Sandy Hook Student Says, ‘We Were Having a Drill’ !!!


Dr OZ  interviewed a third grade student from that that “closed school” called Sandy Hook, and he asks him what he remembered about that day.

One can say that this child was obviously nervous being on TV, but listen to what this young man said about what he remembered about that day back in December 2012.

He mentions that there were a lot of policemen in the school and “we were having a drill”, what do you make of this?

Oh.. and don’t forget to watch this “cannot be debunked” documentary created and produced by many talented “independent” journalists called, CASE CLOSED: We NEED To Talk About Sandy Hook (Documentary Video)

And what do you make of Dr. Oz’s strange behavior of skipping through that part of the “alleged” Sandy Hook student’s response and then hurriedly going onto another question?

Dr OZ interviews Sandy Hook Student below:

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