Video: Need Proof that Cops are Above the Law? Watch This!!!

liar-1508x706_c There are way too many examples of police malfeasance on the net nowadays. This one involves both the Chief of Police in Campbell, Wisconsin and the sheriff office detective who was charged with investigating him.

While watching this short video, notice how the Police Chief nonchalantly lies about his involvement in the case when the detective already tracked the criminal activity to the Police Chief’s home computer.

Watch how the Chief, once he is told that they already knows what he did, so easily switches to admitting it, expecting to get easy treatment from the sheriff detective.

Watch the double standard in how the detective treats the red handedly guilty Police Chief both before and after the Chief admits what he did.

Don’t you think that an average citizen would already be in handcuffs and would have already had all their computers seized by this point? Sure they would.

Don’t you think average citizens would have been arrested and had extra charges added for obstructing and lying to law enforcement?

Meanwhile, the detective says he doesn’t even want to seize and analyze the Chief’s computers nor is the Chief under arrest.

If a Police Chief will lie so easily then switch on a dime, how many police reports do you think he has falsified in his career? How many subordinates who have lied on police reports has he covered up for? Corruption at the highest level. Keep those cameras rolling through any police interaction folks. And keep your mouths shut!

Watch the video and read more on the backstory below and decide for yourself.

When watching the above video, the nonchalant attitude of the investigating officer in response to the chief lying tends to confirm the ‘protect your own’ mentality of police and the subsequent special treatment that goes along with it.

Had Kelemen been your average Joe, he’d likely be facing charges for impeding an official investigation or obstruction of justice.

Instead, the lying is dismissed and the discussion immediately changes to how they will be able to beat these charges.

It is disheartening, to say the least, to witness such brazen special privilege.

Ironically Kelemen uses an excuse that he would have likely laughed at if it were given to him, by stating that he “didn’t know (his actions) were illegal.”

The investigation is currently underway and judging from this video, we can predict that Kelemen will receive little more than a slap on the wrist.

“I have never experienced when a police chief or a police department, even though they were being harassed, turned around and violated the law themselves,” Luce’s attorney, Richard Thompson said. “This impacts our federal suit. It is intimidating to Luce that the chief of police is taking these kinds of bizarre actions because he doesn’t like the fact that Luce filed a lawsuit.”