Are You Being PSYOPED by ISIS and It’s Clerics? Or Is It Legit?

Editor’s Note:  For those in love with Mr. Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze“, please understand that with all these larger so called alternative media outlets, one must always question what they read. Even with smaller alternative media like, A Sheep No More, question and get multiple resources for information.

Our entire planet is ruled by psychopaths that create division and hate that then result in war and murder. Not war and murder against the psychopaths who reign over us, but rather war and murder against our fellow brothers and sisters globally.

Hence, with all this Muslim/Christian hate and propaganda going on, one should always question as to what is their choice media’s agenda? Obviously Glenn Beck’s larger “supposedly” alternative media, “The Blaze” has a different agenda than we do here at little alternative media outlet, “A Sheep No More“.

Here is Glenn Beck’s, “The Blaze” article called, Muslim Cleric Says Islam Sees No Distinction Between Combatants and Civilians, So Killing American Women and Children Is Fine. I will list the article’s link below, but the title alone should say it all and therefore, should  you click on it, you’ll just be helping out ole Glenn ($$$). Article HERE: (as of this 9 am this morning, the website shows that the article has already received over 11.4 thousand shares; that’s good news for “The Blaze” ($$$$).


Now compare with A Sheep No More‘s Destiny Risen‘s article called, “ISIS: An Embarrassment to Muslims“. Destiny Risen has joined us as an investigative journalist, researcher, and she has an amazing ability to connect dots and figure out how psychological operations are perpetrated on a populous. Destiny has researched this information and put it into English text that can been seen below.

ISIS: An Embarrassment to Muslims by Destiny Risen

Is ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) or IS (Islamic State) as the group has labeled itself, yet again legitimate or are they just a power grabbing unit?

The following transcript of Imam About Arfa was taken from an interview in January of this year. Many may recall the seige of the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk located in a suburb of Damascus.


It’s the fault of those clerics who incited war and bloodshed. The shame and blame is on them. We saw lost loved ones, women and children sleeping and waking up hungry. While we saw these same clerics flying to London and Turkey and staying in luxurious hotels and palaces. They told people to go to war, to “holy jihad” and they united to commence the war in Syria! We now see ISIS killing Jabhat Al-Nusra and Al-Nusra killing the Islamic Front Brigades. Woe betide Yarmouk when they come to it! If people in Yarmouk camp accept Al-Nusra, they won’t survive ISIS. And if they accept ISIS, they will not survive the Islamic Front. If they accept all, they will all slaughter them! When will they wake up? When will we stand up for each other? What did Yarmouk do to you? If you want to fight for any reason, and it is clear they are only fighting for a rotten chair (for power)! Everything has been exposed, as we saw in Libya and other places. What is the fault of Palestinians? Whoever wants to create an Islamic state on the expense of Muslim blood has neither a state or a religion.

It is as Allah and Mohammed said! We are bored of your lies! Help the people of Yarmouk with bread! And help us by being sincere. Stop lying to us! Stop your falsehood! The Prophets of Allah did not teach this, and they did not come for this. Leave these deceitful slogans, protect the blood of Muslims, and don’t shed their blood! You have embarrassed the Muslims and have done nothing (good) for people!

The transcribed video, from January 20, 2014, can be viewed below. Abou Arfa is a Palestinian cleric and renowned Imam of the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

For those not aware of what occurred in January this year during the seige of the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk located in a suburb of Damascus, let me explain.

Rebel forces held the camp for almost a year preventing any food or medical supplies from entering and the results were devastating. Starvation, disease and hopelessness was felt by more than 18,000 residents forcefully held inside the camp. Desperation beyond the scope of the human mind as some residents resorted to eating grass simply to survive. The reported death tolls, due to starvation, was more than 100. As typical the various “human rights” groups condemned and attempted to lay blame on the Syrian government for the devastation inside the camp. However, residents inside the camp placed the guilt on the rebel forces. One reported as saying, “there is no food, nothing to eat or drink, the militants are inside,” and another pleaded, “I swear by the soul of the Prophet we want this to stop. What is our guilt? We want to go out!” Anwar Raja, from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine stated, “They want to say to the world: ‘See: the people are hungry.’ It’s like the residents are kidnapped inside their own camp, inside their own home, and the militants are negotiating over them, negotiating their souls”.

How can anyone support a group who’s only goal is political gain? Whatever their goal may be it is clear they are willing to achieve it, even at the expense of death and suffering of thousands of innocent people.

Below are additional articles of various Islamic scholars and Imams (preachers) speaking out against ISIS and the so-called Caliphate. I will highlight a few comments mentioned in the articles, but I do advise reading them in their entirety. Most notably are the graduates from Al-Azhar University in Egypt, the oldest Islamic university in the world.

Al-Azhar graduates reject ISIS ‘caliphate’:

Saad El-Din Hilaly, head of the Department of Comparative Jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University states, “Islam is solely based on the rule of justice by virtue of the following Quranic verse: ‘If you judge among the people, you shall judge equitably.’ This is the essence of rule in Islam that goes beyond all denominations.”

Former representative of the Egyptian Religious Endowments, Abdul Jalil Salem stated, “ISIS surely does not represent Muslims, not even a faction of them. It is just a terrorist organization. It is illogical that this group is the one calling for the caliphate. ISIS’s call on Muslims to immigrate to the proclaimed Islamic state is nonsense, as Muslims live in their own countries, practice their religious rituals and perform their duties and obligations. Why would they be requested to immigrate?”  Read more here:

British Imams warn against ‘cowboy’ ISIS:

Maulana Shahi Raza, lead Imam of Grand Mosque of Leicester states, “As a Sunni Muslim I do not accept the khilafa (caliphate) of ISIS. I consider ISIS as a terrorist organization and they are trying to create corruption and fitna [division] within the Muslim world.”  Read more here:

British Imams Condemn ISIS

Sheihk Salih Al-Suhaymee on ISIS (Daish) and the Alleged Khilafah:

Shaykh, a Salafi scholar from the city of Madinah says, “This group is takfiri Kharijite which makes takfir (excommunicates) other Muslims merely because they belong to other factions (in Iraq/Syria). Other factions (al-Nusrah) are similar, but ISIS are more evil.” He further reminds us,“Numerous ahaadeeth which speak of the great crime of separating from the jamaa’ah and violating the bai’ah and acting treacherously are mentioned. So these people are treacherous and violators of their contracts.”
Read more here: