops in Afghanistan, was briefly captured in Malaysia and tortured by the CIA in Thailand, before then leading a NATO-backed assault on the Libyan government of Muammar Qaddafi in 2011”.

Further research found that Belhadj was not only leading a NATO backed assault against the Libyan government, but he then became “one of the most effective rebel military commanders” and played “a crucial role in the capture of Tripoli”.

Belhadj’s fighting skills have been developed over the years as he also fought against the Soviets in Afghanistan in the late 80s as well.

Despite Belhadj being tortured by the CIA, he was repatriated to Libya only to be imprisoned and tortured by Gaddafi’s government.

After Belhadj’s continued interrogations by both British and American agents, “he emerged as one of NATO’s most important allies during their air campaign” against Libya.

In the September 2011 Independent article, Belhadj stated that while in Thailand, CIA agents took a direct part in his torture.

I would like to give honorable mention to a blogger known as Professor Pan. I happened upon his July 2005 blog entry “Sex, Drugs, Mind Control, and Gitmo” Professor Pan did possess (in my opinion) a high degree of insight with his closing comment:

“There is a well-documented, historical convergence of psychological torture and sexual tactics by the CIA and other clandestine organizations — classic tactics of mind control, from the lowliest cult to the high-level, government sanctioned creation ofManchurian Candidates.”

But what is the aim at Guantanamo? To extract information, as the Pentagon would have us believe? Or is it to further refine methods for breaking down minds and creating dissociation in order to craft more effective assassins?

When these prisoners are released — as many of them ultimately will be — will they be cutting edge tools of their Spook masters, unleashed to create more programmed chaos and manufactured “terrorism?” Will their names turn up as future hijackers, suicide bombers, and political assassins?”

Maybe Professor Pan saw early on a “pattern of a conspiracy”.

According to Alfred McCoy’s article, “CIA’s Road to Abu Ghraib”, featured on, the 9/11 frenzied “pro-pain pundits” inside the Bush administration were “unaware” of the CIA’s decades long history of torture. They were responsible for providing cover to “secretly sanctioned” brutal interrogations that “spread quickly to scores of ordinary Afghans to hundreds of innocent Iraqis”.

They were unaware that they were, as McCoy describes the CIA, “reactivating a ruthless apparatus”?

Were they “unaware” or was it all part of the plan to further the CIAs goals of creating/using Manchurian Candidates? Manchurian Candidates who would carry out terrorist acts to aid the intelligently crafted, well planned war on terror?

If by chance you failed to get a glimpse of the photos responsible for exposing the humiliating torture techniques used at Abu Ghraib you can see them here (warning graphic images).

Contrary to the talking heads in Washington assuring us that this torture,

“was perpetrated by a small number” of soldier in the U.S. military, a few bad apples, theses photos are a record of the CIA’s torture techniques that have “metastasized like an undetected cancer inside the U.S. intelligence community”,

Military intelligence has been enlisted by the CIA to support its mission inside the “gulag” of global secret prisons that have been in operation since the war on terror.

The CIA’s most basic torture techniques of “stress positions, sensory deprivation and sexual humiliation” were exposed in the photos. The “no-touch” torture techniques may seem less brutal than actual physical torture, however these techniques can leave serious psychological scars that experts consider more crippling that physical pain or torture.

In 2004, after reviewing 9,000 documents and interviewing 170 personnel, Major General George R. Fay reported on the role of military intelligence at Abu Ghraib and determined that the interrogation policy in “design and application was shaped by the CIA”.  

Alfred McCoy tells us that if Major Fay had gone further he could have reported that the military intelligence unit that set the interrogation guidelines for Abu Ghraib had just come from Afghanistan where it had been learning the torture techniques from the CIA.  All the torture techniques including the culture shock of dogs and nudity “were plucked from the pages of past CIA torture manuals.”

“Today the American public has only a vague understanding of these CIA excesses and the scale of its massive mind-control project. Yet almost every adult American carries fragmentary memories of this past — of LSD experiments, the CIA’s Phoenix program in Vietnam, the murder of a kidnapped American police adviser in Montevideo who was teaching CIA techniques to the Uruguayan police, and of course the Abu Ghraib photographs. But few are able to fit these fragments together and so grasp the larger picture. There is, in sum, ignorance, a studied avoidance of a deeply troubling topic, akin to that which shrouds this subject in post-authoritarian societies.”

