Obama Officials Confirm: Sandy Hook Was A Drill & No Children Died

CC| This article revolves around Sofia Smallstorm. Sofia is the producer and director of the documentary “Unravelling Sandy Hook”This documentary is often regarded as the best video study and analysis of the Sandy Hook incident.

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Sofia recently interviewed a former school principal, LA School expert, Paul Preston regarding his knowledge and expertise on the Sandy Hook event.

On the day the incident took place Governor Malloy had held a press conference where he explained that he along with Lt. Governor was told that Something like this might happen. This raised a lot of question; Had they been told that a shooting massacre would take place in a school? Or a drill would be presented as the real event? These were some questions that remained unanswered, that was until Paul Preston acquired some intel from officials in the U.S Department of Education under Obama’s govt. The department told Preston that based on their personal knowledge:

1. It was a drill.
2. No Children were killed.
3. It had been done to throw light on the Anti-Gun agenda.


Acquiring this information from the department is not everyone’s cup of tea. What Paul did deserves widespread dissemination. And with his impressive 41 years of work in the public school system, Paul understood the indecent better than most people. So Sofia Smallstorm did an interview with Paul to get deep insight of the matter:

In the interview Paul opened up and started talking about the day of the event. He told Sofia that when he heard about Sandy Hook, he turned on the TV like everyone else. And the first that Paul observed was the lack of intensity and rapidity of the movement of the people. In such a scenario wouldn’t everyone be moving quickly and screaming for help?

That was not the case here apparently. Paul further told Sofia that the incident didn’t seem right because there was no panic, people weren’t rushing for safety and most importantly the guy ran out to the woods and they arrested him. There was no emergency equipment in the vicinity. Teacher-leading-students-away-from-Sandy-Hook

It all looked staged to Paul.Having staged some events in the past himself he understood what was going on. He pointed out the lack of screaming and yelling among people and most importantly the absence of kids at the school. There was no “real” evacuation plan going on.He told Sofia that he studied all the minute details in the video, consulted his sources in the area and all of that led to one simply conclusion: It was staged.

Moving on to the funerals and yes they were staged as well.

Paul talks about the Parker family funeral:

He told Sofia that these families weren’t real but they were in fact actors. The families looked very odd and raised questions like “Why would this person marry this person and live with them?” Paul had done a close examining of pictures of the “victim” families and found out the pictures didn’t match up.

Paul went on to talk about the medical examiner:

He told Sofia that he was shocked to see 26 bodies all of a sudden. There is a lot of confusion with the coroner’s report he said and deemed it “sloppily done”

Paul talks about the evacuation setup; he points out the presence of numerous helicopters in the vicinity, these helicopters should have been able to show hundreds of kids exiting the school and yet all we see is a small group of children walking through a parking lot.

When asked about Adam Lanza, Paul said that when you are doing fictionalized event like this you need a crazy looking individual. He commented about the fact that he had his brother’s license on and then there is some confusion and all of it doesn’t fit. Does-Adam-Lanza-even-exist-640x361

Click here:Conspiracy Analyst: Does Adam Lanza even exist?

In total conclusion Sandy Hook was not real but it was staged.

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This is the original footage of Robbie Parker speaking before a press conference on December 15th, 2012. Just a little over a day after his daughter Emilie Parker was allegedly killed, Mr Parker is seen exiting the building in laughter only to “get into character” before giving his speech.

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