World Peace …Is it Attainable?

We all think it’s this mystical, unattainable, dream…
Well that is the impression I’ve been given over current events and politics. The older men just want everyone to fight to the death, they have grown bitter and heartless, and any attempt to reason with them is only met with ignorance and hate…
I wish there was an easy answer… But there isn’t. We must accept the challenge, if this is what we seek.
It’s a personal challenge, the challenge to accept ourselves, our friends, our families, strangers, foreigners, enemies, plants and animals, all walks of life, and it begins one person at a time, at this time, in this moment, in the now.
I’d rather not see the youth of this world be lead into battle by bitter old men, I’d rather sing new songs, read new stories, meet new people, try new foods, play new games, taste the variety of life.


For now all of our greatest minds are working diligently for all the wrong people, designing weapons of death and destruction… I have yet to hear a single proposal for world peace, and it’s clear that those in power won’t be providing one.
This is something that we must do on a personal level, in our lives, or we will let the fate of our world rest in the hands of our current “leaders.”
I believe within us all there is some innocence, some truth, some love that we instinctively are aware of. We must see this in others, see it in ourselves, and remember that we were all created out of love.


There is no place in our hearts or minds for bloodshed… Every survivor of every war is living proof of this.
I ask you all, please pray or meditate for world peace, for friendship, health, family, love, life, the future of our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, on all walks of life outgrowing their traditional teachings and uniting to heal our world.
If we don’t make a stand, then who will?