From The Pentagon’s Own YT Channel: Sec. of Defense Hagel Says New World Order Being Built

I boggles me. I don’t get it. You can peruse our entire website and see so many people of influence speaking about a one world governance called, a New World Order (NWO); A tyrannical, oppressive, police state world order, but not just one country …no, the entire planet.

And no matter how many times you tell the unawake or just ask them to go on YouTube, while we are still free from censorship, and type in the words NWO Speeches to see if they recognize any people of influence speaking of this, and they won’t. Period. Just pure ignorant denial.


I guess they’ll just have to wait until it’s smack dab right in their and their loved one’s face before they will ever wake up. By then, they’ll wish they were still asleep ..…only this time wishing they’d never wake up again.

Video:  During an event honoring the 223rd anniversary of Poland’s constitution on May 21, 2014, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said we are seeing a new 21st century world order being built and although there are conflict and complications, there’s still hope.

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