Let’s examine some documented information of CIA’s mind control program.

Psychiatrist Dr. Colin A. Ross has written three books: The CIA Doctors (2006), Military Mind Control (2009) and Project Bluebird (2000), all of which lend further insight into military sponsored mind control. His research is based on 15,000 pages of documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

What was once considered multiple personality disorder is now classified by the American Psychiatric Association as dissociative identity disorder.

According to Dr. Colin Ross the Manchurian Candidate is an experimentally created dissociative identity disorder that meets the following four criteria:

  • Created deliberately
  • A new identity is implanted
  • Amnesia barriers are created
  • Used in simulated or actual operations

Used in simulated or actual operations:

“ARTICHOKE and BLUEBIRD were administratively rolled over into MKULTRA, which was created by the CIA in 1953. MKULTRA was in turn rolled over into MKSEARCH in 1964. MKSEARCH then ran until June 1972, at which time extensive shredding of MKULTRA and MKSEARCH files was ordered by the Director of the CIA, Richard Helms.”

I highly recommend reading this 10 page summary of Dr. Colin Ross’s book Project Bluebird as I will only list a few of the findings below. You can also watch an interview with Dr. Ross here:

Here are some of Dr. Colin Ross’s findings:

BLUEBIRD was approved by the CIA director in April 1950 and was renamed ARTICHOKE in August 1951.

The BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE materials establish conclusively that full Manchurian Candidates were created.

MKULTRA research was divided into 149 subprojects. One of the subprojects involved the development and testing of mind control drugs. The goal was to identify compounds which would assist in interrogation and in the creation of amnesia. One procedure resulted in complete and permanent amnesia including two stages:

  • the first stage was intended to “depattern” in which the subject would be reduced to a vegetable state through a combination of massive amounts of electroconvulsive shock, drug-induced sleep and sensory isolation.
  • the second stage was known as “psychic driving” and it consisted of hundreds of hours of tape loops being played to the patient through earphones, special helmets, or speakers in the sensory isolation room.

Subjects have clearly demonstrated that they can pass from a fully awake state to a deep hypnotically controlled state via the telephone, receiving written material, or with the use of codes, signals, or words.

Control of those hypnotized can be passed from one individual to another without great difficulty.

Mind control experiments was not only “systematic and organized” but also involved many leading psychiatrists and medical school. They were funded by the CIA, Army, Navy, Air Force, and by other agencies including the Public Health Service and the Scottish Rite Foundation.

As early as the 1920’s clinical hypnotists learned to apply posthypnotic suggestion, as well as, split certain complex individuals into multiple personalities like “Jeckyl-Hydes”.

“The overall goal was clear; to control the mind and behavior, and to create dissociation through a combination of drugs, hypnosis, brain electrode implants, electric shock, and beaming different kinds of energy at the brain. The ability to create limited, controlled amnesia through a variety of methods was a primary goal of the mind control programs.”

“ARTICHOKE operations involved detailed, systematic creation of specific amnesia barriers, new identities and hypnotically implanted codes and triggers.”

ARTICHOKE interrogation was conducted in a safe house in the remote countryside staffed by security-cleared personnel. It was conducted under medical cover of a routine physical and psychological assessment. The Subject was transported to the safe house in a ‘covert car.’ At the safe house he was given a conventional interrogation and then some whiskey. This was followed by two grams of Phenobarbital, which put him to sleep. A lie detector test was given, and the Subject was given intravenous chemicals. Following the chemically-assisted interrogation, the ARTICHOKE techniques were applied in three stages. A false memory was introduced into the Subject’s mind without his conscious control.” (As published in Wilmington Sunday News Journal, 1979)

“BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE and MKULTRA were the precursors of present-day “ENHANCED” interrogation programs used by the CIA at secret prisons outside the United States. Water-boarding, electric shock, hooding, prolonged sleep deprivation, death threats and other techniques discussed in the Senate and Congress and in the media, are, in my opinion, elements of a limited hangout, a CIA strategy in which a little bit of the truth is revealed in order to cover up the greater part of the truth. None of these experiments or operational programs would be possible without the participation of doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists. The doctors are directly involved in testing the interrogation techniques and monitoring their effects.” ~ Colin A. Ross (2006). The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists.

“A little bit of truth is revealed in order to cover up the greater part of the truth.”

