MH17 – Another Fabricated Diversion of the Worst Sort

It’s hard to watch the news pouring out about this latest obviously staged airliner hoax. The essence once again, as was the last lost Malaysian flight, is diversion and misdirection. This time from the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine. What are we hearing about the brutal incursion into Gaza by the massive, vicious Israeli army intent on bulldozing those innocent residents into the sea? Almost nothing.
The US anti Russia rhetoric is another smokescreen. All of this is to gin up anger, hatred and most of all get your mind off what’s really going down.


What does the magician do? Draw your attention to one hand while the other is busy preparing the next trick. That these airliner tragedies are intertwined events is no mere coincidence. Already reports are coming in that the passengers were dead long before the crash, never mind that there was a duplicate Malaysian airliner in a Tel Aviv hangar all along, that jet fighters were tailing the plane, or that the MH17 commercial route resumed routinely following the incident. One easily wonders if that original flight was even out of Schiphol airport, which by the way doesn’t normally fly over Ukraine.
Smells like 9/11, doesn’t it.
Same planners. Same perpetrators. That’s why.

The Mushed Mass Mind is a Sitting Duck

Taking the initiative has so many advantages; the controlling manipulators know this and use it to the hilt. If you create the chaos, the body has to react. While it’s reacting you can get away with just about anything in some other quadrant of mass consciousness, especially when you control the media, formulating world opinion while muzzling honest reporting or open discourse. Notice your own mind right now. Poof! Israel’s invasion and ethnic cleansing isn’t even on your radar while you scour for proof this was a false flag airliner crash. See? It works.
Such is the world we’re presently living in.
Meanwhile we have no pictures, no reporting, not even a look into what is going on in Gaza in the ongoing genocide of our Gazan family. It’s pushed aside, deliberately and oh so conveniently. All the while this scraping of Gaza was openly called for by Israeli spokespeople previous to the staged so-called abduction of 3 Israeli teenagers, which fell conveniently before the massive assault on Gaza began. Staged terror at its worst, and most blatant.

Now Is the Time to Expose the Zionist Influence

While Israel’s ongoing murderous crime has been ongoing since its imposed inception with many horrific pogroms on the Palestinian people as they’ve gobbled up their land, this latest incident is the most blatant outright genocidal aggression yet. They apparently know that, and created these smokescreen airliner events with lap dog Amerikan complicity who have cooperatively upped the rhetoric, and distraction, with their anti-Russia sabre rattling.
Clever bastards, eh? Not so if you’re awake enough to have a heart and are even beginning see what’s really going on.
This latest incursion into Gaza is by far the most blatant and obvious yet, and many are seeing it. To raze a captive populace based on a supposed kidnapping and a few mortars by a defenseless imprisoned people is as obvious as it gets. And the most heartbreaking.
The indictment goes to those who fall for this propaganda. The asleep followers whose noses are turned at the latest blush of distracting news instead of realizing what is really happening are the culprits.
It’s time to stop being hypnotized by these bastards.
It’s time to activate and stand up for what is true and right.
Stop fearing the Zionist reaction, it’s a planted entrainment in your mind.
Speak the Truth. Boldly. Stand upright as the living, conscious soul that you are.
Just do it.
  • Are you kidding????? You are idiots of the worst kind. Instead of all this hinting as to what is going on with the plane crash and the palistiniians why don’t you enlighten us as to what is” really”going on. By the way, where do you get all your “correct” information???

  • J H

    It does seem pretty weird that a Malaysian airliner goes missing, then a few months later, one gets shot down by a missile(but who?) in a highly political charged danger zone.
    Although we ran a news story that one of the victims was a 24 year old Canadian medical student. So I’m not so sure about this conspiracy theory.

  • fr

    this guy is retarded, Zionist this and that …topic “plane shot down” goes to the Israeli’s did it what the hell , ….
    ” massive, vicious , Israeli army” ? the writer is a muslim for sure , all I can say is this guy should go cry to Mooooohamed

  • If I Were …

    To all,
    … try look at it from a different perspective (angle, viewpoint, etc.) …
    … then try again from another perspective …
    … etc. …
    … etc. …

    The point of this (information or any article) is not to blame the author for what they write, but to research it and then disagree with said author and present your evidence as to why.

    The truth is out there, we just have to find it (even if it sometimes difficult and takes a while).

    The point the author makes is valid.

  • JR

    This much is true a plane of the same type went missing with no debrie found. Was it the same? Only a match of he serial numbers from the a/c log books would tell and no one I know has that access as the powers to be who could pull off such a stunt would surely have siecesed those records. If you read relevelations it states those who claim to be Jew and are not run the game and the synagogue of satan which is media all of it.