Could a False Flag be Brewing on Israel?

Have any of you wondered why the US State-Run MSM media is actually telling the truth about humanitarian abuses committed by the Zionist Regime of Israel?
Most of us are aware that Zionism is a political ideology with an agenda that kills both jew and gentile and therefore, we need to take the emotion out of what the US people have been previously indoctrinated into believing by their 501c government tax exempt on donation churches to bless the Zionist Government of Israel no matter what war crimes that regime has perpetrated upon the innocent Palestinian people.
Regardless of whether one is still stuck in a false belief system of supporting war crimes by that Zionist government of Israel against the Palestinian people, does it not make you wonder why we are actually hearing much truth, previously hidden or lied about, on the US State-Run MSM news?
Do any of you think that this coverage by the controlled MSM news to where they are disclosing truthful information might be a pre-text to a False Flag Operation on Israel?

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All I see anymore in my Facebook newsfeed is true information on what is occurring in Gaza by that Zionist regime. Then, the controlled MSM news is also exposing these crimes against humanity?
This has really began to make me wonder what these psychopaths that rule the world have up their sleeves next. And, a False Flag Operation against Israel would be a perfect strategy to commence major blowback.
In addition, it was announced late today that all U.S. flights to Tel Aviv are being suspended.
What are your thoughts on this ….why do you think that the MSM news is giving out truthful information that exposes their Zionist owner’s war crimes?
Below is an interview from Christiane Amanpour, a Zionist agent, on the Palestinian-American teenager, Tariq Khdeir, who was brutally beaten by Israeli police. Why would this mole talking head be giving out truthful information that could expose her master’s deception?

PER CNN: American teen recounts savage beating by Israeli police that helped spark crisis

A Palestinian-American teenager whose savage beating by Israeli police helped set off the current crisis described his shocking ordeal in an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday.
“They kicked me in the face. They kneed me in the face. They punched me in the face,” Tariq Khdeir said. “They were beating me like they had no – they didn’t know what they were doing. Why would they be beating me like that?”
Amateur video of Khdeir’s beating went viral and caused widespread outrage; Israeli authorities say they have suspended one of the police officers involved in the case.
Khdeir was born and grew up in the United States; he was in the West Bank visiting family when three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and found dead in the West Bank.
Khdeir’s cousin, Mohammed Abu Khedair, was murdered in what was largely seen as a retaliatory attack for the Israelis’ death.
“I asked if he needed anything from the bakery,” he told Amanpour. “And he said sure, and I went to the bakery and I bought him some things.”
“And I came back and I found the cop car there. And then the cops told me … ‘You can’t get closer to the scene.’ And Mohammed wasn’t there.” – see more of this CNN interview here:
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