U.S. Volcanic, Earthquakes Sites Shut Down And Data Deleted ….WHY?

The USGS website, which monitors volcanic and earthquake activity, has been shut down.
What could be the reason behind the USGS shutting down and all the information then being deleted from their spectrogram displays on their website?
Are they expecting some type of extinction level event and therefore, they are getting rid of any data that could link them to knowing about it?
See for yourself …the USGS website is here: each of the stations listed reads “no data available”, and the only data listed is for May 19, 2014.


Could there be something coming our way that the US government doesn’t want people to know about in order to avoid widespread panic?
Or could the missing data just be an almost month long maintenance issue?
Watch the below video by, Mary Greeley, for a short preview and then give us your thoughts. Thanks.
Should we be getting worried?