This is Shakira, a Victim of a Drone Attack

Shakira ….Victim of a US Drone Attack.

Meet Shakira. She is now a 6 year old from Pakistan who received burns from a Drone Strike ordered by a Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

Is she a Terrorist?

How can anyone allow this?


And to think that Shakira is only one of MANY caught in the line of fire by the use of drones to go after these so-called “terrorists” when anyone who is awake and did their homework knows that the “War on Terror” is a complete hoax and used as an excuse to invade the Middle East …along with being able to treat the people into allowing their governments to install draconian measures on control (read HERE).

This is not Humane! Just to kill one “suspected” militant, it’s okay to kill and ruin hundreds of people’s lives?

How is this being allowed to continue to happen in this day in age? Its disgusting!!!

Tax Dollars utilized to fund this type of atrocity.

This make me want to cry! But the truth is, most could care less about these continued drone killings and/or scarring of innocent people for life because it isn’t happening to them personally.

What is wrong with the world?

When in the world are we as a human species going to evolve?