We have established the use of both drugs and psychiatrist in past mind control research and experiments. As previously mentioned in Dr. Ross’s summary, one of the subprojects of MKULTRA was development and testing of mind control drugs.

One such drug is/was Mefloquine (brand name Lariam), which belongs to a class of drugs known as quinolines according to a study conducted by Seton Hall that is titled, “Drug Abuse: An Exploration of the Government’s Use of Mefloquine at Guantanamo”. The CIA was experimenting with quinolines as early as 1955 (possibly earlier) as part of the MKULTRA a behavioral modification program.

Mefloquine is used in the prevention and treatment of malaria, and it was developed in the 1970s by the Department of Defense’s Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. The drug, Mefloquine, has been linked to serious psychological side effects.

Starting in January 2002 it was standard operating procedures (SOP) that detainees arriving at Guantanamo were given a dosage amount of 1,250mg of Mefloquine. This amount is normal for treatment dosage if they actually had malaria. There were no laboratory tests conducted to determine if they actually had the disease. The suitable dosage for prevention of the disease is 250mg. According to Wikipedia under the subparagraph “United States Military” it states the use of Mefloquine at Guantanamo was for prevention purposes. If that were true, then one has to ask why the detainees were given the ‘prevention’ dosage at five times higher than standard protocol  (1,250mg vs 250mg)?

The study gives us clear indications of the serious psychological side effects associated with Mefloquine (Lariam). Some of the psychological sides effects include anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, aggression, psychotic behavior, depression, memory impairment, convulsions, suicidal ideation, and possibly suicide, interference with cognitive ability. The frequency and severity of the side effect increase dramatically with higher dosages. The effects can be long lasting as the drug can accumulate in brain tissue.

“A U.S. military service member reported side effects from a weekly regimen of mefloquine at the lower prophylactic dosage. The adverse effects began soon after the first dose, and gradually grew worse as more doses were taken. Though he took the drug for only six months, his symptoms persisted for well over a year after his last dose.”

(For more information on the drug Mefloqine (Lariam) see here. You can read one man’s account of how the drug caused his permanent amnesia here )

In the 2010 exclusive article on TruthOut, “Controversial Drug Given to All Guantanamo Detainees Akin to “Pharmacologic Waterboarding”, malaria is nonexistent in Cuba and according to a Department of Defense (DoD) spokesperson, the US government was concerned about the disease being reintroduced into Cuba? Yet according to a book written by Army Reserve major and 2002 Guantanamo medic Montgomery Granger, a Navy entomologist who was present at Guantanamo in January and February 2002 did not identify any insects that were carriers of a disease, such as malaria.

At Guantanamo, the negative psychological effects of Mefloquine materialized quickly. In 2002 there were dozens of suicide attempts at the prison. The DoD stopped reporting suicide attempts at that time. Montgomery Granger states in his book, in March of 2002 a rapid deterioration of the situation at the prison had begun. He continues by stating more and more psychosis is becoming evident in detainees.

As mentioned earlier the DoD spokesperson stated the US government was concerned about malaria being reintroduced into Cuba. Interestingly enough however, only a decade earlier over 14,000 Haitian refugees were held in temporary camps set up at Guantanamo. During a four month period 235 of those refugees were diagnosed with malaria, BUT rather than preventively treat ALL the refugees, the DoD followed protocol with laboratory testing and only the known carriers were treated with ANOTHER Anti Malarial Drug, NOT Mefloquine.  Another example is given in a team of Army Rangers who had returned from malarial areas of Afghanistan in 2002 and were infected at a rate of 52.4 per 1000. As in the case with the Haitian refugees, they were given OTHER Standard Drugs after laboratory tests were conducted and disease confirmed, NOT Mefloquine.

As TruthOut puts it,

What was the real reason behind the DoD’s decision to presumptively treat mostly Muslim detainees with Mefloquine”? Treatment was “the exact opposite of how the DoD responded to malaria concerns among the Haitian refugees who were held at Guantanamo a decade earlier.”

It’s obvious that neither treatment nor prevention of malaria was behind their decisions to use Mefloquine at Guantanamo.

Was it more research and development or were they deliberately creating terrorists?

An additional side note: Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, who carried out the March 11, 2012 brutal murders of 16 Afghan civilians, was prescribed Mefloquine (Lariam) before the massacre.

What conclusion to you to? Leave your comment below. Thanks.